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Ban Apeal TTT.

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Name: gmo


Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:91092683


Banned by:  PeanutButter-n-Jesus


Ban reason:  " Attempt Mass RDM"


Why you should be unbanned: tbh im not gonna be professional about this.  I really dont remeber trying to rdm unless its that somebody is bothering me, false kosing me and whatever.  The only reason i think i would mass rdm is that 1. my brother took my acc and rdmed everybody 2. One of my dear friends wanted to rdm and have fun.  The reason i should be unabanned is that obviously i want to play and if i do mass RDM pban me and i wont complain. 

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Posted  Edited by PB-n-J

Hmm. Well, it's been 2 years since you've had a ban. Alright, I'll accept it, but please just sign off or lock your computer if you're AFK.


Appeal: Accepted


Edited by PB-n-J













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