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Eban appeal for snowy <3

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Posted  Edited by FzFuRy

Your In-Game Name: FzFuRy

Your Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Verleene/

Ban reason and Length: Boost, 1 week

Admin That Banned You: Snowy

Appeal Reason:


So uh yeah. basically i don't care about the eban. 1 week is just overkill tbh. Since you guys always saying stacked bans and mutes.

Keep yourself to that. Only got on 1 ban before(other ones where joke by admins) and for my 2nd one u eban me for a week? 


Another thing that you maybe should know. I was in discord with sagi we already made a deal about me doing the troll and him ebanning me.

Dunno why u came out of nowhere and gave me the overkill eban but yeah. As i already said, don't mind the eban just make it a little bit shorter.

If you want to know my first eban was only 30 min. So get your calculator and apply your 'stacked bans' like you should.


In the end just blame sagi for not ebanning me fast enough xD


Edited by FzFuRy

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