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Found 152 results

  1. Go back a couple of weeks, and both GFL Fistful servers were 4 Team Shootout. They have since been changed to Free For All. I don't understand why both servers were changed, although I greatly appreciate the introduction of a different gamemode. I just wish that only one of the servers had changed. I absolutely think that the large majority of the players would prefer to have one server for 4 Team Shootout and the other for Free For All. Especially considering that most of the time, one of the servers is even empty because there's already another GFL server completely identical - meaning the other server has gone to waste. Honestly, when I first joined after they were changed to Free For All, I thought it was only one server and I was very happy to see a new gamemode, but as soon as I saw that they had both changed, I just didn't understand why. I think it's ridiculous to change both, as one of the servers is now just cancelled out. GFL has two of the exact same server. Please differentiate them.
  2. Hello. A lot of members within the community really liked the Jailbreak server and love to see it come back one day. It was a great server and lots of us had loads of fun in the server. I, personally, really loved the server and I'd love to play on it again some time soon. If you vote no, comment below your reason for doing so.
  3. SCP-204

    SCP-204 For this scp, I'm breaking down 204 into its core parts. To be added into the game, 204 needs to follow three rules: 1. It's robot-related. 2. It has to protect the player that spawned it in some way 3. it isn't meant to last for the whole round (it can die/dissapear) To safisfy these rules, SCP-204 may be added as any of these things: One of the turrets from portal: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=123279188 Spawn model will be a smaller version of the turret, without any animations when held in hand. An npc equipped win a gun that permanently follows the user until death: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=800276470&searchtext= (may harm friendlies) Non-addon options: Spawns a rollermine, manhack, or a combine soldier that can move freely Item spawn would be a tool gun. If there's no way to limit the amount of npcs spawned, these ones in particular likely won't work. SCP-204 may also be a force field grenade. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=682125090 Item spawns as a grenade. This one is probably the most balanced/fun/easiest SCP to add in, so this will be the first priority if 204 is added in.
  4. After my post of the new 64 clip p90 vs bizon and breaking it down, I decided to do a few more weapon breakdowns to compare to to Bizon. The Bizon for one, is in the SMG class along with the 40 clip MP9 and then comparing both to a weapon a in the rifle class in whats likely the best in its class, the AK 47. Most my info is gathered from the famous csgo weapon spreadsheet found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11tDzUNBq9zIX6_9Rel__fdAUezAQzSnh5AVYzCP060c/edit?usp=sharing Thanks to @Vauff for helping me out by lending me the gfl server damage and knockback numbers for ze. Bizon vs MP9//AK 47 breakdown Basic stat comparisons. BPM BPM calculated with reloading Bizon: ~509 BPM ~4.5 % faster than MP9 BPM, 36.5 % more than AK MP9: ~487 BPM AK 47: ~373 BPM Reloads: Bizon: 2.43 seconds MP9: 2.13 seconds Fastest reload of any primary automatic weapons. AK and mp9 tied for second. AK 47: 2.43 seconds Draw times ** Time it takes to draw the weapon (from rebuys or switching your items) Bizon: 1.1 seconds MP9: 1.2 seconds AK 47: 1.0 seconds Max Speed: Bizon: 240 240 best possible speed for weapons draw. Max speed is 250 MP9: 240 AK 47: 215 Damage values Raw (Base) Damage Bizon: 27 MP9: 26 AK 47: 36 +1 more damage than Negev/UMP. GFL has implemented a damage and knockback modifier for all weapons in ze that should be calculated that I just recently got to dive into. Showing old and new damage numbers. (both damage and knockback share same numbers) Bizon: 1.0x ////27 MP9: 0.8x ////26 (20.8‬) Lowest base damage of SMG class if you include GFL damage modifiers. By a fair margin. AK 47: 1.2x ////36 (43.2‬) Highest base damage of automatic primaries with these settings. P90: 1.0x ////26 Multiplier ////Base damage (damage after multiplier) Range modifier (damage drop off over distance *units) Bizon: 0.80 MP9: 0.87 AK 47: 0.98 Damage falloff is basically nothing before 150 feet. Damage per Minute estimates (including reloading in calculations) at different ranges. ~~~ if every shot lands in torso for a whole minute how much damage the weapon can do in gfl zombie escape with damage modifier calculations ~~~ Bizon: ~12,715 DPM ~79% of AK ~10,986 DPM ~70% of AK MP9: ~9,736 DPM~76.5% of Bizon ~8,763 DPM ~80% of Bizon AK 47: ~16,050 DPM ~15,677 DPM [email protected] units 2.54m 7.5 feet///[email protected] units 12.7m~41 feet (point blank) Sprays Patterns: Very unintuitive spray pattern that is easier to control the last 45 or so bullets than first 15. Either fast taps/small bursts or full sprays with this gun. had to make a new gif over original pic which made a hilarious mistake Pretty simple spray pattern who's only problem is how fast it fires, so you have to be very fast in controlling the spray past bullet 9-10, and the recoil punch as well. Great burst on 3-10 bullets. First 10 bullets are literally a straight line. Amazingly accurate and reliable 1-3 bullet taps and 10 burst sprays, after that is gets very back and forth. Have to be very skill with this weapon to spray from bullets 12-40 from anything mid range and longer. Accuracy stats ~~~there is a ton of stats on this so I will focus on main ones. Recoil: Backwards momentum of the gun when it fires bullets. Bigger number means worse recoil. Spread: Additional inaccuracy calculated per bullet. Standing accuracy: Basically how accurate first shot is standing still. Max Standing fire inaccuracy: How accurate your worst shot is mid spray while standing. Running Accuracy: How accurate first shot is while running and standing up. Recoil//Spread//Standing Accuracy //Max Standing fire inaccuracy//Running Accuracy Bizon: 18 //1.00 //15.00(worst for smg)//18.88 //42.57 MP9: 19 //0.60 //9.60 (rifle like acc) //13.86 //38.64 AK 47: 30 //0.60 //7.01 //20.55 //182.07 (Don't run and shoot with AK please) Best: Bizon//Tied //AK // MP9 //MP9 Tapping stats ~~~tapping/bursting is best way to fire at mid-long/long ranges with automatics. RecoveryTimeStand: Time it takes after firing while standing to reset accuracy completely Tap Interval (secs)//RecoveryTimeStand (in seconds) Bizon: 0.170 ~0.3316 MP9: 0.170 ~0.2580 AK 47: 0.250 ~0.3680 Best tapping stats: MP9 Rebuying Segment Cost of Bizon: 1,400 $ (cmon admins!) Max Rebuys (11) Cost of MP9: 1,250 $ (12) Cost of AK47: 2,500 $ (6) Total amount of bullets possible with max rebuys Max bullets//Total time "rebuying"//Estimated Bullets per minute // $ Paid per bullet Bizon: 704 //68.42 seconds //~617 BPM~about 3 % faster //$21.88‬ per bullet Literally almost cheaper per bullet than the 400 $ glock. $ wise value is best in GFL. MP9: 480 //48‬ seconds //600‬ BPM //$31.25‬ per bullet AK 47: 240 //30 seconds // 480 BPM //$62.50 per bullet Conclusion(s): Bizon -At even mid range this weapon compared to even a 80 % mp9 has similar damage to get an idea of its damage and range problems. But this weapon is made for close combat which suits it well for its 240 mobility and being in the SMG class. -Outside of any range or burst tapping this thing is the clear choice over most SMG's regardless besides maybe the P90. Its raw DPM at shotgun range,BPM, cost per $,and its style of consistent firing and low reload speed make it a top tier weapon so long as you get in zombies faces. -Speaking of this guns style, it suits itself so perfectly if you think about it. It's a SMG that has a large clip that fires at average rate for constantly tagging zombies, quick reload for fewer gaps for zombies to punish you with,range is bad but with smgs and this being ZE the range shouldn't matter, then you have the spray pattern which is actually easier to control the longer you hold fire, from bullets 20-64 , which again fits the Bizon's role as you wanna be spraying in zombies faces at close range. -I would say this is a consistent firing weapon compared to the burst style of say a P90 or even a Negev. Always viable MP9 -MP9 with 80% of its base damage and knockback makes this weapon at point blank range the worst dps of all smgs %, even worse than mp7 with 50 bullets with its 0.9x modifier. However, its accuracy stats are across the board one of the best in the SMG class, and its BPM is on par with 64 clip P90 and Bizon numbers. This gun gets value over other smgs with its BPM and fast fire rate along with its strengths of very good burst sprays with its straight down spray pattern for its first 10 bullets. This weapon is best range smg overall. ~I personally would value this slightly above the mp7,mp5 and ump for its BPM,quick reloads, and accuracy/ranged abilities. (Also those 3 smgs have 0.9x modifiers on them as well doesn't help. Semi viable, niche. AK -AK is the new Negev in terms of raw DPS in long stationary holds (16k DPM vs Negev's old 18k DPM), course its BPM is about 70 % of Negevs (373 vs 531 BPM). This gun has the punch of a negev with a little bit more options of mobility at the cost of being sorta sup bar in Bullet based boss fights (373 BPM is like 26 % less than bizons 509 BPM). -This gun is a beast with all its good forms of firing at range which the Negev actually lacks. Tapping and 3-10 bullet bursts are horrible on Negev compared to the AK. So holding zombies in corners/walls with 1 tapping/bursts is actually underrated. -Gun does have low move speed (215 vs 230-240 of most smgs) and horrible accuracy stats on the run and jumping. -Weak vs bullet registering bosses compared to even the mp7. Flip side is its great versus damage based bosses. Rebuying with AK could get like 10k Damage in 30 seconds, if the damage modifier works on bosses at least Very viable weapon. Problems in mobility compared to SMG's/Pistol's, but High Damage output with several very good forms of shooting. (Spray at close range, tapping for headshots,tapping/bursting at mid-long ranges. ) Post any questions or thoughts you got on this subject. Thanks for suffering through this! Stop playing diddle plz

    Ok guys so I've seen all these other servers make these cool events that bring a ton of people on the server, so I was thinking, why don't we do one? I really think it would help our server, and maybe fill it for once. Breach was packed during the Christmas season with the "event" that happened, and that was just the managers adding a ton of skins. This thread is gonna be used as a suggestion for what we could do, or how those things could be accomplished, basically we're making an idea to present to the server managers for them to create. This is semi-serious, so if you're here to just fuck around then... IDK leave or something Thanks, I'm looking forward to see what we could do
  6. Introduction Hi, I'm back on here today and wanted to voice my opinions on having perhaps another server to host another gamemode or otherwise using one of the two existing servers to host another gamemode. As some might know already, especially if you play in Europe, there are six other gamemodes besides free-for-all shootout and team shootout that you can play; Teamplay; Break Bad; Grand Elimination; Team Elimination; Versus and Course Mode. Out of those gamemodes, I personally propose on having a Teamplay, maybe a Team Elimination or even a Break Bad server but I will talk about all of the other gamemodes. Just to see what you think of them, if you've not played them before or if you don't remember playing them as many of you have most likely only played shootout. Just to break things down • Teamplay is basically a team based gamemode, it's a 2-team gamemode and the gamemode has its own maps to play on. Depending on the maps played, you as a team need to complete the objective before the enemy can or you need to take their ground to win. There are many fun maps which play gametypes such as king-of-the-kill, payload, tug-o-war and even a TF2 arena style map. Depending on some maps, there are class based loadouts while others let you buy weapons. On Titty Twister's servers, every map allows you to buy weapons of your choice. • Break Bad is basically a twist on 4-team Shootout where you have to get the most money as you can as a team, the team with the most money wins. You are disarmed when you spawn but when the disarm timer is up or if you buy a weapon, you can start killing people. An extra twist is that you're not allowed to attack disarmed enemies as this makes you lose money, if you lose all of your money from attacking a disarmed enemy then you get jailed for a certain amount of time which strips you of your weapons and prohibits you from buying guns until the jail time is over. The chests are replaced by buyzones which allow you to buy weapons at a discounted price but there are also other ways of making more money like whiskey zones, bounties and all sorts. • Grand Elimination is basically a free-for-all battle royale type of gamemode, you have to reach a zone and stay alive for as long as possible. The player who survives the longest wins. • Team Elimination which is 2-team gamemode, you play on shootout maps like you do in a normal shootout or in break bad but you spawn in different areas and need to stay alive but you also need to kill every enemy once. One of the twists of this gamemode is that you can respawn after being killed but this is to protect any of your teammates who haven't died yet in the round or to kill any enemies who haven't died yet without taking too many risks knowing you've already technically been eliminated from the round. The chests also spawn in Team Elimination which can be used to buy higher tier weapons to help give you a higher chance of staying alive. • Versus is a 1v1 gamemode and the majority of the servers are ranked. You're placed in different arenas with different players and with different weapons, both players in an arena are given the same weapon(s) for the most part. It's basically a duel gamemode which can be quite useful for practising with different weapons. • Course Mode is a teamwork based gamemode where players have to complete courses together while fighting off NPC enemies. There are even some maps designed exclusively for this gamemode because there were courses made for them. Players can also vote if they want to try a course again if they fail or if they want to play another map, players can also vote to play the next course when the current course has been completed. At the moment, there is only one dedicated Teamplay server in Europe currently, Titty Twister. There are a few other ranked Teamplay servers in Europe and a North American server but they are all barely played on, I also know that there is an Australian server but I can't speak for them because there is a ping limit for ranked, which is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to hosting a server while endorsing the global rank system. From the time of writing and note that I excluded any password protected servers, there are currently four Break Bad servers (3 from Europe, 1 from China), no Grand Elimination servers, three Team Elimination servers (2 from Europe, 1 from China), two Versus servers (both from Europe) and three Course Mode servers (all from Europe). I'm not sure if the popularity of a server has a massive factor regarding making a new server, but I do know that Break Bad was historically a popular gamemode back in 2015-2016 and the two GFL servers are currently some of the most popular servers - and have been since they were hosted almost 2 years ago! Regarding the ping restriction from what I can tell you, the ping limit is 200 from what I know and with the server most likely being based in North America East/Central like the two existing 4-team Shootout servers, it may mean that certain regions and countries part of a region could be excluded from playing. I don't know if this can be worked around because of how GFL's server network is set up (with multiple connection points set up from around the world) but I know that from the UK, I get a ping of 150 connecting to North American East and Central servers a lot of the time. As far as I know, that might affect a chunk of Europe, especially the Eastern part of the region including the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region. It may more than likely also affect the Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia and to some extent, Oceania. If there is a possibility of the server being located in Europe however it will almost certainly guarantee that everyone from Europe, the CIS and North America can play, quite possibly the Middle East and Africa for the most part but it may almost completely exclude South America and Oceania. If you'd like to know about my personal opinion on the global rank system at the moment, I personally dislike it because it gives no very little incentive to do the objective in Teamplay. You basically drain points from one another so you get the same exact points from a kill that the person you killed loses, so as a result no new points are ever generated. Due to the nature of this system, you don't earn any points for doing the objectives but you do get additional points for killing enemies on the offence or from defensive kills. From playing on the Titty Twister teamplay server, a lot of people camp with sharps rifles or the less powerful carbines because it's the easiest way not to die and a lot of players are afraid of losing lots of points from one death, considering that you get a harsh point deduction as a highly ranked player if you die to a very low ranked player - especially if you get killed by a bow or a very cheaply priced weapon. From playing TF2, CS:S and CS:GO in the past on servers using HLStatsX like the current GFL servers are using, it might be possible to bring more incentive to players for doing objectives through that system if it's possible. I could personally vouch for having an unranked server but using HLStatsX as a ranking system if it means that it'll make Teamplay better. On the other hand, I think that it's fine for ranked Versus and Shootout because you only need to kill people and in Shootout you have to build up a high notoriety and build up big killstreaks to steamroll games but for Teamplay it's definitely not the best system in my opinion. I'm also not a fan of the ping limit either as it does restrict who can play obviously, there's also a speed penalty that gets applied if you have a dodgy internet connection or if your ping is quite high in general which is kinda bollocks. I personally cannot voice any opinions on ranked Grand Elimination because only two people are on the global rank scoreboard for it and neither of those two are me... Nonetheless I hope that it doesn't throw you off the idea of hosting a ranked server in the future too much, if anything, it's nice to have your say on things sometimes. Comparison of the gamemodes This big section basically weighs up the pros and cons of hosting these gamemodes on a server, some of them are probably really good for some while some might be really detrimental for others but it's just down to your opinion. The comparisons are just how the gamemodes work in general but they can also be applied to how they are played compared to a standard game of shootout. Teamplay + Can be played with global ranks on or unranked (which HLStatsX can make good use out of if you still want ranks but not global ranks. It would also work perfectly if it's possible to give players incentives for capturing or defending objectives but also winning and losing rounds - which the global rank system doesn't utilize much of). + Very competitive gamemode + Allows for a more teamwork oriented game, lets you work as a team to complete objectives. + Creates more opportunities for you and your team to make complex strategies that can be used to help you win games. + Contains a flurry of completely new maps which can't be played in Shootout and comes with various gametypes for each map. + Configs can be heavily modified for each map which can alter what factions are used on each map. It's also possible to modify the config to allow the map to run class based loadouts or the traditional buy system, you can also adjust prices on select weapons like dynamite, the Sharps and the Walker to help balance out maps better. ~ Depending on how everyone plays the game, it can be played at either quite a fast pace like in shootout or can be played at a much slower pace. - Global rank servers are restricted on what plugins are allowed to be used. - Global rank servers are also restricted on restrict who can play on the server depending on their ping to the server, I believe that players with a ping of 200 or higher are kicked from the server. Break Bad + Casual gamemode + Plays almost exactly like 4-team Shootout but the team with the most money wins. + Can be played on classic maps, already used on the two 4-team Shootout servers. + Players are able to buy/upgrade weapons at a discounted price from weapon chests. + This gamemode gives players more incentive to score higher by completing small objectives that come up. - Slower pace of gamemode to Shootout. This is mainly due to the nature of the disarming system. - No global rank support, I can't imagine it being useful in this gamemode either as it's such a casual one. Grand Elimination + Can be played with global ranks on or unranked (which HLStatsX can make good use out of if you still want ranks but not global ranks. It would also work perfectly if it's possible to give players incentives for surviving but also winning rounds - which the global rank system doesn't utilize much of). + Very competitive gamemode + Creates more opportunities for you to make complex strategies that can be used to help you win games. + Very fast pace of gameplay. ~ While this gamemode runs on shootout maps, not every map supports this gamemode. - Very little information available on global ranks, as only one round has ever been played as far as I know. - Global rank servers are restricted on what plugins are allowed to be used. - Global rank servers are also restricted on restrict who can play on the server depending on their ping to the server, I believe that players with a ping of 200 or higher are kicked from the server. Team Elimination + Competitive gamemode + Allows for a more teamwork oriented game, lets you work as a team to complete objectives and creates more opportunities for complex strategies that can be used to help you win games. + Can be played on classic maps, already used on the two 4-team Shootout servers. + Configs can be modified for each map which can alter what factions are used on each map. Although it's possible to alter the factions, it will still show at the end of the round whether the Desperados or Vigilantes won (or what faction is posing at them). There was a workaround for it but I personally don't know how to do it. - Slower pace of gamemode to Shootout. - Very infrequently played, unless used for tournaments (but personally I'd love for this gamemode to be played more often and experimented with). - No global rank support from what I know. Versus + Supports global ranks - the global rank system also seems to work perfectly for this gamemode since it only rewards points for kills and deducts points for dying. + Competitive gamemode + While the map is the same, the map is set up with multiple arenas which players can play against eachother in. + A decent gamemode to train your individual skill and make you more proficient with different weapons. - There are only three maps available for this gamemode. - Only supports duels and due to the limited space of each map, may mean that the server can only support a small amount of players at a time. - Global rank servers are restricted on what plugins are allowed to be used. - Global rank servers are also restricted on restrict who can play on the server depending on their ping to the server, I believe that players with a ping of 200 or higher are kicked from the server. Course Mode + Casual gamemode + A fun gamemode to relax with and have fun with mates. + Large variety of courses to play, including cart pushing, standoffs and survival courses. - Some of the courses can be very difficult with a small amount of players, nor can you have too many as it makes maps too easy. Outro That's all of the gamemodes summed up, let me know what you think! I hope that it's possible for another FoF server to be made with a different gamemode besides Shootout or Team Shootout. As I said, I personally propose for a Teamplay server to be added, preferably ranked since it would be awesome to have an international ranked teamplay server. I can however understand if that can't be done for whatever reason, funding, resources, etc. I can also confess that I partially made this proposition because I made a teamplay map which was granted ranked support, Dropdown, which you can download here (and I hope more people all around the world outside of Europe get to enjoy it to be honest). I quite also like the idea of potentially reviving Team Elimination and Break Bad but I'm not sure what everyone's vision is regarding those two. If anything, I assume that another US, potentially worldwide Teamplay server, will most likely be on the cards if this suggestion does come to play. Thank you for reading and especially thank you if you managed to read through the entire post as it took a lot of time for me to write this. Hopefully nothing has been missed out but if there's any questions or anything based off of this suggestion, just give me an ask and I'll try to elaborate on my ideas a bit more specifically for you :)
  7. Opposite Day is a pretty fun round. By switching all the TRO that spawn at the beginning of the round to CI, it basically swaps the roles of researchers and D class. However, I feel like there are a few additions and changes that need to be made here and there to make it truly feel like an "opposite day". Here are some changes that I believe must be made: Add a Chaos Insurgency Commander. Probably one of the bad things about the round is that since most of the CI spawns with only level 3 keycards, they have to run around first for a level 4 keycard if they want to help any of the D class to escape. Add some of the special TRO roles to the CI team. This includes the TRO Medic and the Pyro. This wouldn't be as urgent or game-changing per se, but it would be nice to have to keep consistency. Replace Dr. Maynard with a "MTF Insurgent" for the Researchers. This would basically function as Dr. Maynard, but would spawn with the D class and side with the MTF team. I believe this would suit the special round since researchers tend to "get the short end of the stick" because one of them could actually be a CI waiting to kill them. Swap the NTF roles during the round. This would mean that special roles such as Nu-7 or Tau-5 would now be on the CI team. The chances for NTF and CI spawning would be also be reversed, making the CI much more common than MTF. This would make the regular NTF serve as more of the "spy" role. Omega-9 and Serpent's Hand would be unaffected by this. While I would have suggested other things such as a MTF Spy that spawns with the CI, or a version of SCP-999 that teams with SCPs instead of humans, some of these ideas have already been added to the Trello, so there was no need to suggest them already. I may have also suggested some of these here on the Discord, but I do believe it still should be mentioned here for consistency.
  8. Another semi-joke suggestion that can go two ways. Brief Description: Mr.Fish is one of the little misters made by wondertainment. He is a man with a fish head for a head. That is all. He cannot breath underwater or talk to fish or any of the sort. He just has a fish head. Suggestion 1(The more 'fun/silly' one): Team: SCP Team Stats: 100 health Normal human walk and sprint speed Can use items and weapons same as a normal person Spawns with nothing Gameplay Description: Effectively a normal dude who happens to be on the SCP team. And has a fish head. As for actual benefits for gameplay, provides SCPs another way around opening gates, and a dude with a gun is still a dude with a gun and fairly dangerous in their own right.(Especially if they're working with the other scps). Basically old SCP-035 but without the complicated teaming rules and less health. And not spawning with any items.(Maybe he could spawn with items I guess). Edit: Plus hes the only scp, outside of a lucky serpent hand spawn or a scp-1471/689 god tier teleport, who could access and disable the nuke if the door is closed. Suggestion 2: A pointshop player model for D-class. The workshop addon with the model for SCP-527 features a d-class skin. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124162421&searchtext=SCP
  9. Hello, I am suggesting that the GMod division adds the Guess Who game mode to the servers. Guess Who is a gamemode where there are lots of NPCs spawned into a map, but some of the NPCs are actually players on the "Hider" team. There are also the "Seekers" who watch all of the NPCs to see if they are behaving unusually, and if they find one then they can kill them. Like prop hunt, if they hit a NPC that is not a player then they lose health. The goal of the Hiders is to survive until the time runs out, and the goal of the Seekers is to kill all of the Hiders. NOTE: No matter how much support this gets, it is not definite that the gamemode will be added. This is just a suggestion.
  10. hey guys i wanna know what SCPs you want on SCP containment breach 2 if developer make SCP : CB 2 i want SCPs on SCP : CB 2 is a : SCPs Creatures SCP-040 - Evolution's Child SCP-053 - Young Girl SCP-054 - Water Nymph SCP-070 - Iron Wings SCP-073 - "Cain" SCP-076 - "Able" SCP-085 - Hand-drawn ''Cassy'' SCP-030 - The Homunculus SCP-105 - "Iris" SCP-111 - Dragon-Snails™ SCP-134 - Star-Eyed Child SCP-191 - Cyborg Child SCP-208 - "Bes" SCP-239 - The Witch Child SCP-237 - Self-Made Man SCP-317 - Cretaceous Physicist SCP-334 - Stellar Vulpine SCP-336 - "Lilith" SCP-346 - "Pterry" the Pterodactyl SCP-347 - The Invisible Woman SCP-408 - Illusory Butterflies SCP-422 - Patchwork Beast SCP-527 - Mr. Fish SCP-529 - Josie the Half-Cat SCP-187 - Double Vision SCP-179 - Sauelsuesor SCP-747 - Children and Dolls SCP-805 - Poison Wood Foal SCP-808 - The Mechanical Choir SCP-811 - Swamp Woman SCP-899 - Lost Children SCP-912 - Autonomous SWAT Armor SCP-953 - Polymorphic Humanoid SCP-956 - The Child-Breaker SCP-963 - Immortality SCP-131 - The "Eye Pods" SCP-999 - The Tickle Monster SCP-1000 - Bigfoot SCP-017 - Shadow Person SCP-1005 - The Painted Man SCP-753 - Automatic Artist SCP-1054 - The 'Garden' Gnome SCP-126 - Invisible Friend SCP-166 - Teenage Succubus SCP-1111 - The White Dog SCP-1154 - Conceptual Dragon SCP-1156 - Wellington the Wonder Horse SCP-1166 - Perfect Lab Specimen SCP-1167 - Disembodied Robot Head SCP-1316 - Lucy the Kitten Feline Espionage Device SCP-1471 - MalO ver1.0.0 SCP-1530 - A Bender's Friends SCP-1338 - Child of Trees SCP-1802 - "Skip" SCP-492 - Animated Cloth Dummy SCP-507 - Reluctant Dimension Hopper SCP-1867 - A Gentleman SCP-1903 - Jackie's Secret SCP-1619 - Site-45-C: Floor 24 SCP-1913 - The Furies SCP-2019 - Gelatinous Brain Cube SCP-2014 - Zsar Magoth SCP-2045 - Ambulatory Molasses Generator SCP-2050 - Sciurine Crusaders SCP-2053 - Paternal Rubik's Cube SCP-2085 - The Black Rabbit Company SCP-2089 - /john/ SCP-2091 - A Bear and His Granddaughter SCP-2101 - The Imperial Army SCP-277 - Chalkland SCP-2115 - Meet Other People SCP-2118 - The Lost Child SCP-2192 - "Milaya," the Atomic Child SCP-2241 - Cameron The Crusader SCP-2255 - The Most Interesting Rainstorm in the World SCP-2256 - Very Tall Things SCP-2258 - The Great Escape SCP-2281 - Backseat Driver SCP-2295 - The Bear with a Heart of Patchwork SCP-2300 - Periodic Golems SCP-2331 - SCRAVECROW SCP-2332 - Thought Messenger SCP-2337 - "Dr. Spanko" SCP-2338 - An Unorthodox Adoption SCP-2339 - Bumblebee Philharmonic Orchestra SCP-1281 - The Harbinger SCP-1991 - Cybernetically Enhanced Mammalian SCP-1793 - A Happy Bunny SCP-2404 - Enki & Enki SCP-2417 - Gods, the Universes, and Origami SCP-1765 - Sisters SCP-231 - Special Personnel Requirements SCP-284 - The Twins SCP-590 - He Feels Your Pain SCP-321 - Child of Man SCP-2506 - Niles is a Fixer SCP-2598 - Traveling Moth Salesman SCP-2599 - Not Good Enough SCP-387 - Living Lego SCP-2662 - cthulhu f'UCK OFF! SCP-2721 - Eli and Lyris SCP-2820 - Vaishnavastra SCP-2829 - Liposlugtion SCP-2845 - THE DEER SCP-2317 - A Door to Another World SCP-2902 - The Human Skeleton Closet (and his cat) SCP-2999 - The Black Cat and the White Rabbit SCP-160 - Predator Drone SCP-168 - Sentient Calculator SCP-203 - Tortured Iron Soul SCP-204 - The Protector SCP-200 - Chrysalis SCP-3000 - Ananteshesha SCP-3002 - Attempts to Assassinate Thought SCP-4000 - Taboo SCP-2792 - Sarah Snow Rabbit SCP-2909 - The Kind Of Neverland One Never Wishes For SCP-3473 - The Son of the Sun SCP-3082 - Neverland's Lost Boys and Girls SCP-3530 - Shooting Star School SCP-3677 - Paradix High School: Paradise for the Paranormal SCP-4818 - I Need A Hero SCP-2800 - Cactusman SCP-3883 - Dildos Have Dreams Too SCP-1370 - Pesterbot SCP-2579 - Grail's Dancing Bears SCP-2895 - Stingy SCP-2547 - Dog Days Of Summer SCP-2863 - がしゃどくろ SCP-2744 - てるてるネコちゃん SCP-1845 - Animal Kingdom SCP-2292 - Gorilla beringei necromantiae SCP-2368 - Across the Water SCP-1902 - Amnesiac Deity of the Wastes SCP-1284 - The Moon's Child Bride SCP-4166 - (Former) Teenage Succubus SCPs Object SCP-006 - Fountain of Youth SCP-016 - Sentient Micro-Organism SCP-018 - Super Ball SCP-037 - Dwarf Star SCP-038 - The Everything Tree SCP-044 - World War II Era Molecular-Fission Cannon SCP-047 - Microbial Mutagen SCP-052 - Time-Traveling Train SCP-059 - Radioactive Mineral SCP-063 - "The World's Best TothBrush" SCP-067 - The Artist's Pen SCP-117 - Complete Multitool SCP-123 - Contained Miniature Black Hole SCP-124 - Fertile Soil SCP-127 - The Living Gun SCP-140 - An Incomplete Chronicle SCP-151 - The Painting SCP-184 - The Architect SCP-201 - The Empty World SCP-214 - Hemotopian Virus SCP-216 - The Safe SCP-217 - The Clockwork Virus SCP-232 - Jack Proton's Atomic Zapper SCP-243 - Animation SCP-244 - Ice Fog Jar SCP-248 - 110% SCP-261 - Pan-Dimensional Vending SCP-300 - "A World in a Bottle" SCP-322 - "Grow Your Own Castle" Kit SCP-674 - The Exposition Gun SCP-662 - Butler's Hand Bell SCP-698 - Judgmental Turtle SCP-458 - The Never-Ending Pizza Box SCP-1990 - Mediocre Wish Granter Anderson Robotic SCP-5128 - The Source SCP-4218 - www.alexylvauniversity.███ SCP-3483 - The AI Who Loved Me SCP-5560 - Corvus Series Pocket Prophet SCP-2906 - & SCP-4725 - The Insurgency's Solution SCP-4760 - An Eye for an Eye SCP-3613 - Things You People Wouldn't Believe SCP-3860 - The Falcon's Landing SCP-2873 - Another Human Weapon SCP-2806 - We Have the Technology SCP-3960 - Best Friends Forever SCP-3560 - All Robots go to Limbo SCP-2522 - hatbot.aic SCP-2306 - Revenant AI SCP-2987 - Invictus SCP-4011 - History is Written by the Victors SCP-1360 - PSHUD #31 Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting SCP-1834 SCP-1860 SCP-1884 SCP-1956 SCP-2094 SCP-2210 SCP-2902 SCP-2912 SCP-3036 SCP-3245 SCP-4114 SCP-4409 SCP-5335 SCP-5500 SCP-1695 SCP-190 SCP-1921 SCP-1931 SCP-2024 SCP-3077 SCP-3329 SCP-3440 SCP-3717 SCP-3718 SCP-3886 SCP-4292 SCP-4459 SCP-4743 SCP-5555 The Church of the Broken God SCP-4561 SCP-ES-029 SCP-4568 SCP-3826 SCP-1037 SCP-5128 SCP-5317 SCP-4060 SCP-3503 SCP-4565 SCP-5231 SCP-5225 SCP-271 SCP-3391 SCP-3341 SCP-3859 SCP-4558 SCP-3777 SCP-4223 SCP-2688 SCP-1917 SCP-5008 SCP-813 SCP-2783 SCP-2919 SCP-4612 SCP-2005 SCP-3882 SCP-4017 SCP-4882 SCP-4688 SCP-2342 SCP-3179 SCP-3444 SCP-3434 SCP-2105 SCP-2847 SCP-3221 SCP-3813 SCP-4547 SCP-2309 SCP-2307 SCP-1461 SCP-2844 SCP-4485 SCP-475 SCP-808 SCP-2474 SCP-1564 SCP-3477 SCP-4800 SCP-1139 SCP-3856 SCP-2360 SCP-2522 SCP-2660 SCP-2481 SCP-3989 SCP-5555 SCP-404-J SCP-629 SCP-2406 SCP-4100 SCP-2217 SCP-217 TwistedGears-Kaktus Proposal SCP-882 SCP-5000 Doctor Wondertainment CODE NAME: Jim North - A Simple Toymaker SCP-009-J SCP-1007 SCP-1068 SCP-1079 SCP-1103 SCP-111 SCP-1194 SCP-1224 SCP-1373 SCP-1508 SCP-1544 SCP-1550 SCP-1553 SCP-1564 SCP-1642 SCP-1696 SCP-1799 SCP-1842 SCP-1908 SCP-1916 SCP-1938 SCP-1997 SCP-2057 SCP-2148 SCP-2201 SCP-2210 SCP-2228 SCP-2284 SCP-2287 SCP-2356 SCP-2396 SCP-2428 SCP-2445 SCP-2514 SCP-2757 SCP-2795 SCP-2855 SCP-2923 SCP-2933 SCP-2983 SCP-2991 SCP-3147 SCP-3301 SCP-3537 SCP-3551 SCP-3585 SCP-3871 SCP-3879 SCP-3938 SCP-3992 SCP-4046 SCP-4110 SCP-4118 SCP-4139 SCP-4225 SCP-4390 SCP-445 SCP-445-EX SCP-4468 SCP-4493 SCP-4640 SCP-4714 SCP-4745 SCP-4876 SCP-4890 SCP-4949 SCP-4982 SCP-5128 SCP-527 SCP-549 SCP-5500 SCP-5555 SCP-591 SCP-609 SCP-629 SCP-644 SCP-846 SCP-905 SCP-909 SCP-913 SCP-917 SCP-920 SCP-949 SCP-958 SCP-PU1P-J SCP-V1L3-J SCPs Country SCP-020-JP SCP-054-FR SCP-096-FR SCP-288-FR SCP-1019-JP SCP-CN-305 SCP-CN-382 SCP-CN-556 SCP-CN-049 what do you think guys what SCPs you want on game?
  11. i just have a idea of a command (or in !menu) that allows the person to customise what weapons he will spawn whit (just to mtf because in Omega-9 should be not editable) what i try to say is that you just want to spawn whit P90 and you just put !(command) and select it and then when you spawn you will spawn whit that weapon (or maybe you can do 2 weapon and get it ramdom) i dont think you understand me but i hope you do
  12. It is now time for SCPS 801-900! This was relatively easy to do this time around, I knew what I was going to choose for enemy SCP and SCP Item, but without further ado let's begin! Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-811: Health:1,000-1,500 Attack:45%+decaying damage (acts like bleeding but has differences) Speed:Fast (almost the speed of a human or faster) Description: SCP-811 is a swamp woman that has this green mucus that, when organic matter makes contact, will rapidly decay and SCP-811 can absorb the decayed matter for nutrients. SCP-811 will do 45% damage, and whenever it hits someone, it will start doing decaying damage (it will be a little bit faster than bleeding damage) that can only be stopped by SCP-500. If someone dies to the decaying damage SCP-811 will heal 60-100% health. It was a pretty easy SCP to make an idea for, and I don't think I can improve it any more other than the healing mechanic. (This is uh.. the best image I could find that wasn't riske at all. I was trying to find a photo that looked good and wasn't riske at all and this is what I found, let me know if the main interpretation of SCP-811 is good enough to be an image for this post and I will change it) Playable Friendly/Army SCP: SCP-846: Health:125-175 Attack:Has multiple weapons: a Flamethrower (Fire damage), pistol (around 12-20%), Rocket Launcher (50-75%), Acid (acts like bleeding damage), (I can't think of a good way to use the bug spray), Ray gun (acts like TAU-5 guns) and Atomic gernade (could act like saturnalia device or will do more damage than a high explosive gernade, it can be used more than once) Speed:Fast (Human Speed) Description: SCP-846 is "robo dude" that has multiple weapons to help others out. He will either be in the researcher or TRO class rarely spawning in light containment zone or with TRO in entrance zone. It will have multiple weapons at his disposal but he can't pick up items, his weapons also act like a level 3 keycard like scrubs use their guns like a level 4 keycard. It has a flamethrower,pistol,rocket launcher,acid,ray gun,and an atomic gernade (go to the attack stats for more details). It will be neutral to D class personnel but enemies to SCPS. SCP Item: SCP-871: Description: SCP-871 is a cake that duplicates after being eaten by a human after a while, if anything other than a human eats it it almost immedietly reappears. SCP-871 will spawn in the cafeteria like the pizza (let me know if it's an SCP), and the gift from dad SCP. If it's eaten by D class personnel,TRO,scrubs,researchers,etc. After 30 seconds to a minute. It will reappear in the cafeteria like the pizza, it will heal people to 100% health but can be eaten even if you're at full health. If it's eaten by an SCP, in 3-15 seconds it will respawn, so basically, cake party for SCPS 😆 Joke SCP: SCP-805: Health:1,250-1,750 Attack:34-50% (potentially poison damage too) Speed:Very Fast (Faster than humans, probably as fast as able and john cena) Description: SCP-805 is a Poison Wood Foul that, whenever in contact with humans, will cause them to slowly turn into wood like SCP-805. SCP-805, since it's a horse, will naturally be faster than normal humans, when it hits someone, it could cause poison damage, and when they die to it's attacks or the poison, the corpse will turn into a wood human, like how the SCP-2845 turns the corpses to metallic hydrogen. The poison can be healed by either a med-kit or SCP-500. And that is all of them! This was very easy to do this time around, especially for the item and enemy SCP. I hope you like these suggestions! Stay tuned for tomorrow where it will be the finale of Part 1 of new suggestions: SCPS 901-1,000 and give myself a break/some time to determine which ideas i should focus more on and which ones I should drop/get ready for Part 2.
  13. How about a CS:GO Server for the Prop-Hunt gamemode? I think that would be a lot of fun, I certainly would love to play! Considering GFL already has a GMOD Prop-Hunt server that does pretty well, I think a CS:GO Prop-Hunt server would also do quite well since the game is also free - it could attract a lot of players! Thoughts?
  14. Here we are.. the finale of the wave 1 of suggestions. The Joke SCP is probably the biggest and funniest out of all the Joke SCPS I've done, all the other ones are pretty good as well though! And before we begin, SCP-1,000 isn't on this post, the reason is because I don't think it's unique enough to be in breach. Without further ado, let's begin. Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-929: Health:1,000-1,450 Attack:50-100% Speed:Fast (a little slower than normal humans) Description: SCP-929 is a organism that will turn into a baby version of the one it decides to be it's "parent" so for example: if it decides that a human will be it's parent it will become a baby human. So SCP-929's 2 objectives will be:find a parent organism and kill the others that would threaten his parent, without a "parent" it will do 50% damage to hostiles and when it does have a parent organism, it will do 100% damage (maybe nerfed to 75%) to hostiles (it can work like the soul bind that SCP-607 has). If the creators want to, they can make it to where SCP-929 can kill it's parent too. If the parent is killed, the parent bind will have a 15-45 second cooldown. (literally the only photo I can find, sorry about that. It was from the wiki itself so I guess it's 929 as a baby fish) Playable Friendly/Enemy SCP: SCP-953: Health:200-300 Attack:can use items and weapons Speed:Fast (as fast as a human) Description: SCP-953 is a nine tailed fox human that will rarely spawn in with D class personnel, it will have SCP-4514 or a stunstick along with an SMG and a level 3 keycard, if the creators want to it's special ability can change itself into a nine tailed fox that can break windows and do 33-50% damage to others, either that or cause hallucinations like SCP-1799 cause of her manipulative abilities. This was the weakest SCP in this post, it sounds quite similar to SCP-035 but with some differences but I don't think there's any other place I can give her and I tried to make it different than SCP-035 but eh this will at least give D class a better chance to win. SCP Item: SCP-971: Description: SCP-971 is a fast food delivery service that you can order to get food, however the food is made of endangered animals. SCP-971 will be menu that will spawn in the cafeteria like SCP-458 (I figured out the pizza was a SCP) and a gift from dad. When you press E on the menu and a hamburger (maybe more foods, depends on the creators, they can also make it to where you can look at the menu and order whatever you want) and you can eat it to heal yourself, potentially giving you buffs as well. (Best image I could find) And without further ado... it's time for probably the best Joke SCP of the first wave... Joke SCP: SCP-963: Health:150-300 Attack:50% for melee weapon, 25-60% damage for gun+bleeding damage. Speed:Fast (as fast as a normal human) Description: SCP-963 is an amulet that, whoever touches it, they will become Dr.Bright. SCP-963 aka:Dr bright will rarely spawn in as a researcher either in light containment, or heavy (not sure with the weapons he will have). His weapons I've taken from the "Things Dr.Bright is no longer allowed to do at the foundation." With his melee weapon being a Diamond Pickaxe from Minecraft (I am not kidding, he actually made a diamond pickaxe using SCP-914) doing 50% damage and acting as either a level 3 or 4 keycard. EIther a chainsaw or chainsaw cannon, firing chainsaw that can either do 25% or 60% damage plus bleed damage because... well it's a chainsaw of course you would bleed out getting hit by a chainsaw, and he also has a medi-gun from TF2 (feel free to not have that but this is from Dr.Bright trying to make the medi-gun from TF2 with SCP-914) and it will act just like in it's own game, healing both parties. Another thing they would be cool but they don't have to add is whenever Dr.bright dies, SCP-963 will drop onto the ground as an item and whoever uses it they will become SCP-963 and maybe have it to where he can't escape but desert, but that depends on the creators. Here's a second idea I originally had before seeing that he was loyal to the foundation: I was gonna have it to where he was neutral to all players, but once I saw he was loyal and trustworthy to the foundation, he will have the researcher class with the same hostile/friendly status. And that is all of them. Later on I might rework on SCP-040, a poll just for fun, and a highlight reel of wave 1 before starting wave 2 that will give me a break for either 2 weeks or a month, depends on a certain person ^_^. But anyways I hope you enjoyed the suggestion ride and I will see you when I make another post!
  15. It is now time for SCPS 701-800! This was a bit hard to do, probably the hardest in terms of finding a friendly/army SCP because the obvious one is a bit uh.. hard to implement lore and game wise, but it might be possible, other than that one there was no other friendly/army SCP i could find that would be good for the game... anyways let's begin! Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-718: Health:300-450 Attack:34-50% Speed:Fast (a little slower than humans) Description: SCP-718 is an eyeball that follows others creepily and explodes..., good start. His special ability is exploding, killing itself in the process (potentially respawning too), however whenever someone gets hit by it, you can use another ability to kill that person and either teleport or respawn at the corpse, if it's multiple targets you can kill one person at a time, the ability has a 20-30 second cooldown. It will automatically explode when it loses all it's health as well. Yea that's literally all I can't get more detailed than that for SCP-718... because thats literally all it does, an eyeball that follows others and whenever it gets hurt or something else it explodes, and those that get affected by the explosion will be affected and another SCP-718 will come out of them. Playable Friendly/Army SCP: SCP-706: Health:300-500 Attack:can use items and weapons Speed:Fast (normal human speed) Description: SCP-706 is a human doll that is rather fragile to damage, but can use raw material to heal herself, she wants to go home. SCP-706 will rarely spawn in as a researcher class, it will take around 10-25% more damage to weapons,SCPS,etc. Than normal humans, but she has a special abiilty where she can heal 150-250 health, it has a 10-25 second cooldown. This is the best friendly SCP I could've find, hopefully it's a good idea and concept. SCP Item: SCP-738: Description: This is kinda an odd one, SCP-738 is a pair of chairs and a desk, whenever someone sits in a chair, SCP-738-1 will appear to offer a deal, the "Devil's deal". It will offer one thing in exchange of something else. SCP-738 will be a room in entrance or heavy containment zone, it requires a level 4 keycard to access it, when you either 1. enter the room or 2.sit in the chair that's closest to the door, SCP-738-1 will appear and give you one of many randomly generated deals like for example: "Freedom for HP" (it will take them to the surface at gate A in exchange for slowly killing the player) or "power for life" (it grants the doomnack gun in exchange for cutting a player's health in half), and many more deals, you can either accept or deny the deal, you can only use it once a round. Joke SCP: SCP-702: Description: SCP-702 is an item that, whenever touched, will have an entity appear that will trade with the person who summoned it, if they don't trade anything, the person will die. SCP-702 will randomly spawn around the map and someone can pick it up, Whenever they equip the item and press E, they will summon the being and you will have 10-15 seconds to trade something with it or else you will die, it will give you a very good item if you successfully exchange with it. Like a Level 4 Keycard, smg,etc. Why this is a joke SCP is because... this is like a SCP-1162 you can pick up, I wanted to make it a bit different by making it garunteed to get good items in exchange for death if you take too long. But that is why it's the Joke SCP. And that is all of them ^_^, this was the second hardest post to make honestly, not in the way where it was super hard to find like SCPS 301-400, it was because it was very hard to have a concept that they will have in the game. But I managed to come up with decent ideas, I hope you like these ideas, see you tomorrow for SCPS 801-900
  16. Welcome back! These group of suggestions were a bit mixed on how difficult it was to choose them. But without further delay, Let's begin! Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-650: Health:1.300-1.650 Attack:50% Speed:Very Fast (as fast as SCP-173) Description: SCP-650 is a dark statue that would teleport behind people that are close to it and do this weird pose. SCP-650 will be a black statue that will be as fast as SCP-173 and can't move whenever it is looked at. That is where the similarities to 173 ends, it won't move whenever people a blinking and while it is moving around while not being viewed it will do random poses. It might not be able to move whenever it is viewed, but whenever someone blinks, but whenever it isn't viewed or someone closes the door on it so they can't view it, it can teleport behind them, doing 50% damage to the target per teleport and will do a new pose when teleporting, the teleport has a 3-10 second cooldown. This wouldn't be the best on his own against a group like a group of TRO. However, It will be a menace against TRO and everything else whenever it is with other SCPS since others need to deal with them and often close the doors on the SCPS so if 650 is there with them, well you'll be in trouble. An extra note, I know in the lore it doesn't actually harm others but mal0 doesn't either but it's been made to damage others, though haxray doesn't really like mal0 being in the game and wants to remove it, so that might not even matter, and there's definitely a model for SCP-650. Playable Friendly/Army SCP: SCP-665: Health:130-150 Attack:can use items and weapons Speed:Fast (normal human speed) Description: SCP-665 is a human that can absorb non-organic material into it's body. SCP-665 will be either a researcher or TRO unit that will rarely spawn in the game, whenever an item is around him and he can't pick it up (due to him already having an item), he can press E on it to absorb it, having him heal or even gain health. This is the same type of concept that another person did with Mr.hungry and I didn't really want to kinda repeat that but as a friendly SCP, but I couldn't find any other friendly/army SCP to replace him so I kinda had no choice. Thank you to the one who made the Mr.Hungry concept (I'm pretty sure it's kaitsedd but I ain't sure), and sorry I had to use your idea of eating items to gain health but I couldn't find anyone else to fill this role. (Literally the only image I could find of it) SCP Item: SCP-662: Description: SCP-662 is a silver bell that, when rung, a bulter named Mr.Deeds who will serve those who summoned him. SCP-662 will be a bell that will randomly spawn in the map. When you find SCP-662 you can pick it up and, when equipping it, you can press E to use it, then a butler will appear and in the world chat it will say "I am Mr.Deeds how may I serve you?" and the world chat will give you 1 of 4 options:1.kill my enemy (you can either specify what player it is by typing in the chat their name, can only be enemy and neutral players or it will be random but can only kill those that are enemies or neutral). 2.The second option is "heal me" and it will heal you to 100% and give you a healing item. 3.Option 3 is "give me something to defend myself" and will give you a random smg or rifle gun to be able to defend yourself. And option 4 is "make me immortal" (or something else idk), and what it will do is give you regenerating health, and maybe the health can go beyond 100% health with the regeneration. When you pick one of the 4 options, you won't have the bell anymore and it will respawn in another location on the map for either you or another person to pick it up. Joke SCP: SCP-609: Description: SCP-609 is a collection of 6 balls from Dr.Wondertainment and whenever someone sees it, they can manipulate it using their thoughts. It will randomly spawn and whoever is the first one that views it, they can manipulate it using their crosshair in the center, what they can do with SCP-609 is: Break the windows and attack enemies, each time someone manipulates it to hit an enemy it does 50% damage a hit, that's all I could think of for it let me know what else you could do with it. Why SCP-609 is a Joke SCP is because even though this concept is cool it is VERY unlikely that it could be implemented in the game successfully, at least i think it would be very unlikely. And that is all of them :D. The Enemy SCP and SCP item was very easy to find and I knew what i was going to do with them, the Friendly/Army SCP was super difficult to find, and the Joke SCP was decently easy to find. Anyways see you tomorrow for SCPS 701-800!
  17. It's now time for SCPS 501-600^^. This was another easy one to find all the SCPS needed for each category, except for SCP item it was a bit hard to find, but with that out of the way let's begin. Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-594: Health:1,000-1,450 Attack:30% (70% for special attack) Speed:Moderate (faster than SCP-2845) Description: SCP-594 is a sheep that can create static electricity powerful enough to cause electricity that goes up to 1,000+ amps, and it can use that said electricity to walk on air. SCP-594's normal attack would be a "headbutt" that will do 30% damage a hit, his special abilities will include it's passive ability to be able to fly whenever it wants to (probably using the same SWEP as 512, but eh who knows). His special attacks I actually have 2 choices, It could be one or the other: 1.It's special ability is a ramming charge that will do 50% damage, it doesn't sound like much, however whenever it hits something that isn't a player, like a closed door or wall, it will cause a shockwave that will do 70% damage to whoever gets caught in it, and the shockwave's size will probably be one room long and wide example:An TRO is trying to shoot the sheep while it's charging and closes the door before it gets there, the sheep will hit the door and cause a shockwave and the TRO will be in the area of effect because he was too close to the door, dealing 70% damage to him, the cooldown will be 10-20 seconds. 2.It's special ability will be an a straight beam of electricity that will do 70% damage to those who get hit by it, the range of it will probably be the length of one room. Playable Friendly/Enemy SCP: SCP-590: Health:500-1,500 Attack:can use items and weapons Speed:Fast (Normal Human Speeds) Description: SCP-590 is a human who will take the pain of others that are near him, regenerating that pain soon after. SCP-590 will spawn in as a researcher class, and whenever he is near anyone that's friendly to him and they take damage (everything but SCPS), he will take that damage instead, he can use items and weapons too and unlike the slime, he won't take extra damage from SCPS, that might sound ridiculous but a lot of SCPS can actually one shot SCP-590 or infect him, like 610,049,173,682, 106, and many more, and it's more likely than not that there will be a one-shot or infection SCP in a round when SCP-590 is around as well, because it seems like every round where there is the slime there is a SCP that can one shot or infect it XD, at least from my experience. SCP Item: SCP-596: Description: SCP-596 will randomly appear in different areas of the map, whenever you pick it up, you can't drop it (like SCP-207), but it will rapidly regenerate your health (maybe like the speed of TAU 5 or faster but it will heal 5-8 health per tick instead). If the person who has SCP-596 dies, it will drop along with the rest of the person's items and someone else can equip it. Joke SCP: SCP-553: Health:2,000 Attack:50%-1% (passive ability) (100%-2% with special ability) Speed:Very Fast (around able and john cena speed) Description: SCP-553 is a colony of crystal butterflies that isn't too threatening alone, but in a colony is very dangerous. SCP-553 will do 50% damage per hit, however the lower it's health is the less damage it will do, whenever it loses 40% health it will lost 1% damage, it's special attack will need you to right click on an enemy player and it will do 100% damage without any damage taken, but like it's normal attack, it will do less damage the less health it has, going all the way to 2%. The special attack will have a 7-14 second cooldown. And that is all of them :D, it was a bit harder than I thought to find an SCP Item, but I think this item will be a very good Item to be in the game. And if you're wondering why SCP-553 is a joke SCP, It's because it would be hard to make a model of a colony of butterflies, and even harder to make visuals that show that there are less butterflies in the colony, though they don't have to do those visuals, it will still be hard to make a model of SCP-553. Anyways see you tomorrow for SCPS 601-700! Either that or a couple days because I might be gone for a while due to the Safi'Jiiva siege coming back today :D.
  18. It is now time for SCPS 401-500, this was an easy one to do because I had my ideas for Enemy SCP,SCP Item,and Joke SCP set, I had to find what would be a friendly/army SCP, but I managed to find an easy one to do. So without further ado let's begin! And I'm going to be changing it up a little bit to make it a little bit easier to read... hopefully. Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-469: Health:1,250-1,750 Attack:25%+venom damage Speed:moderate (around the speed of 2845) Description: SCP-469 is a many winged angel that has awoken to *data expunged* (basically can move around and cause havoc). She has an aura around her that, when too close, will inflict players with venom. This venom will slowly kill the player unless they have a SCP-500 (and potentially a med kit, not sure though you guys decide), but it won't only slowly kill the player, it will also slowly slow down the player giving her and other SCPS the chance to catch up to them due to the neurotoxins slowly paralyzing the player, like normal venom does. She can also attack others when using left click, it does 25% damage. She also has a passive ability where whenever she hears people using the voice chat, her aura will slowly get bigger the longer the voice chat is used, due to the wings getting bigger with sound in her entry on the wiki (This could be made possible because of 2521's ability in the past, but I'm pretty sure it would be difficult to code too). Playable Friendly/Army SCP: SCP-411: Health:50 Attack:can use items and weapons Speed:Fast (speed of a normal human) Description: SCP-411 is an old man that will get younger overtime. This will apply to his health, it will start at 50, but overtime he gets more health, probably 25-50 each minute, he will rarely spawn in with TRO in game. SCP-411 can also predict future events from events that happen soon after to events that happen after many years. In game it will have him be able to see others from far distances (using either the S-NAV ability or tactical awareness gernade ability), this SCP can be good for TRO to be prepared for SCPS rushing to them at the beginning of the round or preventing D class from getting guns or sneaking past TRO. SCP Item: SCP-427: Description: SCP-427 is a locket that can heal others and make them stronger, but wear it for too long and they will become SCP-427-1. SCP-427 can either randomly spawn around the map or can be spawned when using a SCP-500 in 914 on the 'fine' setting. When it is equipped it will give the wearer a rapid gain in health, however if the health gets to over 500 (let me know if the limit should be lowered), the creators can make it to they can either instantly die or they will become.... SCP-427-1: Health:1,500 Attack:60% Speed:slow (the speed of 049 and 610) Description: SCP-427-1 is a blob of mass that is very aggressive to all players except SCPS. It will do 60% damage per hit, it is slow though. It has high bullet resistance to normal bullets, however fire damage and tau-5 guns will do a lot more damage compared to other SCPS. Joke SCP: SCP-426: Description: I will be a one round item that can have other players throw toast upwards "popping them up" from my toaster, either that or it can be thrown at any angle, they can also pick up my toast and eat it. Now yesterday I've seen that Haxray actually responded to some of my suggestions with a monthly suggestion feedback, and it gave me an idea to replace SCP-250 with something that would be even a better fit for the abilities I gave 250, and it is: Extra: SCP-247: Health:500-1,000 Attack:30% (50% with special attack) Speed:Very Fast (around the speed of able and john cena, maybe 607 too if that's too fast) Description: SCP-247 is a house cat that is actually a female bengal tiger but in the form of a small cat. Basically she can do anything a tiger can and has the same power of a tiger. Her special abilities will include:whenever you have your crosshair on a player, you get faster the longer it is there, and whenever the crosshair isn't on a player she will slowly get slower until she's at her normal speed. Her special ability is whenever she crouches for 0.5-1.5 seconds and uncrouch, she will pounce and be even faster than she was before, around the speed of 682 and 096's charge and during this state she will do 50% damage instead of 30%, it will last longer than 682's charge but it will last shorter than 096's charge, and it will be a 5-15 second cooldown until she can use it again. This is specifically because she does less damage in the state than 682, but more than 096. And that is all of them 😄 I hope my changes to how I describe SCPS are easier to read than the previous posts, If not let me know, and let me know how to fix it. And I hope you guys like the suggestions today, haxray let me know if this was a much better version of SCP-247 than my previous post, also let me know if she needs a buff or nerf to the abilities I gave her! Later on in my series of SCP suggestions I will probably make a SCP-040 redesign on her being an enemy SCP because Haxray also said it would be better if she had a enemy SCP placement in breach. See you tomorrow for SCPS 501-600!
  19. Welcome back! This was probably the hardest one to decide so far, specifically the enemy SCP and SCP item, but I managed to get my picks so without further ado let's begin. Playable Enemy SCP: SCP-354: HP:354-1:400 354-2:750 354-3:300 354-4:550 354-6:100 354-14:650 354-15:325 354-16:400 354-18:250 Attack:354:20% 354-1:33% 354-2:25% 354-3:rapid 5% 354-4:34%, 50% for special 354-6:can use items and weapons 354-14:50% 354-15:35% 354-16:33% 354-18:20% per bullet, 66% per missile SPEED:354-1:Fast 354-2:slow 354-3:moderate 354-4:very fast 354-6:Fast (human speed) 354-14:moderate 354-15:very fast 354-16:very fast 354-18:fast (017 speeds) Abilities:SCP-354 is a red pool that will spawn one of 9 SCPS that the player can play as, whenever one dies they will respawn as a different or same entity (it will be random when they respawn), unless the gates to 354 are closed, which requires a level 5 keycard like 079, if 354 dies while the gate is closed, they die in general and can't respawn, if you fall into the pool it does rapid damage. Now for the randomly spawned entitie's abilities: 354-1 is a bat that can fly and attack others, 354-2 is a bear like creature that is a little slow but has more bullet resistance than other scps, 354-3 is a sphere that emits radiation that deals rapid damage to those who are too close, 354-4 is a reptilian that has a charge attack that does 50% damage enemies, 354-6 is a normal human male that can pick up items and weapons to help other SCPS with gate access and 914 and 500 etc. and shoot enemy players, 354-14 is a tentacle that can attack others by dragging them into the pool (probably through teleportation), inital hit from 354-14 does 50% damage, the rest will be damage from the pool, 354-15 is a ice cat that can leap and is very agile, each attack will stun a player for 1 second, but can't be stacked, 354-16 is a fire cat that is also agile, it does 33% damage plus a bit of burn damage, and 354-18 is the terminator... yea, it can go invisible for 5 seconds every 30 seconds, it has a special gun that will do 20% damage and right clicking will fire a missile that will do 66% a hit, it has a 25 second cooldown. A side note they can probably edit the maps to add a blood pool to them. Playable Friendly/Army SCP: SCP-397: HP:175 Attack:25% (50% per spear throw), can use healing items SPEED:Fast (The speed of a normal human) Abilities:SCP-397 is a chimpanzee that will spawn in with d class personal, she has a spear that can be used to stab enemies and throw the spear (like able, but honestly a spear acts exactly like how able uses his sword in the game, stab and throw), however, every 20 seconds she can make another spear and she can give it to a d class so they can have a spear, so the d class and 397 can use the spears to attack the mtf, at least until the d class are able to get guns, so it's good to prevent mtf from rushing to light or preventing them from camping the EZ armory, but overall it's good for early in the game, but it's still decent late game for the spear throw. SCP item: SCP-314: SCP-314 is a weapon that spawns in random locations in the facility, if anyone gets too close to it, the item will start attacking the player until death, however if someone slowly walks towards it, they can actually pick it up and can throw it in other areas to get others killed. Joke SCP: SCP-353: HP:1,000 Attack:Varies SPEED:Fast (normal human speed Abilities:SCP-353 is a human called vector that contains multiple diseases within her. If she left clicks an enemy player, they will be inflicted with a disease that you will get from 1025, the diseases will have varying effects, she can stack the diseases by left clicking the person multiple times, the diseases will vary from bubonic plague to cardiac arrest, some will give bleed damage, some will be immediete death, some will stop players from running, some will reduce health, and only 1-2 can actually buff a player like 1025, this SCP will be a way to have 1025's ability be used more often and used for a more sinister purpose. (If the creators can, they should probably remove the buffing diseases in 353's moveset, but if they can't oh well) And that is all of them! That was really hard to do this time around, it was even hard to determine if 354 should be the joke SCP or not, but I felt like it's too unique of an idea to make it a joke, but 353 is probably a more likely SCP to be implemented than 354 XD simply because 354 is such a big SCP. The only SCP I knew for sure was going to be in this post was 397, but the next post will be easier to make however because I already know what the SCP item, Playable enemy SCP, and Joke SCP will be. Anyways I hope you understand the difficulty I had to go through and don't criticize too much, see you tommorrow for SCPS 401-500!
  20. Hello. Today, I decided to write my first suggestion. This suggestion is about a SCP I’d love to see in the game. SCP number: 3199 Health: Option A: 200-400 or Option B: 2000-3000 Speed: As fast as SCP-076-2 Model: I didn’t find any Gmod model but SCP: Unity did a model of this SCP. Here’s the link: Spawn: SCP-076-2 spawn location (513 room) Gameplay: Since they [REDACTED] the way SCP-3199 kills it’s prey, I suggest SCP-3199 kills player by coming in contact with them since in the SCP Foundation official site, it says: SCP-3199 could also kill it’s prey by getting close enough to spit acid on them. A weapon of that type in Gmod should be easy to find with all the currents addons. The minimal distance could be 1-2 meters. When spraying his acid, SCP-3199 will slow down. Gameplay: If you think Option A is better, SCP-3199 will only have 200-400 HP, but has a 2 minutes cooldown ability to lay eggs that will hatch when SCP-3199 dies, respawning SCP-3199 at the egg location. There can be only one egg (e.g. If SCP-3199 lay egg 1 while egg 2 is already present, egg 2 will be destroyed and only egg 1 will remain. If you think Option B is better, SCP-3199 will have 2000-3000 HP, but can either: 1. Not lay eggs, just be fast, spit acid and have a lot of HP or 2. Can lay a maximum of 3 eggs per round that will hatch after 1 minute, respawning a random spectator. These new instances of SCP-3199 will only have 500-1000 HP and work the same way as the original instance of SCP-3199. Screen message: You are SCP-3199 You are the mutation of a domestic chicken (Gallus gallus) and a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes). Your goal is to escape the facility and kill any humans on your way. You have increased speed and can lay eggs. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I hope this wasn’t too complicated to read and pardon me if I made grammatical mistakes (I speak French). Constructive feedbacks would be appreciated to improve my future suggestions. Note: Everything listed above is subject to change. Comment what you think should be changed or added. Sincerely, Kaitsedd
  21. I think the cat should get a buff that works more like it's wiki entry. http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-607 Currently the way its working is that 607 bonds to a human, and if it's bonded to said human, when the cat commits seppuku, the human bonded to will die. Think of Destiny Bond from Pokemon but perm. Anyway this is all well and fine, but as a SCP Breach entity, is one of the worst skips you could become. There's different SCP types like Support, DPS, Tanks, sneaky bois and whatever, but 607 is like a breed of it's own. I would say support is the closest, so we should buff it in the support sense. here are some ideas I've thought up. Feel free to add on to or debate. Whatever ya'll think. General Buffs based on what's already implemented: - Maybe just a bit more health when unbound. I've seen 607 get wrecked by a single D-boy clip. It didn't look fun. - Even if this goes against my initial statement, possibly being able to bound to multiple humans. Being bound to 1 human does so little in terms of the SCP Breach gamemode, so being off canon for the sake of balance/utility should be fine. Maybe have a limit of 3 so it's not teetering on OP. - Shorten the length of time it takes to bond by a few milliseconds. - Increase move-speed so bounding can be easier. New Ideas for SCP-607: To be a better support SCP, 607 should have something extra to help along side bonding. I'm not an expert at coding, so this may be either impossible to implement or too hard, but 607 in SCP-Canon reflects wounds on the human it's bounded to. This currently is reflected by the bonded human dying when 607 dies. I'm thinking this can be expanded a bit more by letting 607 inflict certain De-Buffs to the humans they're bound to. Like that book (I forget the item name) that inflicts lower movespeed, debuff to health, ect. 607 could have some one time use items that activates de-buffs, or maybe when it bounds to a human it randomly inflicts one of these de-buffs, ect. Thanks for taking a read. Feel free to leave extra ideas or better ideas, build upon what I said, shitpost, ect. I'm just one man who thinks a suicidal cat deserves better.
  22. Idk where this goes, but VilhjalmrF put something similar here. Gamemode Name: Target! Game: Garry's Mod Maps: TTT Map-style (Could literally use TTT maps, if compatible) Server Size: 20-30 max Description: This gamemode is a fast paced FPS. Everyone is assigned a target. Your goal is to kill that target. Your target is portrayed in the bottom right corner with their player model and their name. You have a knife (CSGO) and a revolver that has 6 bullets. The revolver is a 3 shot body and a 1 shot headshot. The knife takes 3 front hits and 1 back. You can only kill your target or your hunter. If you kill someone else, you get outlined in red and can be killed by anyone, including the guards. Guards (or cops, idc what they're called,) can only kill a player if they are outlined or if they have their gun/knife out in front of them. A player is vulnerable to the cops for 5 seconds after they put their weapon away. This gameplay would have fast rounds and fun gameplay. Pointshop: -Knives (crates of different rarities or just different types of knives) -Playermodels -Hats -Police Pass -And so on... I don't think this is a gamemode on Gmod, I have seen similar games on Roblox that were very popular.
  23. New Map

    Name: Slender: The Eight Pages Map Type: Map Link(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1924238206 Rank(s): n/a Cost: Description: I am suggesting a map. Honestly, I'm not sure this will get in but I wanted to suggest this map because it is a dark map that was made with hide and seek in mind. There are secret spots that can be discovered and easy spots that can be hidden in too, the fog reaches far so it isn't too difficult to see people. I'm also open to suggestions, I could modify the map to have a little bit of light as to easily see players.
  24. Myself and a couple other oldies from the classic GFL PropHunt days were thinking it'd be nice if there were a classic PropHunt server. The only differences between the contemporary PropHunt server and Classic I would recommend if this were to go through is: 1. No powerup crystals for players on the Prop team. Make it a nitty-and-gritty experience that requires juking and cheekiness. 2. All the maps are classic maps such as cs_assault, cs_italy, de_tides, de_nuke, de_train, de_port, ph_richland, etcetera... Everything that the server used to have. We oldies want our nostalgia to be recognized! 😂
  25. Name: (whatever you want to name this) Type: Hat Link(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=144597879 Rank(s): none Cost: 5000 Description: its spongebobs hat ovi the best hat out there and it should T O T A L L Y be added
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