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Dystopia MOTD **READ**

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Welcome to GFLClan.com Dystopia Server!
Please make sure you read this MOTD as we won't pity anyone
who receives a punishment for skipping them!

No excessive racism.
No porn sprays.
Do not random vote kick players.
Do not team kill.
Do not cheat/exploit.
Do not advertise non-GFL servers.
Do not spam.
Do not impersonate staff.

Check us out!

Our Website - GFLClan.com
Discord -

GameTracker Dys EU:

Want to be Staff?
Staff applications are currently open. You can apply
by following the format here.

Have a problem? Make a post on the forums

to get input from the community!


Thank you for joining us!

Average HL2RP Enjoyer.

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