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Mc LOVIN ban appeal

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Name: Mc LOVIN or CurrencyMAC on here


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:40977194


Banned by: I don't remember, I got banned 3 days ago


Ban reason: Targeting - changed to ?revenge RDMamp; #34 


Why you should be unbanned: Because I have learned from my lesson. I was in a really bad mental this day and this is the first time I got banned from a GMod server because I have never done this before.. I have came back from a 3 years breack of GMod and man I really love this server! Since I joined I always played on it because the community is awesome and the Admins too! I am really sorry for what I have done and I will never start again! please forgive me :(

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You were banned by @SkydivingSquid a day ago for 'targetting'


Please allow time for a response.


(signature made by @Kaylode)

Previously known as Xy.


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Guest SkydivingSquid
Posted  Edited by SkydivingSquid

@CurrencyMAC (i.e McLovin)

Your ban expires tomorrow night. 

You were upset that you had a KOS on you and upset someone followed that KOS. You demanded I add slays to both and upon checking the logs I verified that neither player did anything wrong. You then got upset and said that I was letting players control me and that I wasn’t doing my job..

Additionally, since you believed I wasn’t doing my job and you felt both players should have been slain, you threatened them saying you would RDM them yourself. The very next round you found and followed ConMan (the player who followed the KOS) and killed him immediately at the start of the round - despite you being innocent and ConMan being the

I originally ban for targeting since I warned you not to RDM either of them at the start of the round and you did anyway.

I changed the 1w targeting ban to a 2d ban instead. I feel this is more than fair. 

     2 day ban for:
-Arguing with
-Disobeying Admin 
-Threatening 2 Players
-Revenge RDM (
   +Att Revenge RDM (innocent)


You will lose out on this weekend, but if you choose to come back on Monday, I hope you do so with intentions on following the rules. Do not take matters into your own hands. Admin carefully review the reports and make informed, unbiased decisions. 

Edited by SkydivingSquid

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Thank you so much!! I am truly sorry for what I have done, very childish of myself, I will never disobey the rules again this is a promise! Thank you for letting me have another chance, I appreciate it a lot! Can't wait to get back on the server!

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