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Read here before applying!

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Welcome TTT player!


If you are reading this, you are most likely interested in applying for admin. Currently, the old way of applying for admin is still being worked on to fit the new forums. Until then, admin application will be done manually though this sub-forum.


You may apply for the following positions:




Thing To Note Before Applying:

Admins are admins to keep peace on the server. They are there to moderate while still keeping it fun for everyone. Admins are there to keep balance and remove hackers and rule breakers. They are higher than operators for a reason.


Being an admin is not for you if you tend to have an attitude towards other admins or users. If you are applying for powers, don't bother applying. Being admin does not mean you have power over anyone, same goes for all other ranks. Admins are just like anyone else but they are representing GFL by moderating the servers.


GFL wants admins that are mature, respectful to others, being humble, showing initiative and discernment.

If you have any question you can PM the manager, @SwegBuster.


Admin Sponsorships:

Essentially what this means is an admin has to "sponsor" or support your admin application before applying. If you don't have an admin sponsor your admin application, it can be closed without warning (This is to prevent "spam apps" or applicants applying with less than 24 hours on the server). The best way to get an admin to sponsor your admin application is to prove yourself in-game or make yourself known to the entire team. Any TTT admin can sponsor an application. So please acquire a sponsorship before applying. Do not be annoying and bug admins about sponsoring them.





  • Active on forums
  • 30+ hours on server
  • 15+ Forum posts (Unless @SwegBuster gives you the OK to apply under this)
  • Member+
  • Can handle criticism & can control temper
  • Mostly clean record of past 1-2 months
  • Has good relationship with admins



  • Active on forums
  • 60+ hours on server
  • 30+ Forum posts
  • Member+
  • Can handle criticism & can control temper
  • Clean record of past 1-2 months
  • Has good relationship with admins


How to apply:


1. Start a new thread in the "[CS:GO] TTT Admin Applications" section. If you PM myself or an admin your application it will be denied immediately.


2. Title the Application "New CS:GO TTT (What you are applying for) Application from (your name here)"


3. What will be in the application is this:



Steam Name:

Steam ID: (Click Here)

(Optional) Age:

Play Time (On TTT): Click Here or type !active in the server and screenshot it.

Do you have access to TeamSpeak 3?:

(Optional) Sponsor(s):


Why should you be accepted as an admin/operator?:


What do you feel you could bring to the team?


Have you been an admin/operator anywhere else?


Have you fully read the rules and understand them?


If you have any bans, why were you banned?


Additional Information (When you're most active, info about yourself, etc):




PLEASE NOTE: Application can take up to 2 weeks to be accepted or denied. If you ask for an admin to look at your application it will be DENIED, and you will have to wait 3 weeks to reapply! 

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