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NASA Live - SpaceX Demo-2 Launch

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Posted  Edited by Joshy

edit: It got "scrubbed" today for safety reasons related to the weather.  I think they will try again on the 30th.


I recommend watching it.  NASA and SpaceX are doing a crewed launch from US land using a commercial spacecraft.  I hope there is a positive outcome on this historic moment for us to remember.  Here's the link!




I've boasted to a few several times that I've done internships at NASA.  I was never at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) where they are doing the launch, but I was at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston where Mission Control Center is.  They wont be very responsible for the launch although they'll probably take over as the crew (hopefully) arrives to the International Space Station (ISS).  For more bragging here are some pictures below in the spoiler.  I continued working on flight and space hardware until very recently.  I cut my hair although a lot of it has grown back due to COVID 19.







Hope you enjoy it!  Don't miss out.



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Posted  Edited by FordoGreenman

Damn. Weather just had to be in the way of this, today.


Hope their next try will give some more headroom.


Next Launch Attempt is:

Saturday, May 30 @ 3:22PM EDT

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-motorsteak 2020

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