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TTT Minecraft Ban appeal.

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Name: Apollo Justice


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:57767961


Banned by: Xy_


Ban reason: Ghosting


Why you should be unbanned: The closest thing i had done to ghosting is just telling my fellow spectators pretty obvious info, I feel that i was wrongly banned, and would like to get back to playing on the server

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Can you help me out here?  Was there a log showing a bunch of friends online or was he blatantly saying it out loud?  I don't understand what happened.




Can you give me an example of things you said over the microphone?  Was there anything that seemed like it could have been misunderstood ie. "Oh, that guy just killed Joshy!" (too vague to reveal the traitor, but sounds like ghosting even though it's not).  Can you admit to me if you had any friends online and it could have look like ghosting?


Were there any witness or someone who could help?  Who were the victims and do they have anything to say?




I'm not siding with anyone, but I am probing for more information so it's easier to make a decision or come to a resolution/middle-grounds.


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Alright, I don't remeber the specific signs I made the ban on, so I'll just unban.


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Previously known as Xy.


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