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DarkRP Money Guide

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When you first get on the server, you are going to spawn in with $10,000. The easiest way to start making money on the bat is Oil Drilling. Below is a picture of everything you will need to start drilling, and they are the Container, Refinery,


Oil Driller, Driller Battery, Driller Coolant.  To get started you are going to buy your Oil Driller, and walk up to it and press “e” to plant it.  It will say planted and have a green check mark next to, and should say it is owned by you. Then you are going to gravity gun the coolant and the battery into the driller. Also a thing to note is for whatever reason when you plant your driller, it turns 90 degrees to the right most of the time. That is going to be something to take into account when setting up your base. Then once you are all set, press “e” on your planted driller and a gui will open and select “Turn On”.



Once you have your driller planted you are going to want to gravity gun the container to the driller, once you bring it close enough it will attach itself. To deattach the container, you just press “e” on it. The containers can hold up to 25L of oil. To refine your oil you are going to gravity gun it over to the refinery,  make sure you hold it over the refinery, and you will see the number drain. The refinery can hold up 50L of oil. It only processes 5L at a time though. So you have to make sure you have at least 5L in there at most times. Then press “e” on the refinery to start the process. After a while a Fuel Bucket will pop out.




You are going to press “e” on the Fuel Bucket to pick it up, and then you are going to find an Oil Buyer which are placed around the map. Go up to them when you have Fuel Buckets on you, and press “e” to receive money for your Fuel.



This doesn’t make nearly as much money as meth does, but it is the first stepping stone to building your economy up. You are going to want to grind this for a while, and after the first time you are going to see your profits. It does cost about $10,000 to get into oil. After buying everything you are going to have to build your money back up. I would recommend doing oil for about an hour right away to see the profits really start to roll in.


Our next money making job is Meth Manufacturer, and to get into this you are going to have to buy a stove, water, gas, sulfur, iodine, muriatic acid, and a crystallized iodine jar, along with the crystal meth pot and red phosphorus pot.




To make Red Phosphorus you are going to want to add Muriatic Acid and Liquid Sulfur to the pot, and then the cooking process will start. Once it is done cooking you will press “e” on it and it will pop out a Red Phosphorus, and it will very on weight based on how much you place in the pot.



To make Crystallized Iodine you are going to add muriatic acid, liquid iodine, and water into the crystallized iodine jar. Once all the ingredients are added you need to shake it, and I would recommend holding it with your gravity gun. Once it is done press “e” on it and it will pop out a Crystallized Iodine, it also with very on weight based on how much you put in it.


If you look at the picture of the pots, you can see what it takes to make the actual crystal meth. You need to add the Red Phosphorus and the Crystallized Iodine. Once both items are added it will start cooking, The most it can hold is 10lbs of each item. If you put 10lbs of each it will make a 20lbs crystal meth, and once you have your crystal meth you are going to press “e” on it to put it in your inventory. Then you are going to find one of the Meth Addicts placed around the map. Once you find one you are going to go up to them and press “e” on them with the meth on you, and you will earn $7,000 for every 20lbs of meth you make. One thing to note is that when you sell meth or fuel you will be wanted by the police, so make sure your base is close by and hard to raid for the police.



This is the map guide, and it layouts very nicely and clearly not made in microsoft paint where the Car Dealer, Meth Addicts, and Fuel Buyers are. The third and final way to make money that isn’t a service job, is our gambling. In our casino we have low risk and high risk tables, and we have Blackjack, Texas Hold’em , and Roulette. The Low Risk tables a have a minimum bet of 25 chips, and the High Risk and Roulette tables have a minimum bet of 250 chips. We also have the slot machines.



We will be going to into the Roulette table, because this is the most complicated one out of them.



This is how the Roulette table is laid out, and as you can see there are many places to bet. The easiest spots to place bets would be on either the column spots on the bottom, or the spots on the side. There are the 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12, and then you have the ability to bet on just black or red, or the on 1 - 18 and 19 - 36. Or you can just bet on a signal number. Otherwise that is about all for gambling, and my only advice is don’t count of making money in the casino. It is the most addicting thing, and you can blow through hundreds of thousands of dollars in no time.


If you don't want to read this one, because coping it over didn't work very well you can see the google docs here

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