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It was all lols

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Name: my name is francis.


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:71591078


Banned by: Mistalod


Ban reason: mass rdm (not really)


Why you should be unbanned:

So, during a round of TTT, 7 people were fooling around with C4 and placing it down constantly at the same spot different times.  So we all basically played russian roullete with eachother and were ready to die. It ended up that someone cut it when I placed it down (wrong wire).  Causing all 7 of us to die. 2 people reported me but they didn't mean too and forgave me. Everybody laughed (including ones who died) and even the T that was killed said "I don't care that it was my T round, but that was the funniest thing I've ever seen."


So all in all, it was a misunderstanding and a joke haha. 

Thanks - Ya boi (francis)

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You're unbanned. The admin meant to reduce your ban to 1 hour so I've gone ahead and unbanned since it is now well past the 1-hour the admin meant for your reduced ban.













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