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rosey1's Hightower Player Report

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Player Name tomoru (sah)

Player Steam ID [U:1:1275461824]


Your Name rosey

Your Steam ID [U:1:231266579]


Tell us what happen 

cheating player

for GFL admins first clip has no sound but has an aimbot fail (tried to hit clip capture but issued too many commands)

second clip is evidence of walls

third clip is aimbot as well as crosshair not being over other sniper head/hitbox

fourth clip is an aimbot as well and you can see his crosshair being nowhere near the other sniper's head

fifth clip has uses of aimbot, the first is when the soldier jumps to the tower and the second is when he jumps away he has another aimbot fail

sixth clip has another aimbot fail with the insta turn


**I also have the raw footage if needed**

if you don't know on youtube you can use comma and period to advance and reverse a video by 1 frame if paused (vids are rendered in 165 fps therefor if u need raw footage i have it)


Do you have any evidence that supports your claim? 


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for what it's worth i was also one of the "head" mods for ego tf2 servers for quite some time so i know that these are cheats and not "mouse lifts" or "flicks"

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Hi, thank you for the report, sorry for the delay in getting around to it, been a tad busy.

I've had a look over the clips that are present within the video, and I simply can't come to the conclusion that the player is cheating after watching over all of them, even at .25 speed, and i'll explain for each clip my thoughts and how I came to this conclusion.

Clip 1: I see no "aimbot fail" in this clip. I see a flick to the scout which does not yield a kill, a look to the opossing sniping balcony, a failed shot on the soldier, a spin around, followed by an attempt to shoot the pyro that he saw moving that direction. I am unsure which of these events is an aimbot fail, but I see no evidence here.

Clip 2: Evidence of walls, maybe? But one clip of this wouldn't be enough to ban someone, but more than the possible walls, if this player was using walls and using an aimbot, I do not see why they'd be putting in the effort to peak and to hide, when they could simply use their walls to watch the opossing sniper on the stairs while standing still, knowing they'd be able kill them the instant their head pops up, many missed shots here.

Clip 3: I admit, I was suspicious of this clip, and still am, and think that it shows there may be something to this, however, even then, I am wary of spectator mode, as it more often than not shows shots that don't line up with hitboxes, this is a common thing, but the most suspicious part of this clip is not the actual placement of the shot, but the timing, as it happens near instantly as the reported player slides over, which could be possible evidence of a trigger bot, but wouldn't be enough on its own.

Clip 4: More of what I mentioned before that the shot simply doesn't line up as a result of spectator mode, the path of the crosshair passes over where the head of the opossing sniper is, and doesn't look suspicious to me.

Clip 5: Looks to me just like alot of fast flicks, the reported player can clearly be seen having a high mouse sensitivity, in addition, i've not seen aimbots before simply "fail" like this so inconsistently. The reported player flicks too low, back to the right breifly to where the soldier came from, before flicking to the soldier again for the kill, where, yet again, you see the hitboxes not lining up with where the shot happens, another example of this occuring, this time more obviously as a result of the soldier moving fast.

Clip 6: This is not an aimbot fail, simply the player spinning around as a result of their high sensitivity.

Overall, yes, there are some suspicious clips, but to me, there is simply not enough hard evidence of cheating, a few small things yes but most can be clearly explained away by either a result of spectator and clientside registration of hits, as well as a high sensitivity that causes their aim to look more snappy, but there is simply not enough here to condclude that cheating is happening.

If there are any other questions that you have or further evidence you'd like to post for me, feel free to do so, i'll keep this post open for 48 hours to allow you to do this before I lock and move this post. Thank you for your report.

gaming time hee hoo

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