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On Omnicient and Bullying

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Posted  Edited by disappoint

I understand that there was some unacceptable behavior between Omnicient (bitch boner guy) and a girl, a young teenager. Certain members of GFL have taken it upon themselves to basically serve vigilante justice by constantly berating him with labels like "pedophile" and making jokes insinuating that he's a pedophile. Saturday night, while people were repeatedly calling him a pedophile and saying that they hoped he died, he was only apologetic. At one point he said "Seriously, I made a mistake. I will never do that again," and to me he sounded serious. He didn't try to defend his actions like Smoov would have. He didn't lash out and just say the girl is to blame, he owned up. 


I understand why people feel the way they do about the guy, pedophilia is disgusting and should not be tolerated. But I really want this community to be a positive place and it usually is. I just really don't want it to be the place that drove some kid to commit suicide, because that shit really happens. You've made your point, now can you guys just chill out and lay off? I'm not admin and even if I was, I only have 1 vote in any matter, so I'm just asking you all for this; I think it would be better for everybody involved.



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Posted  Edited by Infra

@disappoint @unbalanced 


Thanks for the post. Definitely agree that things have been going a bit overboard, and need to calm down. While we have no written rules against trolling and joking around, we do have rules against player harassment. 


If you feel targeted and are being heavily harassed by players, you can use the !calladmin command to report someone for harassment. Such a situation is bound to attract jokes and trolling, and while we can't really do much about light-hearted joking, we can definitely do something about targeted harassment!


If there are a specific few people that are harassing you every time you're on, you can also privately ping any of the admins on discord and report it to us with clips - we can help and deal with the rest.



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ay man, so, I've calmed down a bit on the harassment of him from my end. I spoke my mind on the matter the first day so he and others know how I feel. But I think it needs to be stated that HonkHonk himself will randomly bring it up in a joking manner or in a form of self-deprecating humor. So I mean, I agree that there's a big difference between banter/friendly shit-talking and straight up harassment. The latter of which I think should be punished but the admins need to assess the situation and determine if it's actually harassment and not just trolling before doing so, seeing as how honkhonk is a notorious troll. 

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