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Domestic Surveillance: A crime stopper or something more sinister?

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Almost a week old story (or decades long) that MSM is now just reporting (again) but what are your thoughts?




My thoughts, criminals have no rights the moment they commit violent or destructive crimes that hurt the innocent (murder, rape, terrorism those type of crimes). They deserve no rights cause the rest of us play fair while criminals cheat, take the easy way out, and/or prey on the innocent. I'm for coming down hard on those people. Yet between other news we've seen in the past like considering domestic UAV assassination to (insert gov't agency's ABC name here)'s spy programs one has to wonder, are the innocent's rights slowly fading away in the US? In the future what if your only guilt is political ideology (like the anti-nazis or anti-communist movements in the past and now). To having something valuable like an idea you made to become successful (google corporate espionage). There are literally cameras everywhere and it's easy mode to listen on anyone. Think hard on this one. Your future depends on it. :lenny:

We all start out as idealists only to slowly but surely become realists one day, the likes of which we'd never imagine we would become. Meanwhile we stare back at new idealists and see a reflection of what we once were.


Facing reality to get through life.


:cockatiel: I drink birds alive and whole while petting them :cockatiel:




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