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juice WRLD

TTT Ban Appeal

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Name: juice WRLD


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:79143224


Banned by: Not sure, doesn't say.


Ban reason: Whenever I try to connect to the server, it says consistent. I know that when I was on the server, I made a lot of people mad at me, and so they would try to rdm me, and I would kill them back in self defense. I also made lots of people fly, and some were mad, and some kept on getting hurt by me on purpose.


Why you should be unbanned: I am extremely sorry. I have been on this server for a while now and I just got back into gmod. I forgot some of the rules and I've read the motd a lot but didn't find some rules, like throwing discombobulates. I know I hurt a lot of people yesterday, and made a lot of people mad, and I accepted my slays and everything. The last two hours of me being on, I was trying to gain some of my karma back, and I change my name and everything so peopole wouldn't try and rdm me. I am really sorry, and I can promise everyone that I will be a different person. This gfl server is all I have on gmod, and all I do when I am bored. If I do anything bad on purpose ever again, I won't make an appeal because I know that I deserve it. I woke up this morning, I finished my work, and I went straight to GFL, only to see that I am banned. I am really sorry, and I hope you chose to unban me. I will never EVER do anything wrong again.

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