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mute 4 what?

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update rules, considering i didnt break any of these for a 1 month mute
mb saying "kid is an idiot for removing , whos the ban"
warrants a fukn 1 month mute. just for next time can you make it clear for me what rule i broke?
trying to understand what i did wrong here, just for next time, yanno?

Necro Posting
Do NOT post on threads that have not had a response within 3 months without good reason.
Do NOT commit any form of spamming e.g. irrelevant or unsolicited consecutive posts, private messages, status updates, needlessly long messages, etc.
Inappropriate Content
Do NOT post explicit images/links that include nudity, overt sexual imagery or morbidity on the forums or in private messages. This criterion also applies to signatures, profile pictures, and banners.
Reputation Abuse
Do NOT ask for likes, create additional accounts to give yourself reputation or run any kind of forum games involving the reputation system.
Do NOT release any private information about another user without their permission. Information that the user has sent publicly within GFL in the past is fair game.
Private Matters
Do NOT discuss anything confidential with another user in public. This includes personal quarrels unrelated to GFL.
Do NOT speak any language but English in public. You may use certain words from different languages, but you are not allowed to make entire posts, replies, or shouts in any other languages other than English. You may speak whatever you please in Private Messages on the forums.
Forum Topics
Do NOT post off-topic messages in forum threads or create threads in the incorrect section (i.e. posting GMOD related topics in the CS:GO area).
Do NOT send links or images related to other communities, Discord servers, or websites with the intent of recruitment or promotion.
Malicious Links
Do NOT exploit other users by sending malicious links or messages that specifically cause problems with clients/computers.
Shit Posting
Do NOT create low-quality posts, "shit posts", outside of the proper subforum (click here for the subforum). Moderators will usually just move these types of posts to the proper subforum with no issue, but the repeated violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action.
Zalgo and other modified text
Do NOT use any symbols/characters that exceed a post or message's allotted space.

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Posted  Edited by Ancliz

First off, this is the BHOP mute/ban appeal sub forum, not the Surf Timer.
Secondly, these rules are the FORUM rules. The Surf Timer rules can be found here: 

Thirdly, your appeal in the Surf Timer sub forum has already been denied, please do not make another.

Your actions are not void after a punishment has expired. You have had 14 commbans/bans and have been repeatedly warned to stop on various occasions, and on your final commban. 


The admin's word is final. If an admin says not to do something, then don't do it, even if it isn't listed here.

This point is pretty clear. Do what the admins request. If you are told to stop, and you continue, do not whine about it when you are muted.

Edited by Ancliz






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