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hello i am Roger

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Hello there i am gonna write some things that will clear up some things :)


1-First of all i am RogeR from ze   i like moveis art wrteing ze and many more things u just gonna have to ask me :)


2- There has been a misunderstanding betewen me and some guys on gfl coummunity like really stupid things i dont hate anybody tbh it just at that time i was a bit trol and an idiot tbh 


3- i would like to be a part of this coummunity specaially css ze coummunity :))


Feel free to say hi i would love to meet some new pepople and chat with them about many things :))

if u are a hot gril whose smart hit me up we can chat xfuckind ;)

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Roger that. :neckbeard:



                                                                                                                                                               -Former Nerd-



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