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The legend, the god, Troak

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Yes hello! 

I am pretty sure none of you know who I am, I have recently been playing on the Minecraft TTT server and figured i'd say hello.

So hello!


I am a 17 year old boy from Norway Living in the US

I spend my time playing video games, mostly CS:GO and Rust, but recently got back in to Gmod.

So yeah, If you do have any questions feel free to ask them!

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8 hours ago, Frisk said:

Welcome to GFL.

There is no turning back now...

(Unless you leave, But that's no fun. ;-;)


But, here. have some Lennies.



9 hours ago, Otomok said:

Welcome to the forums hope to see you on the servers!


11 hours ago, Bae said:



Thanks bros Appreciate it

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