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Ban Appeal for Rotation TTT

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Name: Oscar


Steam ID (or steam profile link):https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198141602693/home


Banned by: 

I don't why I was banned. As far as I know I have not done anything wrong.




Ban Reason: Lilyac


Why should you be unbanned


I don't know if I should be unbanned but I would atleast like to know why I was banned.  I don't think I have done anything wrong but if that is not the case I would like to know what I did.


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Greetings. I am Mitch, otherwise known as Lily depending on how long you've been around GFL.


LilyAC, or LAC, or Lily AC, are all referring to Lily Anti-Cheat, the anti-cheat this server runs which has been written by me, for GFL.


The anti-cheat, as of now, currently logs data on each player and does nothing else. Once in awhile, I will ask for the logs from the server managers and review the data on each player manually -- The reasoning for this is because this is an early beta of the anti-cheat and I would rather not accidentally ban a bunch of players.


Therefore, all bans are manually applied after careful review.


After reviewing your data that was gathered by the anti-cheat, I am of mind that you are cheating. I will not discuss what you were detected with, or how, as that could compromise the integrity of our anti-cheat.


I ran some simulations to confirm whether the data you sent to the server is possible, and I'm relatively certain the answer is no. That being said, feel free to answer a few questions that would help your case.


  • What is your mouse sensitivity?
  • Do you snap to heads often?
  • Have you ever played with a controller?
  • What kind of keyboard do you use?
  • Is it Logitech? If so, do you use the macro utility to perfectly replicate specific patterns?


I apologize in advance for the sudden, non-descriptive ban,


but to give you the TL;DR to your initial question: The ban was from the anti-cheat, applied manually by me, through Xy.



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We've decided to remove this ban.


Sorry about that and thank you for participating in our involuntary anti-cheat beta!


(signature made by @Kaylode)

Previously known as Xy.


Twitter ❤️Ko-Fi ❤️Github






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Hello again, a small update after a bit of researching.


I am not in the mind of falsely banning players, and in this scenario, the way you were detected still shows extremely suspicious gameplay. That being said, delving even deeper into this research has led me to find some interesting tidbits of how Garry does things that Gmod, causing possible minuscule errors and such. Due to this, my confidence in false detections is actually much lower than previously, and would like to inform you that I'm going to decide to uplift this ban. I will be reviewing any bans handed out using this method as well, to make sure no one was hit falsely.


I apologize for the inconvenience, and sincerely apologize for making you look bad in anyway.

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