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Found 117 results

  1. This round is just like a normal round except three class Es spawn. The class Es are equipped with special gear and have 200 hp. The equipment they have consist of: The raygun (the damage will have to be dimmed down for balance.) A orb launcher And the taser they already have. Each classy can only have one of these along with a keycard and pistol. The reason I think this would be a fun round is because class Es added a new strategy for every class in the game. If you have any ideas or anything to add to this special round put them down below because I couldn't think of anything else to make this round more special lul.
  2. Based off of a certain SCP article(and i mean loosely). Same as a normal round except only 2 scps spawn normally, regardless of player cap. However, every 3 minutes anyone who is not in a locked room changes to the SCP team.
  3. Ok buddy. Ok r word. You are SCP-817 You are a human male, with anomalous shapeshifting abilities Every minute you turn into a different SCP, with a small period of normalcy inbetween. Kill everyone and escape the facility. Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: In its "normal" form, this class has no weapons or abilities. Stats: Base Health: 1500 Speed: Human Running Speed (in its "normal" form) Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, SCP-817 earns points by killing people. No achievements are related to this SCP. Description: So if you haven't noticed already, SCP-817 is literally devoid of any attacks, and is relatively simple when not shapeshifted. When grace period ends, SCP-817 has 15 seconds before it begins to "shapeshift". SHAPESHIFT: SCP-817 transforms into a random SCP from the entire gamemode. This does not include SCP-610 for a potential snowball effect, nor does it include SCP-049-2 for being too weak. After 45 seconds of being shapeshifted, it transforms into its "normal" form for 15 seconds, before shapeshifting again. The process repeats for the entire round. The fact that is shapeshifts back to its human form allows other players an opportunity to attack SCP-817 while it is temporarily weakened. Purpose: Wanted to try a concept I had for some time, an SCP that can transform into other SCPs. Not sure if this is even possible or relatively easy to code, but suggesting this was worth a shot. (insert shrug here) Resources: When it is in its "normal" form, it pools from the default male citizen models included in Gmod.
  4. Well this really ended up as something lol. I wanted to suggest SCP-025-FR but I couldn't find a model lol. I wanted to suggest SCP-1984 but I couldn't think of something good yet lol. I wanted to suggest that one triangle dood from SCP-1936 but I couldn't think of anything good either lol. I wanted to suggest SCP-4833 but that didn't go well either lol. I wanted to suggest SCP-1913-3 and SCP-1913-1 for like, EVER, now, but there's no model yet for SCP-1913-1 lol. Oh and that one creature from SCP-1983 lol. el oh el So now I want to suggest something that improves the game as a whole. If there's one thing that seperates us from SCP:SL, is that their SCPs have more depth. What I mean is that they pay attention to small details, like each SCP has their own footstep, a few have unique damage sounds. It makes it seem like each SCP is "alive" in their own respect. I've made a suggestion like this, but I was to capitalize on all the new content we have added for these last few months. So here's a list of minor changes to SCPs, most of them are purely aesthetic. You obviously don't have to add all of them, you can select certain ones if you'd like. The top ones are to add depth, while the bottom ones effect gameplay. Hopefully this ends up getting somewhere. You are SCP-939 -Has bite sounds. (borrowed from SCP:SL) -When not disguised, "purrs" while extremely close. -Players that are close to it are highlighted. You are SCP-106 -Has "corrosive" footsteps. (borrowed from SCP:CB Pocket Dimension footsteps) -Breathes while close. -Has a new "corrode" passive ability. SCP-106 has access to LVL 1, LVL 2, and LVL 3 doors. Makes some generic "corrosive" sound from SCP:CB while doing so. You are SCP-096 (use this as reference) -While docile, plays crying and idle sounds. -While angered, plays "triggered" sound effect. -Might play a shorter version of the "scream" sound effect when angered. -Screams wild chasing players. -Uses the "act zombie" animation while enraged. You are SCP-372 -When passively undisguising, "chirps" once. (borrowed from its sounds from SCP:CB) You are SCP-607 -Press R to meow! You are SCP-049-2 -Occasionally emits "idle" noises. (borrowed from HL2 standard headcrab zombies) You are SCP-682 -Has "stompy" footsteps. (borrowed from HL2 strider) -THE GODDAMN ROAR when it charges. -SCP-682 no longer slows down completely when it is done charging, and "deaccelerates", allowing it to go a bit further. -SCP-682 has access to LVL-1, LVL-2, and LVL-3 doors, and makes the sound that SCP-173 makes while forcing a door open in SCP:CB. You are SCP-334 -Sizzles while close. -Plays burn sound effects while attacking. You are SCP-1048-B -Uses SCP-1048's model instead of using an edited version of SCP-1048-A. You are SCP-689 -Plays sound when telporting. (literally the first sound in this video) You are SCP-681 -PLAYS THIS WHEN DEAD -Has a melee now, where it can rapidly deal 5 damage to players. -Health buff. You are SCP-207 -Can be dropped, because for some reason it can't. That's about it. Go home now.
  5. SCP-3166's Article: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-3166 Thank you Pizzy for letting me know that there actually is a Garfield SCP Holy shit Description: SCP-3166 is a 2.1-meter-tall humanoid entity, presumed pataphysical in nature, known to manifest during periods when the Garfield media franchise is performing poorly in terms of public reception. The exterior layer of SCP-3166's body resembles a crudely-made costume of the character Garfield, which field inspection has shown to be composed of legitimate cat fur. However, analysis of SCP-3166's composition in the field has shown that its interior mass is composed entirely out of pasta: specifically, lasagna. Upon reaching its target, SCP-3166 will attempt to inflict bodily harm upon them through a mixture of blunt force using nearby objects and force-feeding of lasagna, obtained through self-disembowelment. During this process, SCP-3166 will vocalize by meowing, purring and screeching in the manner of an extremely agitated cat. Lasagna outside SCP-3166's mass has proven to be an effective form of bait for the entity, as upon seeing it SCP-3166 will abandon its original goal and instead attempt to incorporate the pasta into itself. New Item: Lasagna Lasagna Property: Healing (Mainly) Spawn: Medkit Locations If someone uses Lasagna, they will be healed by 70. SCP-3166 You are SCP-3166. You look exactly like Garfield but, your organs are made up of lasagna. You can use this lasagna to heal allies but, it will harm you. Stats Team: SCP Objects Health: 1400 Attack Damage: --- Attack Speed: --- Movement Speed: Human Speed Spawn: N/A Mechanics LMB: Attack with Object RMB: Feed Lasagna Special: Object Damage Weakness: Lasagna Information LMB: Attack with Object Range: Close SCP-3166 has different attack damage and attack speed depending on the current object SCP-3166 has possession of. RMB: Feed Lasagna Range: Close Cooldown: 260 Lasagna can do two different things depending on it is used on. If it's used on anyone in the SCP Objects team, that person will be healed by 300 but, SCP-3166 would lose 200 health. If it used on anyone outside the SCP Objects team, that person will heal by 20 but they will have the bleeding effect similar to SCP-106's bleeding effect. Special: Object Damage With this special, SCP-3166 is able to hold only 1 item but, SCP-3166 will use it to attack people instead. SCP-500, Medkits, Eyedrops, S-Navs, NVG, and Radios cannot be picked up by SCP-3166. By dropping the current object SCP-3166 has, SCP-3166 is able to pick up another item. If SCP-3166 has no items, it cannot attack them. All guns will not shoot bullets if SCP-3166 is in possession, of any of them. Instead, SCP-3166 will hit people with it in close range. -Keycards: 5 Damage / Attack Speed: Rapid Extra: Can open keycard doors depending on the level. -SMGs: 30 Damage / Attack Speed: Half a Second -Rifles: 45 Damage / Attack Speed: 1 Second -Crowbar: The Same as a normal Crowbar. -Stunstick: The same as a normal stunstick Pistols: 15 Damage / Attack Speed: Rapid Weakness: Lasagna If there is lasagna on the floor and SCP-3166 is near it, SCP-3166 will be forced to face the lasagna. If SCP-3166 touches it, SCP-3166 will be healed by 100 and it will be stunned for 1 second. Playermodel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=455327588&searchtext=Garfield Total uses of the word 3166: 30 (Including Title and the 3166 used right now.)
  6. Im aware that the chances of Xy actually adding anything from this thread is basically moot. IT would require a dramatic amount of changes to the scps currently on the server and would effectively be the biggest update ever. Im posting it regardless as its been something that has been bothering my thoughts for a while(especially after the current changes to guns and stuff). Quite simply, Breach's SCPs, for how much some people say they're better than Secret lab and how others say they're worse, have a rather severe baseline problem with them: The starting ones started out incredibly strong, and were followed by more incredibly strong SCP additions. (Well, not all of them...). It leads to a situation where the vast majority of additional scps we could add or suggest are all obviously weaker than a lot of other scps in a major way, would be too similar, or would inevitably be a power creep of an existing scp. The reason for this is actually quite simple. There is simply way too many scps that gained the ability to instantly kill people with no real drawbacks to make up for it. While this was certainly a lot more acceptable with the old guns(As scps could get gunned down pretty quickly as well), this also made it way harder to suggest scps that didnt have some kind of instant kill. These scps would usually end up as 'WEAKER VERSIONS OF X' or require insanely high health pools/some other gimmick in order to make up for it(Usually speed). This problem is a much bigger issue with the new guns, where their combination of increased spread, movement speed reduction while having them equipped, and reduced damage to SCPS compared to the previous guns(overall their DPS Is lower outside of a few extreme outliers(the LMgs come to mind)), causes SCPs currently to be incredibly difficult to kill. The point of this overhaul thread is two fold. Firstly, and the one that really nagged me, is adjusting the 'instant kill scps' in some way. Secondly, and while I know people hate throwing this word around when the main inspiration to this game also took liberties with 'lore'(SCP:CB), its to make them closer to the 'ACTUAL' scp whenever possible. This IS a big thread, and if you're already bored with this foreword, I can understand that. Just wanted to clarify what the point of this thread was, and why I made it. TL:DR: Overhaul thread to adjust instant kill scps/other scps in general to fit the new guns better and make it easier to suggest/add more scps. SCP-173: -Blind functionality altered: SCP-173 can mark a location and can teleport to that spot at a later point, blinding everyone on the map(including other scps) when he does so. Blind duration is 2 seconds. SCP-173 is unable to move for one second after teleporting(but is still able to move for a second before the blind is over). -SCP-173 is able to move at slightly slower than human speed if he is currently taking damage, regardless if hes being looked at.(Same speed as SCP-049). Reasoning: SCP-173's blind as it currently stands is a disaster of an ability. Its intent was to balance out scp-173's inability to move while being looked at in a setting where he can be gunned down by bullets instead of being ran from by a single scared d-class, as well as referencing a potential scare/appearance in SCP:CB where the lights turn out and he appears infront of you. However, it instead leads to a lot of cheap feeling deaths(Open a door, scp-173 is there and instant kills you with the blind without you being able to do anything) and endless bugs(Blind deciding to not blind someone infront of you but instead the 4 people far behind him) and the bizare situation of the lights apparently only being shut off for people near him and people down the hallway see just fine, as well as other SCPs. This change makes it closer to the 'scare' its referencing from SCP:CB, while also reducing the bugginess of the ability(you wont have inconsistent range if its consistently blinding everyone at the same time). It also reduces how cheap the ability can feel to be killed by it instantly when rounding a corner, as SCP-173 can no longer use it instantly on demand to kill someone. It requires a lot more forethought by SCP-173 to use, but is also a lot more reliable and fun in return. He is stunned for a second after teleporting to avoid it possibly leading to more bullshit instant deaths, but still allowing him a chance to capitalize on it. This would lead to the problem of SCP-173 being unable to protect himself from MTF gunning him down from down a hallway, leading to possible situations of inescapable death. This is also an issue with the current scp-173 design, and is just as frustrating as the existing blind. As a solution to this, and in this case referencing a tale related to SCP-173, he is able to move(Albeit way slower than when hes not looked at) while getting shot at. He can't move at full speed for obvious reasons, but simply being able to move at all, even if slowly, would greatly improve his chances in such a situation.(Especially since he would get brief periods of his normal speed when the people shooting at him blink). SCP-049: -Moves at normal human speed. -Able to pick up and use items and weapons the same way a normal person can. -SCP-049-2's can no longer be cured by SCP-500. -Massively reduced health(100-200 range at most, and 200 might be pushing it). Reasoning: SCP-049 is one of the biggest reasons its difficult to design new scps. He set the standard base speed for scps to move at, and the 'standard' average health pool. He not only instantly kills people with his left click, but also spawns minions from it that can ALSO instant kill. Despite this, he is also INCREDIBLY feast or famine. You either get a bunch of SCP-049-2 infections early on, or you're a massive sitting duck to a compentent MTF/TFO team, even with the new guns. It also comes off as incredibly bizarre that one of the scps that is the most human like(outside of his ability to instantly kill people by touching them with his hands, and able to 'revive' people killed in such a manner) has such a massive health pool and is unable to use weapons to defend himself or use a keycard to open a door. SCP-049 isn't an idiot, after all. Reducing his HP to be incredibly low while letting him use items and weapons, as well as moving faster, fixes most of these issues. He now has an actual drawback to his instant kill that greatly limits its use, while giving him other things he can do and just generally being closer to how scp-049 actually behaves. While he is still able to instant kill and IS faster than he previously was, his low health pool means he is incredibly vulnerable to anyone who is armed with some sort of fire-arm. Additionally, making SCP-049-2's immune to being cured by scp-500 not only makes more logical sense(How does a pill that can cure any disease magically bring back someone whos already been killed and reanimated as a semi-rotting corpse? That is a bit more than just 'curing a disease)'. Note that he still can't heal other scps with healing items unless those scps in question can already use items. SCP-457: -Now heals HP while burning people. -Can press E on items to destroy them and increase his max hp by 150 per item. -Right click costs half of his max HP and spawns a clone equal to the HP cost(Example: Scp-457 has 2k max hp. Right click reduces his max hp to 1k, but spawns a copy of himself with 1k hp). -Is healed instead of taking damage from flamethrowers and molvos(or is just immune to damage from them). -No longer able to sprint. -Starting HP reduced from whatever it currently is(I think its 1.8k or so) to 700. Reasoning: SCP-457 was one of the worst scps in the entie gamemode when it was originally released. He did incredibly low damage, was super slow, and was generally just a joke SCP only good for being a bullet sponge(And scp-106 did that job better by stacking his HP pool by sending people to the pocket dimension). While he was eventually buffed with a sprint in order to make him less useless, this led to people calling him over-powered and annoying, thanks in part due to his fire/flames blocking vision, the increased range on his flame radius, and his sprint allowing him to keep up with people super easily. Plus, the sprint never really made much sense on SCP-457 in the first place, considering there is already a flaming skeleton who is known for sprinting at people and trying to burn them to death(SCP-080), and SCP-457's main gimmick was growing in size and intelligence the larger the flame grows, actively seeking fuel to grow big, and splitting into more copies of itself when it became big enough. While this remake leaves out the fact that the SCP-457 copies fought among themselves trying to devour one another(with no reason even given as to why), it does allow SCP-457 to be much more interesting while getting rid of the sprint that most people found annoying, and instead focusing on being a 'tank' of sorts. Healing from dealing damage with his fire and destroying items to gain max health both gives him a rather unique strength(being able to deny keycards, weapons and healing items from human players) as well as giving him his own unique way of gaining strength as the round goes on different from SCP-334. Human players/foundation players would be encouraged to try to keep items out of SCP-457's reach and to attempt to shut him down before he grows rapidly out of control with multiple copies of himself. His starting HP is reduced to both encourage him to focus on devouring items to grow stronger instead of going for players/escaping right away, and to avoid him being able to spawn hordes of clones super easily. SCP-966: -Players near scp-966 slowly suffer speed reductions over time(like 0.5% slower but stacking). Speed reduction can be completely removed by using a scp-500 or SCP-207. -SCP-966's rightclick no longer deals random amount of damage at range, and instead renders him completely invisible even to NVG for a short period of time. He can still be damaged during this time as well as his breathing can still be heard. Reasoning: SCP-966 is currently incredibly weak and nearly useless if people with fire-arms get their hands on NVG. As making NVG rarer simply results in scp-966 either being too strong or people getting incredibly pissed off, that is not the solution to this problem. Giving him an (admittedly completely non-lore friendly) ability to completely turn invisible even to NVG makes up for this problem somewhat. Additionally, giving him a passive speed penalty when near him helps keep scp-500 useful, and relates to SCP-966's main ability(making victims unable to sleep and slowly get exhausted over time making them easy prey). It also gets rid of annoying RNG damage rolls on his current right mouse ability. SCP-682: -Now respawns back in his cell 4 minutes after being killed and can respawn an unlimited amount of times so long as the round is still going on. -Right click causes him to only take 1 damage from all damage sources for a period of time. -Killing someone heals him for 200 hp and gives him human sprint speed for 2 seconds. -No longer has sprint. Reasoning: SCP-682 is another example of a SCP who had a baseline ability to instant kill people. While he has a much larger downside than SCP-049 did(as he is by far the slowest scp in the game while not using the sprint), he still easily stood above other scps in terms of potential power level due to his instant kill ability. Additionally, he didnt feel much like SCP-682, and didnt even involve 682's signature ability: The fact hes 'HARD TO KILL' and is able to adapt to various attempts to hurt him. While he now has a much harder time actually killing people compared to the current scp-682, he instead has the power of being a constant threat. While he still gets a speed boost, he needs to get a kill first. To make up for this, he is now MUCH more tanky(being able to basically render any attempts to injure him moot for a period of time), and can even come back from the dead mutiple times in a round. This is both much closer to capturing the feel of scp-682, and also makes him stand out more when compared to scp-096. SCP-939: -Attack now instant kills from behind. -Has the ability to sprint for short periods of time. -Is able to pickup and talk over a radio. -No longer disguised as a researcher. -Non-behind attacks only deal 25 instead of 50 Reasoning: SCP-939 also barely feels like the actual SCP-939. While its in a fine spot gameplay wise, it is incredibly bizarre to look at. Not only is he magically disguising as people(An ability scp-939 completely lacks as all it is capable of doing is mimic voices), but he lacks any of the fear or power that SCP-939 is said to have.(SCP-939's main way of killing prey is via a single bite to the back of the neck instantly killing the victim). While I am hesitant to make more scps who are capable to instant kill, the limitation of needing to do it from behind and the removal of scp-939's disguise should help to balance this factor out. AS scp-682 no longer has the sprint(in regards to this overhaul, that is), it is now put onto scp-939 where it makes much more sense(the scp-939 instances sprint after the player after they are alerted in SCP:CB). This allows him to catch up to fleeing players and possibly capitalize on his instant kill attack from behind outside of purely ambush situations. As the current scp-939 model is way smaller than the old one, it is much easier and practical for scp-939 to try to hide and ambush people, or 'lure' people into traps with his voice mimicry. However, another major problem scp-939 had previously before being given the disguise was how useless the mimic would be, as it would only work in short range and would usually be incredibly obvious as a result of this. 'HEY, IM A RESEARCHER, CAN YOU COME HELP ME OVER HERE? NO I WON'T COME OUT AND MEET YOU, YOU COME IN AND MEET ME!". Allowing SCP-939 to use a radio allows his mimic ability to be a lot more useful by itself, and isn't necessarily 'lore breaking'(939s are implied to be a lot more intelligent than they look, and it doesnt require much effort to use a radio, even if you don't have 'hands' persay). This also solves the problem of guards randomly shooting scientists to ensure they aren't scp-939. This annoyed people and was hard to deal with as staff.
  7. More SCP-173s Again Like In Weeping Angels Eh? There Are 4 SCP-173s, 5 Max depending on server length. Everyone Is A MTF and A Researcher Besides The 173s. A Quarter Of The Server Is Researchers The Rest Are The MTF And The SCP-173s Everytime A SCP-173 Gets A Kill, The Person They Killed BECOMES a 173. The Original SCP-173s Get Full Health, While The People Who Get Killed And Get Turned Into SCP-173s Get Half Health As A Normal SCP-173 The Researchers Are Meant To Escape, While The MTF Kill The 173s And Help The Researchers. SCPs Win If All Humans Die, Or They Escape Foundation Wins If Researchers Escape Or 173s Get Killed (its me indo)
  8. This is not for my own liking (because i am fine with the normal respawn system) but for the new and old players that complain or just stop playing breach because of the respawn system. Here's how i would make it work: 0-10 players= 3 ntf or 1 ntf unit 10-20 players= 6 ntf or 2 ntf units 20-30 players= 9 ntf or 3 ntf units 30-40 players= 12 ntf or 4 ntf units 40-60 players=15 ntf or 5 ntf units 60-70 players= 18 ntf or 6 ntf units 70-80 players= 21 ntf or 7 ntf units Pros: The people that camp would be severly punished by the bombardment of mtf, ci, or sh. It would, as i mentioned earlier, make more players come. It could also make the round last longer. Cons: Groups like Nu-7 or Tau might be even more op if 21 spawn at max players. Fix: Maybe the same number of ntf could spawn from 30-80 players at metioned below but just different groups spawn at either gate a or gate b, but this might be hard to code.
  9. SCP-020: SCP-020 is a mold that is invisible to the naked human eye. It can spread rapidly between human hosts and modifies the person's behavior to be more social after prolonged infection. 020 hosts have been known to turn violent at near critical stages of infection, however. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: Normal Human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1295498985 Spawn: TFO spawn Gameplay Description: SCP-020 spawns along with the rest of the guards and looking identical to a normal guard. He is also not aware he is scp-020(SCPs on the scoreboard WILL see him however, and he is still considered as being on the scp team, he is just unaware of it, and so is other players who aren't on the scp team). He can use items and weapons as normal for obvious reasons. Whenever scp-020 gets near someone, they get infected by the mold. They aren't told they are infected and their role doesnt change. However, anyone else they get near also gets infected by the mold. Someone infected by scp-020 who tries to escape will count as a SCP escaping instead for terms of who ends up winning a round, instead of their normal role.(EX: infected d-class escapes, counts as a scp escaping). After 5 minutes have passed, the original 020 host 'turns' and becomes aware he is scp-020. Everyone else is also aware he is scp-020. He is still able to use items and weapons after this state, but his model changes to the one linked. You can tell if someone is infected by 020(including the original host before he changes) through either a s-nav ult(people infected would show up as scp-020-1s instead of their 'actual' role) or NVG(which would cause them to be displayed in grey when looked at). You can cure a scp-020 infection by using scp-500, or by lighting the infected person on fire in some way. The original host cannot be cured, however. Gameplay wise, scp-020 serves to cause a form of paranoia. No one would even be sure if there was a scp-020 in the round, or a 939, or some other disguised SCP even if the reduced amount of scps on the scoreboards alerted them. afterwards, people would be paranoid of each other not even sure who is infected, or even who is the original scp-020. Considering 020 wouldn't know his own role unless he discovers it in some way before he 'turns' 5 minutes in or after he turns, it would result in a rather unique mindgames quite different from a normal disguised scp or ci spy. Edit: wearing a hazmat suit would also render you immune to being infected by being near a 020 or 020-1, but won't cure your infection if you already have it.
  10. I personally believe that SCP-106 is balanced enough already. However, it would be interesting to grant him a special that would allow him to teleport to a player. The special would be an altered version of SCP-1471's teleportation, meaning that it would not happen instantly. Instead, the special would make you rise from the nearby ground or wall next to the player (if possible) and would allow you to attack after at least 10 seconds or so. The cooldown would be as long as SCP-610's, which would be around 100 seconds at most, to prevent any abuse. Put any thoughts about it below, and thanks for listening. -Cobalt
  11. Based off of a decently funny and popular J article. Round setup: -D-class are replaced by researchers.(AKA, they start with level 2 keycards and look like researchers, but are considered d-class role) -Guards/MTF are replaced with random hostile SCPs instead(Minus for scp-939) -Researcher team spawns as random friendly scps(so scp-999, 035, 073, 2639s, any possible additional friendly scps added down the line) as well as 939. -MTF spawns are exclusively Serpent Hand and Chaos Insurgency spawns. -Instead of normal SCP spawns, Random MTF units are chosen.(Aka, so a eplison-9 with a flamethrower, dr.clef, a normal NTF, a tau-5, or a hammer down). Round Description: Essentially a normal round gameplay wise, just with really messed up and weird spawns. the SCPs are the guards and researchers, the D-class are researchers, reinforcements are exclusively CI or Serpent Hands, and the 'SCPS' are random MTF special units.
  12. Hmmmmm. Here's a suggestion that I wanted to make for some time. I wanted to come up with an SCP that could finally fucking slay SCP-2521, and hopefully this works. The idea of an SCP that slows you down is unique and could have worked, just not in the form of SCP-2521... So yeah, here you go I guess. You are SCP-046 You are a predatory holly bush. People who are near you are tempted to touch you. Kill everyone and escape the facility. Spawn Location—bruh. Like I said before I don't even know where anything spawns anymore, so I hope you can squeeze this in somewhere. Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: Primary (LMB) - Entangle Passives: +The closer a player is to 046, the slower they get. +If a player is standing still, they start walking towards SCP-046 automatically. Stats: Base Health: 1650 Primary Cool Down: 2 second Primary Damage: 10 damage Secondary Cool Down: 8 second Speed: Human Walking Speed Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, SCP-046 earns points by killing people. No achievements are related to this SCP. Description: SCP-046's ENTANGLE attack is the main way SCP-046 kills people. It shares the same range as 049's attack. Players that are ENTANGLED will move extremely slow. Players that are ENTANGLED can still use items however, including healing items, keeping them alive for a bit longer. Players that have been ENTANGLED start rapidly taking 1 damage per millisecond. SCP-046 can ENTANGLE multiple players at the same time. A player will no longer suffer the effects of being ENTANGLED if they exit SCP-046's passive range. This prompts SCP-046 to stay next to ENTANGLED players so it can successfully kill then. SCP-046's attack mechanism is aided by its passive, which will slow down players, allowing for it to ENTANGLE them. It's primary also does a bit of damage, allowing it to kill players faster. Purpose: SCP-046 takes inspiration from the original SCP-2521 (before its nerf). It's an SCP that you basically have to stay away from at all times, and keep your distance from. Its abilities also make it an efficient ambusher. Resources: P l a n t .
  13. Oh no. The Serpent's Hand are raiding the Facility. Make sure the Serpent's Hand doesn't breach any SCPs. Ingame Mechanics Half of the players spawn as TRO Guards and the other half spawns as Serpent's Hand. There will be special TRO Guards such as the TRO Pyro and there will be a commander. All of the playable SCP's rooms take a level 5 Keycard to open. If a Serpent's Hand get's inside of one of the SCP rooms, they have successfully breached an SCP. The Serpent's Hand can breach multiple SCPs. Random Spectators are chosen to spawn as the breached SCP. Example: Serpent's Hand enters SCP-173's room. A random spectator is chosen to spawn as SCP-173. All of the SCPs will spawn in their normal spawns. All of the breached SCP's health is lower. (900 Health for every breached SCP except for 682, 106 and 610.) (1300 for SCP-682 and SCP-106 and SCP-610) The time is the same as a normal round. Serpent's Hand Member Stats: Health: 100 (Edited)(Thank you @Doomnack) Movement Speed: Normal Human Speed. (Can walk and Run) Team: SCP Objects Spawn: Random NTF Spawns Spawning Items: Gun: A Random SMG Melee weapon: Stunstick Radio: No. (People in the SCP team have their own non-existent radio that works like a normal radio but for the SCP Team only.) Keycard: O5 Healing Item: Random Serpent's Hand Members will have a First Aid Kit. If any items aren't included that means they don't have it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TRO Guard Stats: Health: 100 Movement Speed: Human Speed. (Can walk and Run.) Team: MTF Guards Spawn: TRO Guards Spawn Spawning Items: Gun: A Random Rifle (Edited)(Was previously SMG)(Thank you again @Doomnack) Melee Weapon: Stunstick Radio: Yes. Keycard: 4 Healing item: No. If any other items aren't included that means they don't have it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Goals: MTF Guards: Defend as many SCP spawns as possible and kill all of the Serpent's Hand. Serpent's Hand: Breach as many SCPs as possible and kill all of the MTF Guards SCPs: Kill any MTF Guards in sight and escape.
  14. Time to smash. You know not every SCP rewards you for fighting them. Though obviously, SCPs are meant to be a threat, and you aren't supposed to be hunting down them for a prize as much as they should be hunting down you. However, shaking up things a bit, feel free to grab a couple of m&m's from this anomalous piñata when you get the chance. Though, I hope you that not every candy is the same, especially the type you get from strangers, and most especially the type you get from sentient party props. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You are SCP-956 You are a sentient piñata, filled with candy that isn't exactly 'safe' to eat. You drop various candies after being hit, though they aren't entirely meant for human consumption. With your trusty bat you found in the dump, go beat up humans as revenge for them killing your own kind! Spawn Location, Site-19: 012's CC Blah blah blah, cell's vacated, don't worry. This is fine. Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: Primary (LMB) - Smash! Secondary (RMB) - Party Crasher! Passives: -Upon being taking damage, you drop regular candy! +Upon killing someone, they drop strange candy! You can pick up dropped candy for health! -Party crasher takes 2 seconds to arm, before the actual swing. +Party Crasher's swing briefly causes movement inversion introduced with a screen shake, for 5 seconds. (use secondary to initially stun your victims, finishing them off with primary) Stats: Health: 956 Primary Cool Down: 1 Secondary Cool Down: 7 Primary Damage: {25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50} Secondary Damage: {75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100} Speed: Slightly Above Breach Human Running Speed Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, SCP-956 earns points by killing people. No achievements are related to this SCP. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This suggestion allows include an item. "Strange Candy" (SCP-956-1) -Spawns from SCP-956's kills. Appears identical to 330 candy, albeit with a name change. -Item Type: Consumable Item -On use: suffer a series of disorienting events, include screen blindness, sound distortion, and movement inversion for 9 seconds. -For Humans: heals slightly less than SCP-330 candy. -For SCP-956: heals slightly more than SCP-330 candy. Purpose: The FDA label reads: not approved for babies, or humans as a matter of fact! Though, sentient party props may enjoy. Note: see description for explanation and regards to SCP-956. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Whenever SCP-956 kills someone, they drop numerous instances of SCP-956-1 on death. Whenever SCP-956 takes damage, they drop red/blue/yellow candy on death. For Humans: Upon consuming strange candy, they suffer disorienting events. (the effect is negative) For SCP-956: Upon consuming strange candy, it's the same experience as consuming candy from SCP-330. (the effect is positive) For Humans: Upon consuming SCP-330 candy, nothing bad happens. (we all know that; the effect is positive) For SCP-956: Upon consuming SCP-330 candy, they suffer the same effects as strange candy would have on humans. (the effect is negative) Essentially, SCP-956 can only eat strange candy safefully, while it cannot eat candy from itself without being disoriented. Human classes cannot eat strange candy without being disoriented, but since candy dropped by SCP-956 is normal, they are free to use candy dropped by SCP-956. Resources: The Sentient Piñata: (right here, just please extract this because there's some other useless models) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A bit of lore-bending, though I tried to keep with the general concept of SCP-956. As always, please let me know what you think in the comment section, blah blah blah, you get the idea. like favorite and subscribe
  15. Here's another generic suggestion, for an SCP that can be taken in two different approaches. Site-13 Exlusive SCP, because it better suits the theme. (Lure for people to vote for new maps <3) As an SCP that appears on virtually all maps, like how 2845 was originally designed for Site-13 but it was thrown into most other maps because deers are cool. You could potentially bum some people out by making it map exclusive, but in a way it could add better interest into voting for other maps, and would make Site-13 more interesting. Anyways, as one of the most prominent SCPs in SCP-1730's article, I decided to come up with an idea to allow a way for this guy to be introduced, whatever his name is. If someone knows what his actual name is please let me know, but a lot of people seem to call him exactly what I named this post, so whatever. Leave what you think about this in the comments, don't forget to subscribe and hit that notifcation bell too. You are the Writer on the Walls You are a "vaguely humanoid entity", who is capable of producing lethal cognitohazards on surfaces. You can "open your eye", making you dangerous to view for a few moments. Kill everyone and escape the facility. Spawn Location, Site-13: HCZ Electrical Center This room doesn't affect the tesla gates or gate functions or anything like that. It's purely aesthethic, and there's no harm putting it in here. (this place) Spawn Location, Site-19: 012's CC The cell is currently vacated anyways. Wouldn't hurt to put it there if you this is implemented on other maps. (The cognitohazard looks like this.) Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: Primary (LMB) - Write Special (RMB) - Open Eye -Special takes two seconds to trigger. -Any type of grenade explosion erases written cognitohazards. Stats: Health: 1730 Primary Cool Down: 12 seconds Special Cool Down: 24 secs Speed: Breach Human Walking Speed Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, The Writer earns points by killing people. No achievements are related to this SCP. Description: The writer is defenseless with the lack of a melee attack, and as such it relies heavily on its cognitohazards and high health for survival. On primary, it prints a cognitohazard on the wall (puts a decal and invisible entity). Any players who view the cognitohazard are engulfed in flames, and this effect continues for two seconds after viewing as stopped. In the event that The writer is utterly surrounded by enemies, it can effectively "flashbang" all enemies nearby, using his special. It takes two seconds to deploy, but all viewers are instantly engulfed in flames for 10 seconds. Cognitohazards can be "mopped off" the walls by grenades. Don't ask how, it's a Foundation thing. That's basically it. A big scary robot dude, that draws dangerous stuff on the walls. Players playing as the SCP can utilize common spots where players pass through, using its abilities to place "traps" around the facility. Here's the resource by the way. It's appropriate for the overall look of the Writer, albeit more mechanical than ever. Resources: The Writer: (right here) This is the part where I stop.
  16. SCP-055

    Inspired by: http://www.scp-wiki.net/forum/t-686016/what-does-scp-055-actually-look-like#post-1836703 (Part of a collection of "comment tales', by Cryogen Chaos. Usually intended as small addons to existing tales or scps and are generally well received. This one in particular sparked my interest) SCP-055, also known as nobody, is an individual with an anti-meme that causes anyone to witness it to forget what it looks like or that it even exists. This renders the foundation unable to describe or even figure out what scp-055 is. However, SCP-055 is in reality the mysterious "Nobody", an individual occasionally lending aid to the foundation despite no one being able to recall that it exists. SCP-055 is not officially a foundation asset, and is technically breaching containment everytime it leaves its cell, but does so purely to aid the foundation. SCP-055 would have a chance to randomly spawn every minute after 10:00(Aka, it can spawn at 10:00 with a small chance. if it doesnt, its next chance to spawn is at 9:00, and so on). There is no announcement when scp-055 spawns, and scp-055 doesnt show up on the scoreboard. Additionally, when looked at, no name or role will show up. This does not take up a normal NTF or MTF spawn. SCP-055 is allied to the foundation, and spawns with 100 HP and a crowbar(Presumably what it uses to prop the door open to get out of its cell). It can pick up and use items like a normal person. Edit: He also spawns with eyedrops and NVG. Model Suggestion(Updated as of being fact checked: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=413362216 Take the one without the mask.)
  17. Never thought I'd make an SCP where the main goal is to kill yourself. Well, let's start off with something I want to say about 795. You know, I guess it could have been worth saved, but truth is the concept of 795 was never really worth recreating as an SCP class. It would have been a generic hostile SCP either way. Even the gameplay now reflects upon this: SCP-795 is a boring "PRESS M1 TO KILL" class, with a secondary that basically disarms the target and makes them easier to kill. That's about it, and there's not that much potential for effective and useful gameplay as 795. Even when 795 does try to help its team, its amount of health just leaves it baffled when it dies, and then the player usually goes on to complain on how bad 795 is. I tried rewriting the entire concept of 795, and then tried suggesting some small changes because an entire recode is no longer feasible at this point, but at this point we've gone full circle with anything we can do about 795. It's like the 5 stages of grief, except there are a lot fewer and we're talking about a fucking fictional game concept lol. At this point, it's not worth saving the entire idea of 795, at least not as an SCP. So to have a friendly competition with haxray, here's a suggestion that derives a few elements from 795, and borrows the same model. If this isn't added, it doesn't matter to me, but I do want SCP-795 removed entirely from the game. Yeah I know, it's quite ironic for me to be asking to remove 795, don't need to remind me. You are SCP-607 You are a grey cat, able to ressurect yourself, with a strong desire to commit suicide. You can commit "self-harm" to leave parts of yourself behind, which will be where you spawn after death. You can bond to hosts, and they will share any damage taken to you by 50%. Spawn Location, Site-19: 795's Spawn So long 795 ;( Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: Primary (LMB) - Scratch Secondary (RMB) - Self-Harm Passives: +On attack: deals bleed. Primary isn't meant to be used as main attack method. Stats: Base Health: 250 Primary Cool Down: Rapid-Fire (same as 795) Primary Damage: 5 (same as 795, deals bleed too) Speed: SCP-795's speed Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, SCP-607 earns points by killing people. No achievements are related to this SCP. Main Description: SCP-607's main mechanic is dying, which plays a big role into killing people. His goal to, basically, commit suicide is also related to his ability to bond with humans. Whenever SCP-607 stays near a person for 3 seconds, that person bonds with 607. Whenever a person is hit by 607 five times within a round, that person will also bond with 607. SCP-607 will get a message each time another person has "bonded" with 607. All bonded humans take 50% of damage that SCP-607 takes. Any damage that is given to the bonded person do not reflect on 607. -All bonded humans who survive 607's death are no longer bonded. Bonded humans are likely to survive when 607 is in a gunfight, for example. However, tesla gates, fall damage, and trigger_hurts deal A LOT of damage to players. This makes them effective for dealing damage to players and effective for 607 to commit suicide. Secondary Description: Using SCP-607's secondary, it deals 50 damage to itself, and leave part of itself behind (checkpoint), which can't be moved. (In-game, a checkpoint is just a re-textured watermelon gibs prop, or maybe a barnacle gib) -Checkpoint can be "confiscated" by pressing E on it by humans. -Only one checkpoint can be placed at a time; new checkpoints will override and remove older ones. -Checkpoints can be seen with an SNAV Ultimate. -If SCP-607 dies with no checkpoints left, they don't respawn. -Checkpoint emits "fly sounds", indicative of a dead cat. -Checkpoint disappears upon resurrection. When SCP-607 dies, he respawns at a checkpoint after a few moments, similarly to Abel's respawn time. SCP-607's checkpoint enables him to utilize suicide, making his main stragedy: 1. Bond with as many humans as possible before health gets too low. 2. Find nearest source of damage. (Gunfights, tesla gates, bottomless pits.) 3. Place a "checkpoint" in a secluded area. 4. Die and and repeat. Resources: Uses the same model as SCP-795, as a new model isn't necessary if 795 is removed alongside this suggestion. In the extremely unlikely case that 607 exists with 795, then I suggest making 795 look like the black cat playermodel that Haxray has mentioned in his 511 suggestion, because SCP-607 has to be a grey cat. The purpose behind SCP-607 is to introduce a new playstyle instead of the typical "RUN AT THEM AND PRESS M1 AND THEN THEIR DEAD CONGRATS". SCP-607 is good with dealing with groups of armed players that usually take the form of TRO who bum around EZ. SCP-607's bonding system can put players who stick around eachother in danger of being killed due to 607's effects. SCP-607's primary also allows for efficient bonding towards isolated players. Players who have been bonded will be conscious that their life is now in peril, and that 607 can basically end them at any time. The main focus then becomes safely "disarming" 607 before it becomes too late. Since any damage that SCP-607 takes is reflected to all bonded humans by 50%, there is a slim chance that bonded humans can survive 607's death. Since SCP-607 has 200 HP, one player killing a full-health SCP-607 alone isn't effective because it basically guarantees their death. It is advised to make use of other non-bonded player's help to safefully disarm SCP-607 by killing it without it commiting suicide from some high-damage source. Players are also advised to search for 607's checkpoints while other players kill the cat. That's about it. If SCP-607 doesn't get that much attention, the next best thing would be to remove 795 as a whole.
  18. Well, since Area-02 has been finished, I feel like the great suggestion depression has concluded, so I might make some more posts soon. You can keep this suggestion in the back of your head, dev, since I'm pretty sure you're kinda' busy with SCP-1730-2, and both of Haxray's suggestions if you are working on them. That's kinda' a big deal of work in itself, but Area-02 was probably one of the biggest chunk of work that you had to deal with. Now that it's done, I'm no longer hesitant to make some more suggestions. Anyways, here goes. You are SCP-217-1 Due to previous tests, you have been infected with SCP-217 accidentally. You are a Class-D, but in a few minutes your appearance will change drastically. You can infect people, turning them into weaker variants of SCP-217. Spawn Location: SCP-217 spawns among the D-Class, which due to the way 217's infection mechanic reveals itself, allows for temporary stealth. During that time, SCP-217 is seen as FRIENDLY by other players, but can damage other players if he manages to find a weapon. When grace period ends (12:00 mark), SCP-217 begins emitting "ticking" sounds, which can be an obvious hint to other players. At the 11:00 minute mark SCP-217-1 transforms into its "infectious" form, and that's when shit hits the fan. Gameplay Mechanics: Controls: Primary (LMB) - Infect Passives: +Has unrestricted human-like abilities. Can pick up everything, and drop things like a normal player. Stats: Base Health: 500 Primary Cool Down: 3 seconds Speed: Breach Human Running Speed (After change: 049-2's speed) Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, SCP-217-1 earns points by killing people. However, it also gains points by infecting people. No achievements are related to this SCP. Description: SCP-217 is a homage to the old version of SCP-035, which used to be on the SCPs side. His "infection" can be viewed as how he used to recruit Class-Ds in his army, and you get the point by now (hopefully) All SCP-217 instances can equip items, drop items, and pick up ammo, making him basically identical to a human class. He may also heal, but similarly to SCP-378, medkits and SCP-500 only heal 100 HP. All SCP-217 instances cannot pickup vests. Using the 217 SWEP, which cannot be dropped, SCP-217-1 can "infect" other human classes into SCP-217-2. Players, when infected, will be alerted of this, and are recommended to find any instance of SCP-500. In 1 minute, infected players turn into SCP-217-2. SCP-217-2 are almost identical to SCP-217, and have the same abilities, except they have a few major debuffs: -Infected spawns with 75 HP -Infected move at 049-2's speed. -Infected takes 15% more damage from all sources -Infected emit "ticking" noises, like SCP-217-1. Keep in mind that SCP-217-1 can basically raise an army of armed SCP-217-2 with weapons, essentially weaker serpent's hands. Though their health is significantly worse, SCP-217-2 instances have a lot of potentional in-regards to their possible equipment they may get in-game. Instances of SCP-217-2 also spawn with their own 217 SWEP, allowing them to infect other players too. Infection can be cured using SCP-500, but only by other players. Other players can cure SCP-217-2 using 500, but SCP-217-2 cannot cure itself. Using SCP-500 on SCP-217-1 deals 250 damage to the instance, and the same happens if SCP-217-1 consumes it itself. A very simple suggestion just to build up some other suggestions I might make soon. I like the idea of bringing back old concepts we had on the server, which is why this exists. I don't know, maybe it was just me but 035 charging straight into MTF with SCPs like 682 on his side was some memorable stuff. (Also, since we have the sarkic virus, why not the mechanical one too?) Resources: Use the "bigger" models for SCP-217-1, and one of the "smaller" ones for SCP-217-2.
  19. SCP-3199 are pale human-like creatures that eat live prey and lay eggs. Stats: Health: 2700 Speed: 017's speed lmb: Scratch and bite rmb: Lay egg Spawn: 049's containment chamber Specials: The lmb will do 15 damage rapidly and heal 3199 with however much hp the player he killed started with, which means he can get almost all of his hp back if he kills 999. There is no delay and 3199 cannot get more hp than what it started with. rmb would take half of 3199's hp away, giving it to a egg which would be a player pulled out of spectators. The player would be stuck as the egg for 20 seconds who can not move until the timer is out. The egg would have the same "melee" attack as 2845 except a player would have to be close to it for 5 seconds. Once the egg has hatched, the player would have the same stats as the starting 3199. (Example: the first 3199 has 200 hp, it lays a egg giving the egg 100 hp and taking 100 hp from itself, once the egg has hatched both the mother and hatchling can lay more eggs taking away 50 hp from them and giving their new eggs 50 hp.) The lowest hp 3199 can lay up to is 2 and the delay would be 20 seconds. Scp-3199 model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257870201&searchtext=Zombie Fits the description of pale and hariless better than 049-2. Another option could be the poison zombie model that comes with Garry's mod but that's not necessarily as pale as this model. Egg model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=123820979&searchtext=Egg "Mother Hen" special round This special round would have all of the players except one be Tau-5. The one player would be a 3199 with 9000 hp. The tau-5 are tasked with killing all of the 3199 instances. 3199 and its many offsprings are tasked with killing all of the tau-5 and laying as many eggs as possible.
  20. This is my April fools suggestion based on everyone's favorite senior admin, wolfblade. This special round would have one player by the name of "Wolfblade109" as a scp and the other players by the names of "operators" as mtf guards. Wolfblade109 stats Health: 2700 Spawn: 106 containment area lmb: Ban rmb: go to r: Commence silent round Speed: spectator noclip speed (because he would have the ability to noclip.) specials: lmb would insta kill anyone the player clicked on with no delay. Rmb would teleport the player being wolfblade to a random player. The delay is 23 seconds. R would gag everyone along with giving everyone a black screen effect similar to dark in the screen for 5 seconds with a delay of 30 seconds. At the two minute mark a ntf unit with one player named "Xy" or any other of the senior admins excluding wolfblade. He would have the exact same stats as the wolfblade player.
  21. SCP-3143: Brief Description: SCP-3143 is an unique anomaly that believes itself to live in a Noir film, and is able to alter events around itself in order to behave like a Noir film. People under the influence of SCP-3143 dont recall what happened after the event. Notably, 3143 shows limited to no hostility towards foundation staff provided they aren't hostile to him already, and tend to instead focus on scps causing a containment breach. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: Normal human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=474029314 Spawn: Reinforcement Spawn Gameplay Description: SCP-3143 spawns alone as potential reinforcements. He is armed with a powerful revolver(or hand-cannon, if you prefer the term). He is unable to pick up or use items, but is able to open any door regardless of keycard level needed. He is hostile towards TFO(and by extent, most NTF spawns outside of omega-9) and SCPs, but friendly to researchers and d-class. SCP-3143 would be a rather unique spawn in the vein of omega-9, where they have unusual allies and enemies. In 3143's case, he shoots guards and scps, but not researchers or d-class. His revolver would be uniquely powerful(dealing damage equal to a deagle but with higher fire-rate and less recoil) and accurate, making up for the fact he spawns alone. He would serve to shake up the gameplay in a interesting direction once he shows up. As a special note due to the unique nature of SCP-3143, if he gets added in, he should get a special unique announcement voiced by himself in the first person. Suggested swep for revolver: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1689763235
  22. SCP-2043: Brief Description: Resembling the 'aged up' photograph of a missing child, 2043 duplicates whenever someone makes eye contact with her then breaks it. 2043 and its duplicates feel the pain all of the others receive. Corpses were retrieved of a similar case regarding a missing male child. Stats: Health: 200-500. (Note: not sure where it would be, would require playtesting) Speed: Normal human speed Spawn: Unused cell on site02 or 61. Could be a map exclusive SCP. Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1697857071 Or, if you want to go full meme: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1697736161 Gameplay: SCP-2043 can use items like a normal person, this includes healing items. However, 2043's main special effect is that whenever someone sees 2043, another 2043 spawns as soon as it steps out of sight(kinda like how 689 can teleport to people only when its not looked at, but it has to be looked at by someone first to be able to teleport to someone). The second 2043 would spawn near where the original scp-2043 is currently standing. The copy has the same HP as the 2043 currently has, as well as exact copies of all of their equipment(EXCEPT for healing items) They also have the duplicate effect. Whenever a 2043 takes damage, ALL other 2043s also take damage. The same applies for healing: if one heals, all of them heal. 2043 would, essentially, be a unique 'human' scp. The duplicates aren't under their control of when to spawn for a reason. They are both an advantage and a disadvantage. The more 2043 duplicates there is, the faster they'll die(as mutiples can be shot at once), but the higher their firepower.
  23. SCP-4104: Brief Description: An strange anomaly disguised as a foundation researcher, he goes around and literally erases specific people from existence, causing them to only exist in certain people's memories. Stats: Health: 100 Speed: Normal Human Speed Model: Normal researcher model Spawn: Any available spot on any map(preferably maybe site61 or 02 specific). Gameplay Description: SCP-4104 spawns and is given a random researcher or other foundation-sided personnel as a target. He gains no points(or whatever decides which team wins at the end of the round) from kills made except for his target, and only if he uses his special 'eraser' weapon. His special eraser weapon is a close range instant kill that can only be used on his current target, and also removes their name from the scoreboard. When his target dies, be it from his eraser or another source, he obtains a new target. He can see his currently selected target through walls with an outline in order to make tracking them easier. If there is no foundation personnel left alive he remains without a target until more spawn. Outside of his eraser, he can use items and weapons normally.(He doesnt gain points for killing his target with weapons other than for his eraser). Serving as a 'interesting' sort of infiltration scp, he essentially plays kinda like a hitman(or literally, hit man the game) attempting to isolate his specific target and assassinate them without blowing his cover. While he could just escape if he truly wanted to, it would be much more interesting and fun(as well as rewarding for the chances of the SCP team winning overall) if he stuck around and kept going after targets, but with the risk of him getting caught being higher and higher with every kill he makes(and the closer it gets to reinforcements spawning in which usually would instantly blow his cover if they're not friendly), leading to a risk vs reward playstyle as well. Him removing his victims name from the scoreboard(obviously temp til they respawn or the round ends) allows for an interesting mindgame, as someone paying attention to tab would notice the person suddenly vanishing while last seeing him(simulating the fact only some people could remember the person erased), while someone not paying attention could chalk it up to people leaving or not even noticing it at all if there was enough people alive.
  24. SCP-4725: Brief Description: A robotic exoskeleton from the "end of Death" timeline/canon hub piloted/controlled by a Chaos insurgency member. Incredibly durable, and has the ability to absorb the brains of other people into itself, as well as 'swap' between said brains. Stats: Health: Low (should not be too high but should prob be slightly more durable than a normal person. Maybe 125?) Speed: Normal human speed Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=449559300 Spawn: Unused Containment cell on 02 or 61, could replace 378 spawn on chosen map. Gameplay Description: SCP-4725 is able to use items and weapons the same as a normal person, however it spawns unarmed except for its own special melee weapon. It does 70 damage, and upon killing someone with it, adds a brain to his brain counter. Whenever he would die, he instead uses up one of his brain counters to restore to full health. It is unable to use healing items, however. A rather simple scp serving as a sorta mix between a 'stacking' power scp like 334 and a 'gun using' scp like 378. Would allow a more consistant way of SCPs accessing keycards to open checkpoints and doors compared to 378 but lacking the disguising and ambush power. Could serve as a replacement spawn for 378 on maps other than for site-19 to add more variety in available scps.
  25. I was gonna' make a SCP-046 suggestion, but I couldn't think of a way to make it fun to play as, yet. So instead—I GIVE YOU FUCKING CLOWNS WITH GUNS You are SCP-1799 You are "Mister Laugh", from the Little Misters series. Anyone who listens to you just laughs at you, so you've had enough. You've equipped yourself with a revolver and a medkit, and are 'boutta head out. Kill everyone and escape the facility. Spawn Location—wait, do I even need this anymore? Well, due to Site-19 being completely stuffed with SCPs, and on the other maps I have no clue where anything spawns. If you add this (I hope) you'll find someplace to put it in each map. Gameplay Mechanics: Equipment: +HL2 Revolver (or maybe a TFA revolver with high amounts of damage) +HL2 Medkit Weapon Passives: +All humans can "hear" your voice chat and and "see" your text chat. +All humans that perceive your communications (as above) will begin to Laugh (see description). Stats: Base Health: 500 Speed: Human Speed Achievements + Points: Like most other SCPs, SCP-1799 earns points by killing people. No achievements are related to this SCP. Description: SCP-1799's main attack mechanics are pretty straight forward. He has a revolver, not too much health, but a medkit to make up for it. However, his laugh mechanic is an original feature that does not borrow already-existing weapons. All humans that "listen" to SCP-1799 speak, whether it be text or voice chat, begin to LAUGH. This causes their screen to blur, and shake around, while emitting laughing sounds (I guess) that let other players know their location. This makes them extremely disoriented, and easy to apprehend by SCP-1799 or other SCPs. Despite borrowing similar mechanics to a human. SCP-1799 cannot pick up weapons, or use any other healing items (294, 330) other than the medkit weapon already provided. Resources: This is how ya'll mfs look suggesting SCP-1799 Extremely short suggestion due to being really easy to add, as the revolvers and the medkits exist already. Have fun you clowns.
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