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My ban appeal.

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Ban Appeal Format



Discord/TS3 Username (for those bans)


Ban time:Perm


Reason why you were banned:Speedhacking + Attempting to make unsavoury deals with admins


Moderator who banned you:ButterKing


Why you believe you should be unbanned: Well I dont know where to start tbh, I guess I am sorry. Many of you may remember me, I was speed hacking on the purge server when the server was open back then, I made deals with some of the staff, Iamsuperfineman, Shiny, etc. I asked them for money on the server and I would trade them steam games and it worked (sounds kinda selfish I know) but they were into it. 


I have changed since last year, I have a job now working 59+ hours every week/weekend, I have a kid on the way 10 weeks and 6 days atm. I just want to come back and talk to some of my friends and hang out with them on the servers, I know the server is shut down so I dont know how this is going to go but I tried to apply for a member app and it was denied cause I have a perm ban on the server. I dont want drama, trouble, any sort of that. I dont hack anymore cause its pointless and I grew out of it. I just want to make new friends ad hang out with my old ones and I apologize to everyone that I caused problems for and who do not like me. Im asking for another chance to not mess up. Thank you for taking your'e time reading this, If you have any questions or concerns ask away. 


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