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White's Ban appeal

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Name: White


Steam ID (or steam profile link):https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198831451073/


Banned by: Ed ( IDK his full name but i know he was a trial mod)



Ban Reason: RDM x2


Why should you be unbanned: First of all i'm sorry for RDM'ing I was mad at the time but there was a reason. There was 10 seconds on the clock and I was the last traitor left, and for some reason Ed (the trial mod) slayed me for no reason at all. I didn't do anything and there weren't any active reports on me at all whatsoever. I do expect ban time but I do want you guys to know it was for no reason. I RDM'd Ed (the trial mod) and some other guy that kept mic spamming that I was a "bitch" but Ed didn't seem to care about that. No hard feelings I just wanna play on your guys server, thank you for your time.

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