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Event #101 -- Nominations

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Conditions to nominate maps + How to do it:

  • Nominate a map (or a combo) by leaving a reply in this thread with the maps that you'd like to see for the next event, have some common sense while nominating, don't go and nominate stupid senseless long and hard combos.
  • Vote for which nomination you'd like to see by giving a like to the post (or posts) with the nomination that you like.
  • The 5 most upvoted nominations will make it to the Map and time votes.
  • You cannot upvote your own nomination!


Conditions to nominate stuff:

  • Map combos can be nominated so long as they aren't nonsensical ridiculous combos
  • Special kickers (twists in gameplay) can be requested for your event nomination (so long as they make sense too)
  • Make sure to write the *full map name* when nominating (example, write "ze_lotr_isengard_v2_3" instead of just "Isengard")
  • "Autism as part of the events" won't be allowed (micspam and stuff), chill / simple maps for chill events however, are.
  • "X Weapon only unless bossfight" type of events is not longer allowed, "X Weapon only" type of events is allowed.


Nominations will be closed on: Wednesday October 17th @ 11:55pm GMT-5


Maps you can't nominate currently:

  • ze_castlevania_v1_3
  • ze_bioshock_v6_3
  • ze_shroomforest3_b6_2
  • ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5fix (#WeWereThere)

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Posted  Edited by Guest

Event: Gravy


Maps:  * ze_destruction_of_exorath_re3

             * ze_sandstorm_f1

             * zm_melong_dow_learjet_b1

             * zm_melong_dow_deathwater_b1

             * nipper_opus


Kickers: * Fail nades enabled.

               * Air acceleration turned to 300.


I chose Destruction and Sandstorm since we haven't played either map in forever. Learjet and Deathwater would both give us to opportunity to wind down for the night after tryharding for two maps. I never got the chance to play Nipper so I assume a lot of you didn't as well, and why wouldn't I? Seeing as that it's doot season (hopefully i don't have to remove this map because of the upcoming halloween event hehe).


Edit: Removed Halloween House and replaced it with Destruction.



Edited by Guest

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Posted  Edited by The Q-man

When we merging with pF

  • ze_destruction_of_exorath_v3_5
  • ze_predator_ultimate_v3
  • ze_lotr_minas_tirith_v2_2fix

Special Kickers

  • pF settings 900 ammo
  • No N word ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Edited by The Q-man

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Posted  Edited by Lv100Crobat

Old contests for a certain legend.


ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_css. (No items on Secret Level, just Heal and Anmo).

ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_13s_fix2. (Win before round counter reaches 9).


Winners of each map will get 1 week of VIP.

Edited by Lv100Crobat

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