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Scopess's Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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Posted  Edited by Scopess - Edit Reason: Changed the PS

My in-game name: Scopes

My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:104466972

Reason: MRDM

Admin: Nicholas / Canman1151

Why this should be revoked:

Dear Staff,

I apologize about what I've done with the downtime and the micspam yesterday. The reason I got banned was for MRDM. I did go a little crazy and had a feel issues with officers. but I'm fine now. I want to get unbanned though because I wasn't thinking and reading chat. I was messing around with the other troopers and didn't think I was going to get banned for a downtime joke. This will not happen again and I will act serious for the future. This ban and the demotion of my GM has set me off and got me frustrated. I am fine now... I apologize for any abuse / Minge i'v done for the past 2 days. I did go a little too far because I was on a long LOA and inactive. I was a horrible GM and i felt insecured with all the the other GM / Staff showing me I didn't do anything. I hope I can get unbanned and hope you guys forgive me. I will not act like a minge or play music anymore. I will be serious now and stop fucking around like I have been. I just felt really bad when I got demoted from GM. It will not happen again and I hope you guys take this apology. I love this server with all my heart. and i fucked up and it will not happen again. Have a great day staff. ❤️ And I understand what I did and won't happen. 

Sincerely, Nick / Scopes

PS : sorry about any typos / Grammar. And this was during downtime. where I thought I could fuck around.


Edited by Scopess
Changed the PS

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I have gotten the time to actually talk to you about the incident and I have decided on to unban you I know what you did during the time on the server as a Member and GM you have done better I just really want you to change your attitude towards staff and players and just change in general I love you I do man just next time think about it before you do it :).


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