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Can't Find the Server

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Excuse me sir, i have a problem with the ze csgo server. So previously this problem has happened because NFO's support team said "was seen performing network scans against our IP ranges. This will typically mean that their PC or a network device at their home is compromised. " . After that i asked for help to the admin and the admin was helping me until my ip got unblocked from NFO. SO and than this problem happened again, i don't know why my ip got blocked again.  i feel i have never doing any suspicious activity on the server. 


So, please someone help me to solve this problem.


THank You ?

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Posted  Edited by rapperdan

from what I gathered that issue seems to stem from the router someone uses and if said router attempts to make use of scanning the connections it is connected to.


Must of why this activity is not allowed can be found here https://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/definition/SYN-scanning

Port 80 is a bitch to have to deal with tbh.


also have this https://forums.nfoservers.com/viewtopic.php?t=13114

on somewhat side note I would make sure your shit is not a part of a zombie network which my hunch is well since many many people are having this issue it's a big possibility that may actually be a thing.


I will be attempting to make use of upstream mode shortly and if turning that feature on is a trigger I will edit this message and update it later as I have had issues in the past with upstream mode and well when I toggled it off I could connect again to servers :L

Just connected to the CS:GO ZE server with upstream enabled seems to have not caused me an issue :L

if you wish to know those settings


as for the other factors I would recommend hooking up an ethernet cable go here http://routerlogin.net that link may be different depending on your browser and or router and possibly your lan IP that a few digits can change from device to device anyways download your latest router firmware and attempt to do some form of scan I would recommend doing a quick read here https://www.howtogeek.com/227384/how-to-check-your-router-for-malware/

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