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Hey everyone! I'm glowguy and my name has mostly stayed the same for about 7 years across all of the video games I've played. Maybe I'll talk about the games I've played in another thread. I have about 1560 hours on Gmod mostly from last year. Last Year I was a very loyal member of SuperNova Servers (perhaps some of you are from there). At the end of last summer the servers shut down about a week after I resigned (funny, right?). I was Head Administrator of SnS Jailbreak, Zombie Survival, and DarkRP all at once for a while. At the end of last summer, the community was going into anarchy basically because the owners were both in college and could not afford to keep the servers up. When I was head administrator, the owners really pressured me to bring in donations to keep the community alive, so much so that it became pay to win, especially on the DarkRp servers. As a result, zombie survival was neglected within the community and people started to not like me because I didn't "pay my fair share" for the community. At this point, I knew I was tired of it because I was one of the few people in the staff that didn't want to make everyone pay to have a somewhat enjoyable experience, so the owners kept me in my position but made it so the lower staff which I managed had more authority than me... that's when I resigned because I lost hope that I would be able to keep the server fun (I was right; as I said the community shut down a week later). For about two months I was lost with Garry's Mod, no community to belong in and no one to look after. That's when I started playing CS:GO frequently, around November of 2015. If anyone cares, I'm currently Gold Nova 2. Occasionally I would come on to play ZS, and I always went to GFL zs because it was not pay to win and was not crowded with people with tens of thousands of hours that you cannot compete with (servers like Nox, HG, Quack, etc). Even with my hours its hard for me to challenge them, and i'm not bad at all at ZS.


Also, I'm currently on here because I was just playing ZS and saw some rulebreakers, then thought about having a staff position. Here's what I'll say about it if I ever come to being one in the first place: I'll do it, but I don't want to have any duty to do anything that I don't believe is necessary. For example, I don't think spawncading in ZS is so bad because zombies win anyway 90% of the time on this server, so why not buy some time for klieners and caders to build up a cade? Plus, if zombies can't get out of spawn where they have damage reduction and automatic healing and rapid spawning, then what makes people think they can get through a barricade?


I may have some friends who are in this community, perhaps you guys know Detective Dave? He is a long time friend of mine, we lost touch after SnS closed. I promoted him many times as head administrator, so hopefully he sees this.

My Steam Profile:


I love Star Wars and to start up a conversation in this thread, I actually like episode 1 and 3 of star wars better than the original trilogy.

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