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Laze Admins not doing there job

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i had a bigger writing but i didnt read this "☭tiffy has been autoslain by HoxenshatteredRulez one minute ago with the reason: 'you have to give 3 warnings for people that are blocking'." so i guess he did get slain for my reason but you know what i dont care its a 24/7 minecraft server with 1 minecraft map when there are lots of minecraft maps ffs. BTW Donald Trump said this when i asked for him to read the report "I cant read reports when i wasnt on" idk if thats true or not but dtrump is a fucker

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Posted  Edited by PB-n-J

Send a player report with proof to the manager for TTT (Violator) if you think an admin is abusing/not doing their job correctly.


Other than that, I'm requesting it be locked.



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  • Hello. locked, unlocked and locked this topic

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