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May I Have My Ban Appealed?

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Banned On: [GFL Clan] Zombie Escape 24/7

My Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:521837793

My Steam ID3: [U:1:1043675586]

My Steam ID64: 76561199003941314

Banned By: Sorry, I Dont Really Know

Ban Reason: Sorry, I Dont Really Know

    Why I Should Have My Ban Appealed: I Dont Know What I Was Doing Wrong, And Wasnt Warned, Ive Been Playing Legit, Best Zombie Server On CS:GO, And I Was Having A Fun Time Playing And Talking To The Other People On The Server, And I Was New To The Server Ive Only Been Playing For About 2 Weeks, And When I Got Banned CS:GO Just Hasn't Been That Fun, And I would Really Enjoy Being Able To Play Again. 


Thank you For Reading This

              Sincerely  GVibrant


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Posted  Edited by GVibrant
On 11/19/2019 at 7:19 PM, JGuary551 said:

So you got banned for Duplicate account are you using a vpn by any chance?

@reduct @xSnowyAngel

No I have one but i havent used it for a while because my subscription ran out i used to use nordvpn

Edit: but i did use one called psiphon for download something my wifi wont let me download

Edited by GVibrant

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This appeal has been denied


After doing a quick IP check on our Sourcebans, your IP is found to have been tied to three other accounts, one of which was permanently banned for using bhop hacks, which resulted in the following three other bans (different accounts detected with the same IP).


The original account with the ban


It seems you attempted to avoid your ban by using two other accounts to join GFLClan servers. Unfortunately, this server does not tolerate use of hacks of any kind as mentioned in our MOTD.


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