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I feel there should be a system that is similar to Call of Duty's, where you have challenges to complete for a set award. For example:


Kill 3 SCPs in a round


Kill 5 MTF as a Class D in a round


And then there would be build up challenges with set milestones...


MTF Killed as Class D: x


Researchers Killed as Class D: x


SCPs: Killed as Class D: x 


and so on....


The reward could be pointshop points, or maybe special challenge coins used to buy special things in PointShop. But, as it stands, bragging rights.

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I like this idea. However, until more things are added to the pointshop (looks at Xy) point and would be useless. Just don't add a "Class Ds killed as researcher". No need to incourage them. 

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