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Surf Timer MOTD

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Surf Timer MOTD

  1. No Advertising.
  2. No Phone calls of any kind.
  3. No Harassing other players or Admins. 
  4. No Impersonating other players or staff members.
  5. No Over-using racism. (Don't constantly use racial slurs.)
  6. No Hacking or scripting. - No DDoS threats towards the server or other players. - No Doxing other players. Each of these result in a ban.
  7. No Chat/Mic-Spamming. This can include: screaming, playing music, making random noises, reading stories out loud, prank calls, holding down the talk button for an extensive amount of time, ect.
  8. No Using exploits to get bugged times on maps, doing so will result in ALL of the individual's times being cleared.
  9. No Arguing with Admins. After they've made a decision listen to them. Their word is final.
Member Benefits. (Free, apply at GFLclan.com)
Access to the upcoming store!
Access to the !showrank command!
A tag in game showing you're a member of the GFL community!  
Supporter Benefits. ($5.00 monthly)
Access to members benefits.
Access to the !settag and !tags command to customize your chat tag however you wish!
A reserved server slot. (Can join when the server is full of normal players by connect with the IP through console.)
Useful GFLTimer Commands.
 sm_ is for the console. Replace sm_ with "!" or "/" in the chat (without the quotes).
 ! = shown to everybody
 / = Hidden from everybody
  • sm_r - Restart timer.
  • sm_start - Restart Timer
  • sm_top - Allows you to see the top times on the map you're currently on, top players on the server and top challengers.
  • sm_ranks - Show the rank names and point requirements for them.
  • sm_rank - Allows you to see player profiles.
  • sm_profile - Allows you to see player profiles.
  • sm_stage # - Teleports you to the desired stage with your timer stopped.
  • sm_wr - Display the world record.
  • sm_bonus - Start at the bonus timer.
  • sm_help2 - Brings up the help menu for how the point system works.
  • sm_pause - Pauses your timer, you also type this to start it again.
  • +noclip - Turns on noclip in console.
  • -noclip - Turns off noclip in console.
In Game Chat Commands.
  • !admins - Takes you to the Admin list for whichever region of servers you're on to quickly add admins.
  • !commands - Shows the full command list.
  • !updates - Opens the most recent post that involve large changes.
  • !gfl - Goes to GFLclan.com
  • !rules - Directs you to the MOTD you're currently on.
  • gflsurf - Takes you to GFLclans surftimer forum page.
  • google - Opens up Google.com.
  • gametracker - Shows the gametracker page for whatever server you're currently on.
GFL SurfTimer Servers: (To connect to one open up console and type "connect (IP)")

US 1-2:

US 1-3:

US 1-4:


EU 1-2:

EU 1-3:

EU 1-4:

How do I bind a command to a key?
Open up console and type this for the key and command you wish to bind. EXAMPLE: bind (key) (command) | bind x sm_r (This is also how people use turn binds. The command they use is either +left or +right)
How can I learn to surf?
We recommend watching this video to learn how to surf as it's fairly instructional and will teach you the basics.
What's a good DPI and Sensitivity for surfing?
Generally an effective way to surf is to set your DPI to around 800 and then make move your sensitivity around until a full 360 degree turn in game is from the left side of your mouse pad to the right.
Often more experienced players will use turn binds so they can set their sensitivity even lower to effectively be smoother while still being able to do sharp or long turns with turn binds. It's all preference.
How can I become a GFL member?
First, you must sign up on the forums at GFLclan.com. After you've done that head over to the applications tab on the index and click Member Application. 
Our Admin Team:
We have a very select team that we're highly proud of. They're mature, friendly, and know the rules better than anyone else.
They spend time out of their daily lives to help out with the servers to maintain and keep them clean, and no they don't get paid. Respecting them should be a priority for everyone. 
If needed you can find all of them in the Admin list for the desired region or use the !admins command in game. US - EU


As the forums have been reset, these links do not work and some topics haven't been re-created yet. Thanks for your patience.
SurfTimer Links:
Suggestions/Issues. (Not implemented yet)
GFL Links:

Former CS:GO Surf Timer Manager. (2014-2016) (2019-2021)

Former CS:GO Division Leader. (2014-2016) (2019-2021)

Former GFL Director of Divisions. (July 2020-October 2021)

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