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Banned again for same reason?

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Hi everyone apparently i was banned  i did not even do much today but i guess i am banned i mean i do admit to being a hard ass but harassment... AGAIN? i do not think so. golden said shit  about twice and after that i said to him i'll do you one better all of u one better. and i left for the day thinking i can come back on tomorrow he said chill i took golden's advice and stopped playing for the day and i try to come back on  about to record for YT and i am apparently BANNED, so this is why i am here i am trying to get this solved of one of the admins can help me that would be great besides i already block more than one person in game not really harassment if i am avoiding the problem, Thank you for your Time and have a good day. 

                               sincerly Ruthless_Gamer09


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