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Raid Party (SCP 896 Special Round)

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Raid Party Special Round
SCP-869 is an MMO that build you further as you build your in game character.

Essentially, its a buncha D-Class vs TRO's. They all spawn as D-Class for sake of programming and lore.

D-896-a: Knight - character focus on stamina. (Slow An extraordinarily tanky.) HP: 750 (Considering the damage guns deal, this isn't much.)
D-896-b: Berserker – character focus on strength. (Essentially a 682 thats shaped like a human but dies like one too) HP: 100, Has an instant kill "Fist"
D-896-c: Cleric – character focus on wisdom. (Spawns with a SNAV-Ultimate except its always on-screen.) HP: 100, S-Nav Ultimate
D-896-d: Warlock – character focus on intelligence. (Can hack doors. When Hacking, a loud beeping sound will emanate and unlock any door in 25 seconds.) HP: 100, Starts with Hacking tools
D-896-e: Bard – character focus on charisma. (Appears as another TRO to TRO's) HP: 100, Has a disguise.

Shit on this suggestion, thanks.

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19 hours ago, KaitoKiriyama said:

(Spawns with a SNAV-Ultimate except its always on-screen.)

Do you know how laggy that shit can be?


also i have some suggestions to make about them

Knight is good the way he is


Berserker should have a sprint like 682, this lasts for a very short amount of time but recharges quickly, it is stated that Berserker is Very strong, and fast, His strength and speed were much higher than anticipated. 


Cleric is complicated, it is stated that Cleric may have started the breach Cleric has escaped containment, and his whereabouts are unknown at this time. Cleric is most likely responsible for the breach He was the only one of the 6 to be able to actually escape.


Warlock was physically removed from existence for hacking the game IN 7 MINUTES! THIS IS A REALITY ALTERING GAME THAT HE HACKED AND UNDERSTOOD IN 7 MINUTES!, so his hacking ability is perfect.


Bards also hard, he had the ability to make people do what ever he wanted, the disguise is not lore friendly but is the closest we can get without him being broken as hell.


but that was my 2 Cent, so here's your +1






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