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I lost connection to GFL ZE and I can no longer connect to server

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Posted  Edited by CyanideSix

Last night during ze_pkmn I was playing ze just fine when I timed out of the server.

Now GFL ZE, along with about half the servers on my favorites, do not appear in the in-game server browser, and are not responding on the general steam server browser.

Pinging the server using cmd gives the error "request timed out".

Oddly enough, I can still see and play the GFL surf timer server just fine, this only affects GFL ZE and about half of my favorites list including tf2 community servers.

Anyone know why this happened or how to fix it?

Edited by CyanideSix

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It sounds like NFO/Internap has blocked your IP address and chances are, half of your favorites were servers being hosted by NFO/Internap. The Surf Timer servers run on our Anycast network ( and we don't block clients on there. That is why the Surf Timer server works okay for you.


Are you using a VPN to connect to the website?



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