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Originally posted by nick027nd


*Please note you cannot gift games from your Steam library. They are permanently attached to your account and not giftable.*
Do not misrepresent the title of what's being given away.
Special rules for giveaways require staff approval. Regular public giveaways cannot have any special rules unless approved.
Please do not offer trades in the description of your giveaways. There's a trading section specifically for that.
All games must be Steam-redeemable.
Do not submit Steam or online game accounts such as EVE, LoL, etc.
Do not submit coupons or special Steam items, such as coal.
Do not submit a giveaway that advertises/sponsors another community or company. Ask a staff member to review the giveaway, and await permission.
To ensure a fair giveaway, you can use this site (Random.org) to pick a winner by the over all number of replies to the thread. You must take a screenshot of the results.
You must prove that you possess the item that you intend to give away.
Your giveaway must have a concrete date of closure that is made clear in the original post.
You must be a Member+ in order to participate in Giveaways.
Do not troll/spam the giveaway (this also goes for off-topic and unnecessary posts). Only make one post, unless you're told otherwise.
Don't enter for games you already own.
Only enter for DLC if you have the required base game.
You must redeem the game on the account you entered with, and may not trade it to others.
Do not ask for any sort of payment/exchange in order to enter a giveaway.
Do not link to any referral programs.
Don't trade, sell, resubmit, or give away games you win.
Do not link or distribute private giveaway URL's unless asked to do so by the giveaway's creator.
Begging will not be tolerated.
Do not call out the submitter in giveaways (i.e. commenting on the giveaway claiming it to be fake). Try to submit a player report against them.


Random.org Instructions:

1. Go to the site (Random.org).
2. Type in 1 as your smallest value and the number of replies as your largest, then hit the submit button.
3. On the resulting list, the first number is the number of the winning poster. If you have a second prize in your giveaway, the second number on the list is the number of the second winning poster, and so on. Discard any unused numbers.



So everyone is listing their former stuff so I'll just be cool and list mine :3


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