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Komrad Saturn

Event Idea: Funny Spooktober

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Okay maybe not for the entire month that would be insane (probably more like from the 21st/24th to the 31st)

Suggested Changes:

Higher SPOOKY Role Chance:
This one is pretty self explanatory, all spooky related or adjacent roles would have a increased chance to spawn, by how much? Probably only a tad but between all of them it would add up, and some specifically would get more major increases (still less that like +5%).

For Slight Increases probably Plague Doctor (Self Explanatory), Priest (To purge the evils!), Shinigami (Literally is the Grim Reaper), Lycanthrope (Werewolf), Jester (Clowns), Pirates (SE), and Alchemist and Witch. (Mad Doctor of course)

For Major Increases definitely Headtaker (SE) since he barely spawns now days, the Hidden (Ghost), Skeledoot (Skeletons), Serial Killer (Slashers) and Infected (Zombies).

Renaming Roles: I think it would also just be a pretty cute thing to just rename most of the roles to be more Halloween theme, I'll go over a few real quick.
Alchemist = Mad Doctor, Shinigami  = Grim Reaper, Jester = Clown, Priest = PurgerLycanthrope = Werewolf, Skeledoot = Skeleton (no more dooting >:) ), Serial Killer = Slasher, Hypnotist = Hypno (like the Pokemon), Thrall = Drowzee (also like the Pokemon) Headtaker = Headless Horseman, and the Hidden = Ghost
I think custom colors for some of these would also be nice but thats not really required.

Returning Roles: A Debatable idea but I think it would be cool to bring back roles like the Vampire, Ravenous, the actual Werewolf and the Restless, while maybe even adding other Workshop roles like the Necromancer. Although I think the first three might cause problems without a doubt the Restless should come back, even if it is sorta annoying.

Skins and Maps: And of course I think some Halloween themed skins and maps would be very fitting, I only have a couple recommendations here like the Fnaf player models, Slenderman PM, SCP PMs etc. etc.

New Roles!?!??!?!?!: This one is mostly a joke, new roles take time and not everyone is Alex and actually wants to make them, I do think some more SIMPLE ideas could work though, like a role that simply has the SANS item and is named SANS UNDERTALE.

Anyways yeah thats all I really had, the whole point of this is to make a simple to make halloween event, not something super complicated and takes alot of time. I know the main problem is of course it mainly being increased Neutral role chances but still.

Doubt this is actually going to happen because lets be fair the admins are sorta lazy!!!!!! (So am I though its not like I'm going to make it!!!!!!!) 


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