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made a map

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We going to need more than two flying buildings, there no space for players to walk around, Not all class will be playable on this map (Not everyone plays sniper), if you can add more feature to this then you have my attention. I also want to know if you do plan to work on this map, What game mode is it going to support? Payload? CTF? Control Points? is it for a trade server or another High tower/2Fort clone. I'm also going to need some updates on your progress. You going to have to make a post that will catch our attention because the "i made a map" is not going to work.  If you still want to make it a sniper arena, I would suggest the following.


  • More space Between the Building, there are little too close
  • Add Another floor. being only on the edge just make it too crowed if we going to support up to 32 players (16 vs 16)
  • Decorate it, We need more then a orange box
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