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xXCrusherXxFTW's GameMaster Application

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Steam Name: xXCrusherXxFTW

In-game name: Lieutenant Crusher

Age: 14

Do you know the CW Lore?: Yes

Do you know ULX?: Yes

Current role/server rank?: Member

Time zone?: CST

Past Experience?: None


Why do you want to become Game Master?: I want to become GameMaster because I would host fun events for people to do, choose what map they like the most


Why should I accept you?: You should accept me because only John, Rick, Nate, and Mario are on and doesnt participate in there event so I want them to have a lot of fun instead of being bored


What would you do if someone killed an RP Character that you didn't want to die?: I would verbally warn them not to do it, then I kick them out of the event


If an Admin commands you while you're running the event, what do you do?: I would tell them Not right now I am doing something, but I will tell them later after my event is over.


If an admin/superadmin is goofing off or he not doing what you want him/her to do or he is doing something that you wont allow him/her to do and you tell them no or to stop but they don't listen to you. What do you do?: I report them to Nunti and Happy and kick them out of the event

Have Questions? Message me on here, steam, or discord!

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Posted  Edited by Joshy - Edit Reason: UNLOCKED/MESSAGE

It's a bummer that I have to put notices like this is up, but I'll have to do it as I have hid a bunch of irrelevant posts within this application: Please do not post here unless you are a corresponding Server Admin+ for this server, the applicant, or unless otherwise stated by permission or posted guidelines.


This thread will be locked; it's not because there are "two" applications like the hidden messages said, but because the GameMaster application has a different process, which was stated in the below thread:


You're suppose to click on the link at the bottom of the Original Post there, which sends a Private Message to Happy.




For future reference:  If you're not one of the people who can post in the application threads and you see something "wrong", then a better alternative to posting is using the report feature; let Community Advisors be the bad guys.  Thanks.


9-7-2016 EDIT:


I'll unlock it for now and determine from the Server Manager what the guidelines are.


Edited by Joshy


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