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Bizon vs MP9//AK 47

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After my post of the new 64 clip p90 vs bizon and breaking it down, I decided to do a few more weapon breakdowns to compare to to Bizon. The Bizon for one, is in the SMG class along with the 40 clip MP9 and then comparing both to a weapon a in the rifle class in whats likely the best in its class, the AK 47.


Most my info is gathered from the famous csgo weapon spreadsheet found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11tDzUNBq9zIX6_9Rel__fdAUezAQzSnh5AVYzCP060c/edit?usp=sharing

Thanks to @Vauff for helping me out by lending me the gfl server damage and knockback numbers for ze.


Bizon vs MP9//AK 47 breakdown 


Basic stat comparisons. 




BPM calculated with reloading

Bizon: ~509 BPM    ~4.5 % faster than MP9 BPM, 36.5 % more than AK

MP9:   ~487 BPM    

AK 47:  ~373 BPM



Bizon:   2.43 seconds

MP9:     2.13 seconds   Fastest reload of any primary automatic weapons. AK and mp9 tied for second.

AK 47:   2.43 seconds


Draw times  ** Time it takes to draw the weapon (from rebuys or switching your items)

Bizon:  1.1 seconds

MP9:    1.2 seconds 

AK 47:  1.0 seconds 


Max Speed:

Bizon: 240   240 best possible speed for weapons draw. Max speed is 250

MP9:   240

AK 47: 215

Damage values


Raw (Base) Damage

Bizon:  27

MP9:    26

AK 47:  36  +1 more damage than  Negev/UMP.


GFL has implemented a damage and knockback modifier for all weapons in ze that should be calculated that I just recently got to dive into. Showing old and new damage numbers. (both damage and knockback share same numbers)

Bizon:  1.0x         ////27

MP9:    0.8x        ////26 (20.8‬)  Lowest base damage of SMG class if you include GFL damage modifiers. By a fair margin. 

AK 47:  1.2x        ////36  (43.2‬)  Highest base damage of automatic primaries with these settings.

P90:     1.0x        ////26  

        Multiplier  ////Base damage (damage after multiplier)


Range modifier (damage drop off over distance *units)

Bizon:  0.80  

MP9:    0.87

AK 47:  0.98   Damage falloff is basically nothing before 150 feet.


Damage per Minute estimates (including reloading in calculations) at different ranges.       ~~~ if every shot lands in torso for a whole minute how much damage the weapon can do in gfl zombie escape with damage modifier calculations ~~~

Bizon:       ~12,715 DPM ~79% of AK       ~10,986 DPM   ~70% of AK

MP9:         ~9,736 DPM~76.5% of Bizon ~8,763   DPM  ~80% of Bizon

AK 47:      ~16,050 DPM                            ~15,677  DPM

  [email protected] units 2.54m 7.5 feet///[email protected] units 12.7m~41 feet

                      (point blank)


Sprays Patterns:


Very unintuitive spray pattern that is easier to control the last 45 or so bullets than first 15.  Either fast taps/small bursts or full sprays with this gun. 


mp9spraypattern.gif.39dc6de92a75dafef3170507652e425c.gifhad to make a new gif over original pic which made a hilarious mistake 

Pretty simple spray pattern who's only problem is how fast it fires, so you have to be very fast in controlling the spray past bullet 9-10, and the recoil punch as well. Great burst on 3-10 bullets.


First 10 bullets are literally a straight line. Amazingly accurate and reliable 1-3 bullet taps and 10 burst sprays, after that is gets very back and forth.

Have to be very skill with this weapon to spray from bullets 12-40 from anything mid range and longer. 



Accuracy stats   ~~~there is a ton of stats on this so I will focus on main ones.

Recoil: Backwards momentum of the gun when it fires bullets. Bigger number means worse recoil. 

Spread: Additional inaccuracy calculated per bullet. 
Standing accuracy: Basically how accurate first shot is standing still.

Max Standing fire inaccuracy: How accurate your worst shot is mid spray  while standing. 

Running Accuracy: How accurate first shot is while running and standing up.


              Recoil//Spread//Standing Accuracy   //Max Standing fire inaccuracy//Running Accuracy

Bizon:  18        //1.00      //15.00(worst for smg)//18.88                                             //42.57                          

MP9:    19        //0.60     //9.60 (rifle like acc)     //13.86                                              //38.64                         

AK 47:  30      //0.60      //7.01                               //20.55                                              //182.07   (Don't run and shoot with AK please)                

Best:   Bizon//Tied       //AK                                // MP9                                               //MP9




Tapping stats   ~~~tapping/bursting is best way to fire at mid-long/long ranges with automatics.

 RecoveryTimeStand: Time it takes after firing while standing to reset accuracy completely

 Tap Interval (secs)//RecoveryTimeStand   (in seconds)

Bizon:  0.170           ~0.3316 

MP9:    0.170           ~0.2580

AK 47:  0.250          ~0.3680

Best tapping stats: MP9


Rebuying Segment

Cost of Bizon: 1,400 $ (cmon admins!)    Max Rebuys (11)  

Cost of MP9:   1,250 $                                                          (12)

Cost of AK47:  2,500 $                                                          (6)


Total amount of bullets possible with max rebuys

             Max bullets//Total time "rebuying"//Estimated Bullets per minute    // $ Paid per bullet

Bizon: 704               //68.42 seconds             //~617 BPM~about 3 % faster        //$21.88‬ per bullet  Literally almost cheaper per bullet than the 400 $ glock. $ wise value is best in GFL

MP9:   480              //48‬ seconds                   //600‬ BPM                                         //$31.25‬  per bullet

AK 47: 240              //30 seconds                   // 480 BPM                                       //$62.50 per bullet




-At even mid range this weapon compared to even a 80 % mp9 has similar damage to get an idea of its damage and range problems. But this weapon is made for close combat which suits it well for its 240 mobility and being in the SMG class.

-Outside of any range or burst tapping this thing is the clear choice over most SMG's regardless besides maybe the P90. Its raw DPM at shotgun range,BPM, cost per $,and its style of consistent firing and low reload speed make it a top tier weapon so long as you get in zombies faces. 

-Speaking of this guns style, it suits itself so perfectly if you think about it. It's a SMG that has a large clip that fires at average rate for constantly tagging zombies, quick reload for fewer gaps for zombies to punish you with,range is bad but with smgs and this being ZE the range shouldn't matter, then you have the spray pattern which is actually easier to control the longer you hold fire, from bullets 20-64 , which again fits the Bizon's role as you wanna be spraying in zombies faces at close range. 

-I would say this is a consistent firing weapon compared to the burst style of say a P90 or even a Negev. 

Always viable


-MP9 with 80% of its base damage and knockback makes this weapon at point blank range the worst dps of all smgs %, even worse than mp7 with 50 bullets with its 0.9x modifier. However, its accuracy stats are across the board one of the best in the SMG class, and its BPM is on par with 64 clip P90 and Bizon numbers.  This gun gets value over other smgs with its BPM and fast fire rate along with its strengths of very good burst sprays with its straight down spray pattern for its first 10 bullets. This weapon is best range smg overall.

~I personally would value this slightly above the mp7,mp5 and ump for its BPM,quick reloads, and accuracy/ranged abilities. (Also those 3 smgs have 0.9x modifiers on them as well doesn't help.

Semi viable, niche.


-AK is the new Negev in terms of raw DPS in long stationary holds (16k DPM vs Negev's old 18k DPM), course its BPM is about 70 % of Negevs (373 vs 531 BPM). This gun has the punch of a negev with a little bit more options of mobility at the cost of being sorta sup bar in Bullet based boss fights (373 BPM is like 26 % less than bizons 509 BPM).

-This gun is a beast with all its good forms of firing at range which the Negev actually lacks. Tapping and 3-10 bullet bursts are horrible on Negev compared to the AK.  So holding zombies in corners/walls with 1 tapping/bursts is actually underrated. 

-Gun does have low move speed (215 vs 230-240 of most smgs) and horrible accuracy stats on the run and jumping. 

-Weak vs bullet registering bosses compared to even the mp7. Flip side is its great versus damage based bosses.  Rebuying with AK could get like 10k Damage in 30 seconds, if the damage modifier works on bosses at least

Very viable weapon. Problems in mobility compared to SMG's/Pistol's, but High Damage output with several very good forms of shooting. (Spray at close range, tapping for headshots,tapping/bursting at mid-long ranges. )




Post any questions or thoughts you got on this subject. Thanks for suffering through this!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Stop playing diddle plz

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