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Alex_Agera's Mute/Ban Appeal for Prop Hunt US

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Your In-Game Name: SealTeamSixCQB

Your SteamID: SealTeamSixCQB

Reason for punishment: External Ghostin

Admin: Unknown

Why the punishment show be revoked:

I was playing on your server tonight and was doing very well when all of the sudden i got a notification that said i was banned for external ghosting. I do not even know what external ghosting is. I have played that map (parking lot) many times and know a lot of the hiding spots. I play that map a lot with some friends in a private server so we have pretty much memorized that map inside and out. 


I do NOT condone cheating nor do I take part in it. 





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Posted  Edited by TheThirdReaper

Hello Alex,


I banned you and Thierry for external ghosting because I was able to force Thierry's mic on and hear that he was telling you about the last prop. Thierry was also spectating the last prop.


Therefore, your 1 week ban will stay.


(p.s. That isn't a SteamID)

Edited by TheThirdReaper

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