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[NOTICE] Temporary server downtime

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Posted  Edited by Vanya

Hello everyone:


Starting this Sunday the server will go offline for a few days, no we haven't resigned yet and we promise it will come back up. Reason for this temporary downtime involves a decision taken by the Higher level staff and that we (head admins and server admins that read the post) agreed on to try out.


Roy wants to move our server (and also change our provider) to Dallas, TX. However, the big real reason behind the downtime is because the .com staff would like to introduce something they have come up with called "Anycast Network", which tl;dr will result in better (D)DoS protection, having our own IPv4 block, etc. Since we're spending a lot of money into the network, GFL is trying to remove other machines (e.g. GS04 that CS:S ZE currently runs under) to save expenses.




This should give NA players a slightly better ping, and we hope that it doesn't heavily impact on our European players (who have also recently been very supportive to us).


The decision to try this out has been accepted by us (head admins) so the server being down will be happening possibly after this next week or perhaps a bit later than that, just letting you guys know in advance so that you don't think we've closed down the server.


There is also the possibility that the server won't be re-opened in Dallas, but instead it will be re-opened in Kansas City. Any further questions that you have about this whole Anycast thing feel free to check these threads out or ask in this thread:



Also yes, this means this week there won't be an event since the server could go down for maintenance at any time.



  • The server will go offline for a few days (Roy will let us know when and we will let you guys know)
  • Server will take a while to come back since Roy wants to change a couple things
  • No event this week because of this
  • Should Roy and the .com staff take longer than this to put the server down for maintenance, we'll grab an event from our megathread


This thread just serves as a warning in advance that the server will be shut down at any time in the upcoming days for quite a while (hopefully not longer than a week).

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Posted  Edited by Vanya


The server is back online!

This is the new IP address:


Also a secret bird told us !yt is fixed in Torchlight as well.

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