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Hi Guys,

I have been on GFL Clan for a very long time, Don't remember since, I was here 2014, 2015, and 2016 on different accounts too. The first time I played GFL Clan I think was on Zombie Escape and since today it is my favorite server. I have been a member for a long time and I am happy to still be here. I have met lots of people on my journey, from trolls to autistic music spammers who constantly play loud music, and met some friends. One time we were on ZE and some guy was spamming KKK Moonman and it was terrible and no one banned him. Then we have the autistic door huggers and trolls who get beacons and kill everyone and lead them to death. This server is truly one of its own. This server has many great people and very (artistic if you know what I mean) people who are very fond of you. Next we have the admins who I have to applaud who work very hard. A lot of admins will ignore many people because it is hard for them to deal with 3/4 of the server being autistic so I give them huge thank you for being volunteers and helping this server grow. This community is very amusing to play on and I have shared many laughs and memories on it. I Give huge thanks to these people.


Hope all of you I get a chance to meet in-game and you guys will find me a great person too.

(SpaceCow ZE- I have 5 brain tumors from this server, {We know ZE is full of autists <3 it will never get any better})


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