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peacemaker's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Punished by:


Reason for the punishment:

joke about the holocaust

Why should your punishment be revoked?

Why your punishment should be revoked:

first off I'm a little confused because when it says the date I'm going to be unmuted when I hit that date it just extends to the next day and the next. so thats why I want the mute revoked because I just keep getting muted again and again. I did the crime and now I gotta do the time but I did that 


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The way that mutes work is that the time only goes down while you're connected to the server btw. This is the infraction, https://bans.gflclan.com/infractions/64483e5ba11d472c70f2d076/?search=Peacemaker, and this is the message (discord link for staff) https://discord.com/channels/505196032687079434/739992706675114044/1101949938860052580, I've pinged Lobsterpaw and we'll deliberate on how to go forward with it.

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