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Duc's 2nd Minecraft Build Showcase

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Posted  Edited by Duc2000 - Edit Reason: Fixed pictures, sorry 'bout that.

The Sky Factory

As the name implies, this build is from Skyfactory 3. I built it to hold all my cloches that produce resources. This is one of my favorite if not my favorite things I have ever built in minecraft. I spent probably 6-8 hours building it just to get it completely perfect-the windows alone took at least 2 hours. I built it in survival (something I will not be doing in sevtech because it is much harder to get creative flight and to get resources), using resources obtained through various methods. Here it is:


The windows are made out of tiny strips of Green Concrete. They were cut using a saw from the mod "Chisels and Bits" I believe. Likewise, the sort of "lip" around the building and most of the skylights were made using cut up bricks and cut up Andesite. This is why I love building in Modded Minecraft, I can do so much I would be unable to do in Unmodded. I do regret having to place torches everywhere, there are some lights in the modpack that would look better, I believe.


This is  a close up of the skylights. Each block has 3 steps instead of the normal 1 Minecraft Stairs have.


This is a corner of the building, just to show the lip of it a bit closer. The very corner of it is 1 tiny little block, I think it's like 1/64th of a block or something.


And here's the inside of it with all the cool factory stuff, just a sneak peak at modded Minecraft for all you Vanilla folks.

As a side note, Sky Factory 4 is under development I believe, so if you haven't ever played Sky Factory you could play it when it comes out, or if you have played sky factory you can just play it anyways.

As another side note, every thing I have built up until this point has been built without WorldEdit. However, if I want to make some cool looking builds in sevtech and maybe All The Mods, I'll have to use it. Here's just a glimpse of the beauty it can make:


Next showcase will come eventually. I will say that today I came up with the plans for 2 of the 3 large builds I will make in Sevtech Ages, but I won't make those for awhile now-I have to get to the next age.

See ya in the next build.

Edited by Duc2000
Fixed pictures, sorry 'bout that.

“I was so good at being a kid, and so terrible at being whatever I was now.”
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

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