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New dice plugin feedback thread

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Posted  Edited by Mad_Father - Edit Reason: NA surf rpg only and appreciation

The new dice plugin has been fun and new toward the community, but there are some who dislike it because of some of its rolls.

We would like to know what rolls are unnecessary to the server and how do you feel about it overall.


The link to the plugin on AlliedMods: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=849987


Someone already mentioned the "infinite ammo" roll is too op since people can just sit at one spot and spam portal.


Feedbacks are appreciated, thank you for your time.


Before you start to comment on this: THIS ONLY APPLIES TO NA SURF RPG DM ATM.


And let's give Roy some appreciation for fixing the plugin and make the server stable again.




Edited by Mad_Father
NA surf rpg only and appreciation


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