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Biggie Talls

Biggie Talls's TTT MC 24/7 Mute/Ban Appeal

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Steam Name(s): Biggie Talls

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:99612029


Admin that banned you: Beaker

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Targeting/Harassment


Why should you be unbanned?

Well going off this is the last time i played, if i remember it was me shooting at Skullking with a pistol a few rounds. 

My reasoning for this is that i thought of it as playful and i didnt think much of it but it is mean at an outside perspective and i see where i messed up in that regard but id like to get a shortened ban if a unban is not to happen.

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The player Biggie Talls was banned by Me due to targeting skull king in a subtle manner. I gained suspicion of targetting when skull king was complaining about something.


 Round 19: On round 19, the player Skull King reported biggie talls. Biggie responded to the report by denying the claims.



Round 19: A quick glance of the "logs before death", may first indicate that skull king shot first. Upon further inspection we can see that he in fact did not fire. 




Round 19 continued: In the timestamp of 0:15 we can clearly see that biggie shot first dealing 12 damage with a gat.


Round 24: We can see in the next screenshot that the player Biggie reported skull king (duh)



Round 24: We see in the logs before death that skull damaged biggie smalls. In the surface this may loook like a "he shot first" type of deal. But upon further inspection (once again), the shot logs tell otherwise.


Round 24: 




Round 24 continued: Here we can see that Biggie shot first (I will disregard the shots of 0:35 since idk). Judging by 0:59 we can see that biggie was shooting first with the kac pdw, I do not know how many bullets they expended but they did fire. This could be seen as traitor baiting or slay baiting which would lead to targetting in this case. 


What Biggie  did: They kept harassing skull king by damaging him or shooting at him.  I remember that skull king was getting flustered about the situation, because he has to deal with constant bullying and harassment by people. I also do believe that biggie was doing this to get some schadenfreude by constantly harassing skull. 


Closing statement: I will stand by my claim that Biggie was in fact targeting skull king in a subtle way with malicious intent. I also might recall that he was telling someone to stop, something like that. 

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i do accept responsibility for what i did, i understand it was wrong and Skull did not deserve what i did, but i want to have it shortened to somthing less then a week. i know what i did was wrong and i agree a punishment is in order but i would like it to shortened 

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Posted  Edited by Beaker

Your request is to be denied, I will also not shorten your ban since you are in need of reflection.

Edited by Beaker

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