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Found 138 results

  1. Idk where this goes, but VilhjalmrF put something similar here. Gamemode Name: Target! Game: Garry's Mod Maps: TTT Map-style (Could literally use TTT maps, if compatible) Server Size: 20-30 max Description: This gamemode is a fast paced FPS. Everyone is assigned a target. Your goal is to kill that target. Your target is portrayed in the bottom right corner with their player model and their name. You have a knife (CSGO) and a revolver that has 6 bullets. The revolver is a 3 shot body and a 1 shot headshot. The knife takes 3 front hits and 1 back. You can only kill your target or your hunter. If you kill someone else, you get outlined in red and can be killed by anyone, including the guards. Guards (or cops, idc what they're called,) can only kill a player if they are outlined or if they have their gun/knife out in front of them. A player is vulnerable to the cops for 5 seconds after they put their weapon away. This gameplay would have fast rounds and fun gameplay. Pointshop: -Knives (crates of different rarities or just different types of knives) -Playermodels -Hats -Police Pass -And so on... I don't think this is a gamemode on Gmod, I have seen similar games on Roblox that were very popular.
  2. I think the cat should get a buff that works more like it's wiki entry. http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-607 Currently the way its working is that 607 bonds to a human, and if it's bonded to said human, when the cat commits seppuku, the human bonded to will die. Think of Destiny Bond from Pokemon but perm. Anyway this is all well and fine, but as a SCP Breach entity, is one of the worst skips you could become. There's different SCP types like Support, DPS, Tanks, sneaky bois and whatever, but 607 is like a breed of it's own. I would say support is the closest, so we should buff it in the support sense. here are some ideas I've thought up. Feel free to add on to or debate. Whatever ya'll think. General Buffs based on what's already implemented: - Maybe just a bit more health when unbound. I've seen 607 get wrecked by a single D-boy clip. It didn't look fun. - Even if this goes against my initial statement, possibly being able to bound to multiple humans. Being bound to 1 human does so little in terms of the SCP Breach gamemode, so being off canon for the sake of balance/utility should be fine. Maybe have a limit of 3 so it's not teetering on OP. - Shorten the length of time it takes to bond by a few milliseconds. - Increase move-speed so bounding can be easier. New Ideas for SCP-607: To be a better support SCP, 607 should have something extra to help along side bonding. I'm not an expert at coding, so this may be either impossible to implement or too hard, but 607 in SCP-Canon reflects wounds on the human it's bounded to. This currently is reflected by the bonded human dying when 607 dies. I'm thinking this can be expanded a bit more by letting 607 inflict certain De-Buffs to the humans they're bound to. Like that book (I forget the item name) that inflicts lower movespeed, debuff to health, ect. 607 could have some one time use items that activates de-buffs, or maybe when it bounds to a human it randomly inflicts one of these de-buffs, ect. Thanks for taking a read. Feel free to leave extra ideas or better ideas, build upon what I said, shitpost, ect. I'm just one man who thinks a suicidal cat deserves better.
  3. New Map

    Name: Slender: The Eight Pages Map Type: Map Link(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1924238206 Rank(s): n/a Cost: Description: I am suggesting a map. Honestly, I'm not sure this will get in but I wanted to suggest this map because it is a dark map that was made with hide and seek in mind. There are secret spots that can be discovered and easy spots that can be hidden in too, the fog reaches far so it isn't too difficult to see people. I'm also open to suggestions, I could modify the map to have a little bit of light as to easily see players.
  4. Myself and a couple other oldies from the classic GFL PropHunt days were thinking it'd be nice if there were a classic PropHunt server. The only differences between the contemporary PropHunt server and Classic I would recommend if this were to go through is: 1. No powerup crystals for players on the Prop team. Make it a nitty-and-gritty experience that requires juking and cheekiness. 2. All the maps are classic maps such as cs_assault, cs_italy, de_tides, de_nuke, de_train, de_port, ph_richland, etcetera... Everything that the server used to have. We oldies want our nostalgia to be recognized! 😂
  5. SUGGESTION: Supporter and VIP ranks can votekick. Now obviously you'd think this can be severely abused, but consider these points. If only donor ranks could votekick and only those ranks could vote, then it would decrease that possibility. Also, it's just a kick, I don't see a huge wave of new players/trolls flooding in and all purchasing a rank just to kick people. I'td be different if it were a voteban. And it would work surprisingly well. In the early morning and sometimes evening (8:00AM-1PM EST and like 11PM-3AM EST), there are still so many people online, and honestly a lot of them are donors. But the staff don't have the time to be in there, which is reasonable, people have lives or are sleeping. But these people that I love playing with and play with nearly every morning, we are all getting flooded by micspammers, rdmers, just huge numbers of them and the server becomes chaos. Now I honestly don't know if this will get any support, i've talked about it on the server a few times and a lot of people agree with me but a problem I see is that a lot of regulars on the TTT Rotation server don't use the forums that much, if at all. But i'm throwing this out there anyway, with a bit of hope. Thanks for the consideration and cheers.
  6. hat suggestion

    Name: (whatever you want to name this) Type: Hat Link(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=144597879 Rank(s): none Cost: 5000 Description: its spongebobs hat ovi the best hat out there and it should T O T A L L Y be added
  7. Here are some cool maps I found. All of these add their own new way to play along with some surprises. The only problems I could find with these are that one of riverside's t traps don't work and some of them may make players lag. Other than that, these maps are very unique and fun. Abyss ttt_forest_final Riverside Aztec shrine. Lost temple The ship
  8. Yo he makes no noise when he changes, like if your hanging with your bro and he turns into 020 I'd like to know we cant have a brewski anymore. Either put some hole meat noise when he changes or maybe something like this: 20190812_155213.mp4
  9. Introduction So, I think it's time someone made some convincing arguments about getting damage indicators/hit numbers added to TTT rotation. From the people I have spoken with, a lot of them seem to agree. They like the idea of adding hit numbers to the server. However, I know there will be some skepticism about this, at least I'm pretty sure there will be. So I am going to present some ideas here to help convince the managers of the server to add this. I am going to be covering things step by step. Read carefully if you can. If you say no, there won't be any retaliation from me. This is only a suggestion backed with some arguments that could hopefully sway you to agreeing. If these attempts fail, I honestly don't mind at all. It's still worth a shot. The Uses of Hit Numbers There is a few good things that come with adding hit numbers to the server. Some follow the lines of personal preference, while others follow the lines of general usefulness and utility. I want to present these potential uses to everyone here. This way, you have the ability to make your own opinions on this subject matter. Pre-Round Testing One of the greatest things about preparation time is the fact that you deal no damage until the round starts. When the old server I used to go to, "American TTT" was still online, I would use its damage indicators to test out certain weapons. Back in 2015 I was pretty new to TTT. A lot of the weapons were new to me. I didn't know their uses and potential damage output. The only way I would be able to learn this was through trial and error. However, as a new player, I had an advantage in American TTT. During Pre-Round, I had the ability to shoot people without worry of RDM. Despite the fact that no damage was dealt, I was still able to see how much damage each shot would have done if the round was actually active. This allowed me to have a short period of time to run quick experiments before a new round began. This was a huge use for a new player like me. And even today, 4 years later, I still sometimes wish I could run quick tests to make sure everything is effective and efficient. Without hit numbers, I cannot utilize the lack of damage during Pre-Round to test each weapon I hold. This means I am forced to either stick with the same weapons, or risk a round trying to trust a weapon I know nothing about. As a more experienced player now, this hardly becomes an issue. But as a newer player, this would've kept me from learning that certain weapons are not efficient. All it took was 30 seconds for me to figure out the use of each gun during these Pre-Rounds. Without hit numbers, this is impossible for newer players who become regulars of GFL. Instant Feedback Being able to see the amount of damage you do can drastically change your planning in a split second. When I actively mained scout in tf2, I had many moments where I had to make split second decisions. This all came from years of gamesense experience. And sometimes, a single flank shot could completely change my battle plan. Being able to get that instantaneous feedback is something that can heavily influence plans and keep rounds alive. Without that instant Feedback, you run the risk of not having enough time to change your battle plan. When I played scout, one wrong move could lead to me dead on the ground staring at a respawn timer. And in some instances, a single number helped me make the correct split second decision that lead to big plays and sometimes game wins. As a traitor, this is especially true. Knowing the amount of damage you do can give you vital information. And when that information is precise and instant, you can make quick decisions much faster. Hit Marker Sometimes when you snipe from a distance, it's hard to tell if you actually hit the person you shot at. When you take the shot, recoil can make it hard to tell if you landed the hit. Sometimes your target disappears in the crowd and you need to back up before someone spots you and calls you out. Sometimes a floating number can be enough to let you know you landed the shot. The Dreaded Red Screen The red screen you see when you are damaged is very disorienting. Hit Numbers' bright white color makes it a little easier to know where you need to shoot at. In dark enclosed areas, the red screen can make someone almost invisible. Sometimes, hit numbers can be enough to hint the player where to shoot. Arguments Against Hit Numbers I know there will be some people out there who aren't fully onboard with all this, even considering what I have said so far. Let me address a few arguments I might see in here, and hopefully answer any questions you might have. The GFL hud shows the HP level! This is very true. The HUD shows you the exact amount of HP the person has left after a shot. However, it requires you to pay attention to that bar and make a judgement call in how much health the person actually has left. A damage indicator will give you an exact amount of damage dealt. After playing tf2 for as long as I did, I got incredibly fast at doing quick subtraction when considering total hp level after I dealt damage. Being able to get the exact HP level of a person after damaging them for 43 isn't an incredibly challenging thing to do in my opinion. Especially when they have the full 100 HP. Though, I do agree this is the most valid argument out of all the ones I will present. So I wouldn't blame you if you still stood by this argument. Not everyone will like the hit numbers! This is very very true. I totally agree with this. Which is why I have a simple solution. Make the damage indicator something you can toggle on and off. In fact, make the hit numbers off by default. However, make an option that allows you to enable hit numbers. If it be through f1 or through a command in chat. Whatever you think is best. That way people who badly want hit numbers can change the setting for their view. If you want to get in contact with me about this, feel free to. Dustin#5962 I wouldn't mind talking about this and seeing if we could come to some sort of agreement. Or if you'd like to give some counter arguments, please do so. I would love to have any input on this, and I'm more than happy to listen. Until then, thank you for reading.
  10. When it comes down to it, D Class do not have much diversity as the Officers. Tactical Response Officers have snipers, pyro units, medics, and even a commander. The D Class only have SCP-035. Not much distinction there for the biggest pool of players every round. But what if the D Class had another special spawn? Something that would spice things up for the D Class and entire round in general. I'm thinking that something is Class D #9341. D-9341 So D-9341 is the character you play as in the SCP Containment Breach game. His origins are mostly unknown. We know that his actual name is Benjamin Oliver Walker. He was formally a researcher, and he was demoted to D-Class after looking into something called The Spiral Gestalt. What makes Ben special from other D Class is his special mysterious powers. These powers seemed to appear from nowhere when the Breach occurred,but damn if they didn't help D-9341 escape. What are these mysterious powers? Well, it is simply the power to SAVE and LOAD of course! The ability to SAVE let's you set a respawn point. LOAD is what lets you respawn to that SAVE point when you die. Simple gamer stuff. But how could that be implemented? SCP-079 can set a teleportation point wherever on the map, so it should be feasible to use the same ability somewhat to set where you respawn. A timer can be implemented as well to keep D-9341 from using it wildly and unstrategically. These SAVEs should also be able to let you respawn to it multiple times without having to create a new SAVE every time. If D-9341 does not SAVE, then D-9341 should automatically respawn in the D Block. SCP-076-2 has multiple lives per round,so setting up the respawn shouldn't be much of an issue. The main concern is about how many lives D-9341 should have per round. 5 or more seem a bit much even if it is a D Class role. 4 or 3 make more sense in my opinion. (completely open for debate on this) Other than these abilities, D-9341 would just be an average D Class. He's not faster or more durable. His health is even the same. By far this is simply a unique shade of D Class, but it is one from a game that most likely inspired the Breach game-mode. Other Possible Implementations - When you SAVE, you also keep a record of what you had on you at the time. This means when you respawn, you get the weapons and items you had when you created the SAVE. - The LOAD could take a few more seconds than Abel's respawn. Mostly done to mimic the loading in the actual game taking a bit. More of a joke than anything. - No default skin for this special D Class. You can wear whatever skin you want from the Shop while you are this special D Class. - Have D-9341 spawn near SCP-173's chamber. If no SAVE point is set, you could also have him spawn there automatically by default. Just a reference to the games. Hopefully my color coding doesn't come off as annoying. Just wanted certain words to pop out more.
  11. Just a way to give points to other players without having to do flips, so you could help people reach milestones like 1mil points, give someone points to buy a t pass if they were rdmed on their t round and many other things.
  12. SCP-3456 Model: Suggested by Supreme Leader 049 (thanks!) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1758192668&searchtext=centaur SCP-3456 is a centaur-like creature with elongated arms and digits that end in sharp bone spurs. They manifest in locations of war, terrorism and natural disasters. They are highly aggressive to anyone in their manifestation area, as well as incredibly intelligent. SCP-3456 also lacks any hair, only having gray skin. Ingame Statistics: 3456 is a fast attacking (.25 second delay) SCP that does 25 damage per hit. Its speed matches 076's, being slightly faster than your average human. It's special is a AOE scream that instills fear into those that hear it. The range should be decently sizeable (110 decibels is no joke, yo.) The effect isn't enough to cause any physical harm, however the fear causes any human to hear it (Your choice here XY. It can either completely stop from being able to shoot, or make spread incredibly high on guns.) The special lasts 5 seconds and has a 20 second cooldown. It has 1000 base HP, scaling off of current players (as other scps do.) I also think that knockback resistance or even immunity would be a good implementation for this scp, but it might end up being too powerful for the SCP that this is meant to be. 3456 WILL NOT attribute any extra points to the end of the game to determine who wins the game if it escapes, as in the lore it stays around its area of manifestation. There are two ways I imagine that this can be implemented into the game. A is the simplest implementation, while B stems off of A. A; Since 3456 manifests in areas of war and terrorism, whenever any opposing-team human fight occurs (D vs MTF, MTF vs CI, etc) there is an incredibly small chance of the person killed (or a spectator, depending on how this will be implemented) being spawned in as 3456. This chance should scale off of the current players, but should cap out at 1%. Only one can spawn per round. B; The same implications of A, but instead of going about as it pleases doing SCP things, the 3456 must hunt down whoever killed them. After 3 minutes have passed and 3456 has not hunted its target, it despawns back to the void (spectators.) If it does avenge itself then it can damage targets as it pleases. It should be noted that this ONLY occurs for opposing teams. RDMing shouldn't work at all. This SCP would implement a strong motivator for aggressive plays (causing more death and more chances to become 3456) and would allow people who complain about not being SCP more of a chance to be..SCP. Revision decision (hehe it rhymes): Instead of being a clone of all the other speed boost SCPs it now has a unique playstyle that actually fits it better lorewise. The gameplay for this scp is now actually varied by the player's actions, and can now be used as a support tool or as a hit-and-run tactics.
  13. SCP-3456

    SCP-3456 SCP-3456 is a centaur-like creature with elongated arms and digits that end in sharp bone spurs. They manifest in locations of war, terrorism and natural disasters. They are highly aggressive to anyone in their manifestation area, as well as incredibly intelligent. SCP-3456 also lacks any hair, only having gray skin. There are two ways I imagine that this can be implemented into the game. A is the simplest implementation, while B stems off of A. A; Since 3456 manifests in areas of war and terrorism, whenever any opposing-team human fight occurs (D vs MTF, MTF vs CI, etc) there is an incredibly small chance of the person killed (or a spectator, depending on how this will be implemented) being spawned in as 3456. This chance should scale off of the current players, but should cap out at 1%. Only one can spawn per round. 3456 is a fast attacking (.25 second delay) SCP that does 25 damage per hit. It is slightly slower than a human unless it uses its special, where it gains extra speed depending on if it has vision on a target. The special lasts 5 seconds and has a 20 second cooldown. It has 650 base HP, scaling off of current players (as other scps do.) I also think that knockback resistance or even immunity would be a good implementation for this scp, but it might end up being too powerful for the speedster SCP that this is meant to be. B; The same implications of A, but instead of going about as it pleases doing SCP things, the 3456 must hunt down whoever killed them. After 3 minutes have passed and 3456 has not hunted its target, it despawns back to the void (spectators.) If it does avenge itself then it can damage targets as it pleases. It should be noted that this ONLY occurs for opposing teams. RDMing shouldn't work at all. This SCP would implement a strong motivator for aggressive plays (causing more death and more chances to become 3456) and would allow people who complain about not being SCP more of a chance to be..SCP.
  14. I think its an awesome plugin for Supporters and VIPs, however: With 2 different levels of payment (VIP and Supporter, VIP being more expensive), I think VIPs should have more option for their !tag(s). I’m suggesting for Supporter !tags, we keep it how it is. But for VIP, Im suggesting that we unlock the !tags color options so we are free to use the custom colors in our tags. For example: I am a VIP. Right now my tag says “ ||i like booty|| “. I think we should be able to customize the color more to where I can make it like: ” || i like booty || “ We VIPs donate a little extra to the servers, I think this little extra addition wouldn’t hurt, and GFL might be able to bring in more VIPs than Supporters.
  15. If im going to have to play between site 19 and area 02 you may as well put the objects on the map so I dont kill myself out of boredom.
  16. So currently a lot of things are broken in breach. Here's a list of them: 512 and the hat scp - 512 is extremely overpowered and hard to play against as a scp with short range. The cap is even more overpowered because of the new guns that kill people in seconds. In my opinion both should be removed. The medkit and 500 - Both have a exploit where if you use one of them then throw it down you get a infinite supply of them. 160 - Spectators can't spectate it, it gets stuck in the floor, and it's not fun to play as. I think this scp should be removed. 079 - When 079 spawns in 939, 939 gets stuck inside of the ceiling. 079 can also be escorted at the normal escort point. 020 - Sometimes random 020 players get stuck in the void.
  17. Well I did this for Steam Gamers and now I'll do it here as no one seems to want to pull the trigger here as well and get dirty in making some meta changes with weapon clip sizes and the prices tags they have in zombie escape. With the meta being dominated for years and years with Bizons and Negevs and taking anything other than that completely hurting your team, and this being a casual game-mode, in the end and it's probably healthier to give it some variety in viable weapon choices. My goal ultimately is to bring most weapons to the level of the Bizon and Negev with only the slightly of nerfs to those weapons (mostly being more reasonable price tags). Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fiZn4JVmEWmk7YX7QRdsrTifbI23dBA0j5p5N0zrKA8/edit?usp=sharing With me you get a spreadsheet that goes into hardcore details of the weapons and I use some in depth thought process on the value of each weapon. The main numbers I use are Price Tag, clip size ,and $ per bullet. To get $ per bullets you get the Price Tag divided by its clip size to get $ per bullet. The reason you use this is to keep track of each weapons classes value since 90 % of players use something like this when considering rebuys. Bizons are the best value in $ per bullet in the server at 21.88, the next best smg in the server right now is mp5 at 34 $ per bullet. Clearly unbalanced so my goal is to get it more even and more reasonable in terms of value per weapon rebuy. Smgs Bizon is king of smg's in GFL. Smg's in general are the best class of weapons in ze since they do a bit of everything and thus my goal is to make each SMG have a bit of a purpose in small or technical rebuying sort of ways. Right off the bat Bizon remain the cheapest rebuy option at 25 $ with the next cheapest at 27.27 $, while remaining in the middle ground of raw smg stats but with the 2nd best reload speed. MP9's in theory might have the fastest BPM but they are horrible at rebuying (small clip and they have a longer drawing animation). P90's have 60 clip mags now and with the fastest bpm of smgs they are the best to rebuy smg, but also the most expensive ones. MP7's overall similar to MP5's in raw values except Mp7's have best spraying and running accuracy of all smgs. Thus a tad more expensive. Got more details in the spreadsheet on smgs as this is the most important part of the changes. Rifles If you noticed earlier I said weapon class, rifles and smg's should be more viewed separately in terms of $ per bullet . With smg's my goal is to make most around 27-29 $ per bullet while raising the standards of non Bizon smg's to similar levels of it. Rifles clip sizes should be around 35-45 bullets per clip and with that buff rifles are likely better mid and long range than smg's (surprise). With higher base damage and range modifiers they should be slightly more expensive than smg's. They should be amazing at mid and long range like this and that's were their meta needs to be. My thought process is the weaker rifles should be 45 bullets (Famas, Galil) since they have low range modifiers and base damage, normal rifles be at 40 and scoped rifles be at 35 ammo per clip since they are more niche and best at long range. Biggest thing honestly is you could make rifles even cheaper than what I got on this sever. Shotguns Shotguns are just bad and in general need buffs everywhere, don't think anyone can 1v1 me on that. Nova being the best shotgun most likely. Snipers Scars are 250 $ more than awp but 2x better in raw dps. Needs to be more expensive. G3 is literally a worthless auto sniper compared to the Scar since the only difference between the two is the G3 has 1.6 sec longer reload time. Reason why Steam Gamers removed it. Scouts base movement speed in CSGO is 230 U/Sec IDK why this server removed it from the zmarket. It should not have faster movement than the knife like in CSS. Machine Gun Negev is the god weapon of this server I swear to lord above all if anything needs to be changed from it it needs to be some knockback nerf. Since its the cream of the crop you need to be careful nerfing it so I don't want to touch this outside of admins considering nerfing the knockback on this beast. M249 is weird to balancing since maps like Wanders V5 have it designed to be the only machine gun so in that light my goal isn't to make it equal to the Negev just closer. 100-120 clip and from 45 $ per bullet to 33 makes it not a joke weapon, just not the Negev. Again would consider a knockback buff to polarize the Negev one. These are all my suggested changes not everything is set in stone and much of it was considered for GFL's market system of a stagnate 16k money which compared to SG's means guns needs to be cheaper than what SG has to make things more viable. Admins feel free to take what you want from this just giving this community a base point for how to view adjusting clip sizes on weapons.
  18. Basically a radio that only ci and d class can pick up (ci could spawn with it) so that they can give call outs such as "let me escort you" "I'm placing a slam at gate b" and more that would often giveaway their cover or cause rdm.
  19. SCP-1370

    THREAT LEVEL: 1 SCP-1370: Brief Description: A tiny toy robot made out of scrap that considers itself a super evil villian and wants to destroy any and all sapient life but is hilariously bad at it to the point of intentionally avoiding lethal weaponry... and losing a fight with a potted plant. Stats: Health: 1000 Movement speed: Human walk speed(cannot sprint) Can pick up items: No Can use healing items: No Special: Has an infinite amount of tactical awareness, decoy, and smoke grenades. Can right click to essentially detonate a flashgrenade on himself, blinding him and everyone else around the same way a flash does. Has access to the radio and can use the intercom as well as use his mic. Text on Spawn: THOSE FOOLS HAVE LET YOU FREE TO REIGN HAVOK AND DESTRUCTION UPON THIS PUNY WORLD! DESTROY THEM ALL AND ESCAPE SO YOU CAN DESTROY MORE PEOPLE WITH YOUR ULTIMATE WEAPONS OF DOOMY DOOM!(thats 50% more doom than ordinary doom!) Ingame Description: Literally designed to be more of an annoyance than any actual threat, he still has the ability to slowly kill someone with chip damage of 5 damage per grenade hit(meaning that, unfortunately, the MTF and other players STILL have to be at least halfway aware of what hes doing at all times). Mostly just a distraction to keep attention away from more actual dangerous scps(like most other lvl 1 scps are). Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1158241463
  20. SCP-020: SCP-020 is a mold that is invisible to the naked human eye. It can spread rapidly between human hosts and modifies the person's behavior to be more social after prolonged infection. 020 hosts have been known to turn violent at near critical stages of infection, however. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: Normal Human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1295498985 Spawn: TFO spawn Gameplay Description: SCP-020 spawns along with the rest of the guards and looking identical to a normal guard. He is also not aware he is scp-020(SCPs on the scoreboard WILL see him however, and he is still considered as being on the scp team, he is just unaware of it, and so is other players who aren't on the scp team). He can use items and weapons as normal for obvious reasons. Whenever scp-020 gets near someone, they get infected by the mold. They aren't told they are infected and their role doesnt change. However, anyone else they get near also gets infected by the mold. Someone infected by scp-020 who tries to escape will count as a SCP escaping instead for terms of who ends up winning a round, instead of their normal role.(EX: infected d-class escapes, counts as a scp escaping). After 5 minutes have passed, the original 020 host 'turns' and becomes aware he is scp-020. Everyone else is also aware he is scp-020. He is still able to use items and weapons after this state, but his model changes to the one linked. You can tell if someone is infected by 020(including the original host before he changes) through either a s-nav ult(people infected would show up as scp-020-1s instead of their 'actual' role) or NVG(which would cause them to be displayed in grey when looked at). You can cure a scp-020 infection by using scp-500, or by lighting the infected person on fire in some way. The original host cannot be cured, however. Gameplay wise, scp-020 serves to cause a form of paranoia. No one would even be sure if there was a scp-020 in the round, or a 939, or some other disguised SCP even if the reduced amount of scps on the scoreboards alerted them. afterwards, people would be paranoid of each other not even sure who is infected, or even who is the original scp-020. Considering 020 wouldn't know his own role unless he discovers it in some way before he 'turns' 5 minutes in or after he turns, it would result in a rather unique mindgames quite different from a normal disguised scp or ci spy. Edit: wearing a hazmat suit would also render you immune to being infected by being near a 020 or 020-1, but won't cure your infection if you already have it.
  21. This thread is related to another suggestion of mine: Threat Level(SCP spawn mechanic changes): These scps are intended to fill out mostly threat level 1 and threat lvl 2 scp pools(as well as just being ideas to toss out there.). All of these SCPs will be on the weaker side, being similar in power level to 178-1 when 3d goggles were added to counter it(Except hopefully a bit more dangerous and a lot more fun to play). Most of these tend to be weirder scps that dont really do much in the form of special powers. Models will be added later. SCP-030 the Homunculus: Brief Description: A artificial humanoid made mostly out of clay, it has a high level of intelligence and is allowed material for its own personal experimentation. While it lacks a true regenerative ability, it is able to remold its own damaged parts back to functionality, allowing it to recover from minor injuries quickly. Research materials were limited after an incident where it managed to nearly create a new artificial form of light and energy, which would allow itself to continue to remain active even with no available light source at all. Stats: Health: 150 Movement speed: Human walking speed with no ability to sprint Can pick up items: Semi. Cannot pick up healing items, can pickup and use pistols and keycards. Special interaction with night vision goggles, s-nav ultimates, radios, and tactical awareness grenades. Can use healing items: No. Special: Starts with a home-built taser with only one shot. Tasing someone ragdolls them, effectively stunning them for a 2-4 second duration.(Basically the same behavor as the Class-E Taser, just with a different model. Still looking for one, it should look like a weird homemade device made out of bizarre materials). Is able to obtain additional ammo for his taser by consuming electronic items(Night Vision Goggles, S-nav Ultimates, Radios, Tactical Awareness Grenades). Passively heals up to 25 health after taking no damage for 4 seconds. (Example: He gets shot but ducks out of sight. After 4 seconds he heals 25 health.) Text on Spawn: You are SCP-030. The foundation are interrupting your experiments. Using a electronic device you created you can survive even without light for short periods of time and knock out humans. Escape the facility alive. Gameplay Description: Essentially a relatively slow humanoid enemy able to use pistols as well as its own special taser. Its passive health regen after taking damage allows it to keep sustaining itself by a small amount if it handles its cards right(its fixing its own deformations but it can only do so much). Main power is its access to keycards as well as its own unique taser. Like all level 1s, intentionally designed to be way less of a threat than more powerful scps(for example the threat level 5 378 or threat level 4 096) but far from being completely harmless. MIGHT be justified as a level 2, however. SCP-031 What is Love Brief Description: A giant fleshy slug monster that is able to make people view it as a previously loved or liked person. This effect only works on people who view it directly, and everyone views SCP-031 differently. It constantly leaves a trail of oil behind where it moves. Stats: Health: 500 Movement speed: human walking speed with ability to sprint. Can pick up items: No Can use healing items: No Special: Activatable ability to leave a trail of oil following behind it. Anyone who steps on the trail of oil is slowed by 30% and behaves like ice physics(sliding instead of stopping instantly when no longer moving). Anyone who looks at SCP-031 sees a random model of their own team(D-class and Chaos Insurgency see it using a random D-class model, researchers, guards, and MTF view it as using a random researcher model. Other SCPS view it as its actual model.) Able to use voice chat to speak with other players similar to 939. Can be escorted by Guards, MTF, and Chaos Insurgency. Unlike 939, anyone can walk through him(to avoid having its disguise blown too easily). Text on Spawn: You are SCP-031. You are defenseless and must rely on your natural disguise skills in order to escape. You can excrete oil in order to slow down pursuers or aid allies. Escape the facility alive either on your own or by being escorted. Gameplay Description: Outside of its oil ability(mostly intended to be a way to help it escape if its identity has been found out), scp-031 has no offensive ability on its own. It relies on convincing people that it is their ally and tagging along with them as protection as well as possible help from other scps. Health is shown as constantly being at 100% when hovered over in order to avoid the same issue that 378 disguises have. Has the same ability 939 used to have to be escorted. Outside of its inability to attack people directly, its cover can also be blown by people realizing hes appearing as a different model to everyone(a guard seeing him as a normal scientist while another sees him using the pope model). More to come when im back on my normal PC.
  22. Currently breach is very unbalanced, which everyone talks about but never suggest ways to fix it. So here is some ways I think breach could be balanced along with other things. Weapons First off, all of the guns except the pistols should have the same damage reduction as they do with scps. To make gun fights possible and melee weapons have some worth. Second, the Negev should only do 3-7 damage because it is way to overpowered at its current state. Lastly, 668 should be buffed to make it more useful. Like how pizzy suggested here: Special rounds Remove 106's funhouse. Scps Make 2845's AoE timer be 5-10 Don't allow 378 to use his base attack in a body. (His health may need to be increased along with him being able to use his mic) Make 1799's gun do 30 damage. Give 457 a special attack like the one haxray and I have mentioned in previous suggestions. Give 049 a longer reach. Only make 372's coat flicker when he is stationary (His best skill is stealth, which gets ruined with the flickering. Lower 323's reach. Let players know if they killed 079. and that's about everything I got. If you know anything else that should be fixed or disagree with anything I said let me know down below.
  23. This round is just like a normal round except three class Es spawn. The class Es are equipped with special gear and have 200 hp. The equipment they have consist of: The raygun (the damage will have to be dimmed down for balance.) A orb launcher And the taser they already have. Each classy can only have one of these along with a keycard and pistol. The reason I think this would be a fun round is because class Es added a new strategy for every class in the game. If you have any ideas or anything to add to this special round put them down below because I couldn't think of anything else to make this round more special lul.
  24. This is a suggestion that several people bounced around, but FAIK no one has ever actually posted it or shared the idea with Xy. The idea is rather simple on paper, at least, but im worried it might be convoluted on the coding angle. Instead of having a simple "random scps spawn, up to X amount of scps allowed depending on player size', there would be a max 'THREAT LEVEL' cap. Each scp has their own threat level, ranging from 1 to 5. The max threat level goes up depending on player cap, starting at 5 and going up to 10 depending on the current player count. Every round the spawns attempt to match the current allowed Threat Level cap, which results in larger amount of scps if the scps themselves are weaker, and less for stronger scps. In addition, in order to keep the element of surprise, scps would not be displayed on the scoreboard at all until encountered. This should make it so players can't instantly tell what scps are inplay simply by counting the amount of scps currently spawned. After spotting a SCP, it is forever on the scoreboard for you. This also makes communication as to what scp is in play even more important. This system is a way to get around certain SCPS inevitably being stronger than others, and a way to balance out some of the top tier SCPS by making them spawn with greatly reduced amount of teammates. This system also makes it easier to make unique scps who rely on spawning in as a giant swarm(the Pink Flamingos, for example). It also opens up more possibilities for SCPS or scps with weird/unique mechanics to play with the threat level(A scp that has a 0 threat level rating but is incredibly weak/acts weirdly, for example), as well as ways for foundation sided scps to also interact with threat levels. There IS some downsides to this system, however. Ignoring the possible coding disaster it could cause for XY to try to implement, you also need to decide what SCP deserves to be what threat level, which could be time consuming. I have a rough list in mind, but i can't post it currently due to limited time(Thanks, evening shift). There is also the chance of it commonly picking threat level 5 scps way too often leading to a lot of rounds featuring only one SCP(threat level 5 scps should be rare spawns/picks for this exact reason to counter-act this happening, but it could still be an issue), or rounds that pick only level 1 SCPs. Description of each threat level briefly: Level 1: The weakest scps, consisting of mostly humanoid-scps who behave almost exactly the same as a normal person or weak anomalies. Level 2: Scps who tend to be on the weaker side but can be dangerous/annoying in specific situations. Level 3: An 'average' scp. Not the strongest scps but better than lvl 1 and lvl2s. Level 4: Above average SCPs, these are dangerous but still not the absolute best scps. Level 5: The best scps in the game, the strongest and scariest out there. *glares at 378*
  25. Loosely based off zombie survival because I haven't played it in over a year. Everyone on this round will be a researcher (1/4 of them will spawn with a random type of pistol) except some base zombies according to the number of players. 0-10 players= 1 base zombie 10-20 players= 2 base zombies and so on and so forth. Items spawn as usuall (including scp objects) and all of the doors except gates ,which will require a level 2, will not need a keycard. The round time will be the same as normal rounds and no one can escape. The three base zombies will have the same zombie swep as 0492 but have 600 hp and infinite lives. Once a player dies by any means they will respawn as a zombie with 200 hp and have seven lives. Each time a respawned zombie (so not the base zombies) dies, three have a chance at becoming a special zombie. The special zombies are 2521, 939, and 682 all of which will have 1,200 hp and cannot respawn after dying. All of the different zombies will spawn in 008's containment chamber. The researcher's goal is to live till the round ends and the zombies goal is to kill all of the researchers.
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