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Hi! My name is Casey.


   My GT is Axle Mach (I prefer to be addressed as such). I come from GFL's Purge RP server. I've been playing for about a year already, however I had never really kept a constant name (Hence why you probably don't know me). I've decided to keep this name, it's simple and easy for RP. I've come here to intoduce myself so everyone will know me because eventually I want to apply for staff next year. I am a talented musican who plays 7+ instruments, I know how to solve Rubik's cubes (as I have a collection of 20+). Out of the home I am a Track and Field athlete, I Throw Discus and Shot Put. I take 3 AP courses and 3 Honors classes. Anyway,  enough with the bragging. GFL has become my life of Gmod, and i hope it last as long as possible. I hope to get to know everyone better.




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