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Expanded Arsenal for Omega-9 [Revised Entry]

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For those of you experiencing a little deja vu, this is a repost of a suggestion I made a while back with some slight edits. Simply put, this suggestion seeks to give Omega-9 more diversity in their weaponry from Quake 3's incredible arsenal.


SWEPs: Where ever Xy got the previous Quake SWEPs from, or (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=160207505&searchtext=Quake+3)


Weapons: If you played Quake III Arena before you probably know what all of these weapons already do, but I’ll give a brief description of each for those who have not.


Shotgun- Standard stuff. Fires a burst that is good at close ranges.


Rocket Launcher- Similar to the grenade launcher, the rocket launcher fires explosives that are capable of doing splash damage. However, the Rocket launcher's projectiles travel in a straight line rather than an arc at the expense of a slower fire rate, making it less effective to spam. Essentially, the grenade launcher is better for corridors, the rocket launcher is better for open spaces.


Lightning Gun- A weapon that fires a streak of lighting that does little damage, but had an incredibly fast rate of fire. It also has a limited range making it best for medium range combat.


Railgun- A weapon that fires a powerful, high caliber round that does high damage and travels far. There is a significant delay between shots making this weapon most effective at long ranges. This weapon is also a fan favorite of many. 


Plasma gun- Fires burst of blue plasma that does a small amount of splash damage, but packs a serious punch on direct hits. However, the plasma itself is slow moving and can easily be dodged, making this weapon most efficient at close-medium ranges  


Honorable mention to the BFG10K which probably shouldn't be added because it would essentially be “game over SCPs” if someone spawned with that thing.


Anyways, I’m not expecting all of these to be added, but it would be nice if to see a couple to get in. However, I am aware of how busy Xy is, and this should by no means be considered a necessary addition. Feel free to express your opinions below.

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