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Ban Appeal

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Name : ben sharpuy

Steam ID STEAM_0:0:158111577

Banned by titanc_13

Ban reason ; 21 Bans, most of which are for Karma, but the rest of which are for Mass RDM, Consistent RDM, or RDM and Leave.

Why you should be unbanned : The reason why I wanna be unbanned because I used to like this server, and after I got banned for being a idiot. I stopped playing GMOD and I went back on it and this is really the only the TTT server I play and it isn't as fun as the rest of the other servers. Although I went very extreme of what I did and RDM'ed ALOT. Im sorry and I wish I can get unbanned from this server and have a fun time on it again. If I don't, its fine Im just really sorry for being a jerk and RDM'ing so many people.

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4 minutes ago, BeyondNamez said:



just because you did something wrong doesn't mean you will go unpunished.

Oi get outta my appeal


Anywho Valie

I mean on the one hand you do seem to be showing as much remorse as one can over the internet like this, and since the ban was 14 months ago and most of your 21 were over 17+ months ago, I'm inclined to unban. However, wow twenty one is a big number. 

So, here's the compromise: Thin Leash! You're unbanned, but on a thin leash, and if something comparable happens again, I'll make sure to reinstate this ban. 

Basically: Don't mass again.

Cool beans!

Remember when I was good? I don't either.

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