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Banned for messing with Discombobs?

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I got banned by myPhart for "Messing with discombobs" where no where in the rules does it state that i cannot launch someone off a cliff with a discombob. They landed in water and he gave me a slay. I said that it not a rule, i did not rdm him he drowned. He proceeded to not give me an explanation and banned me with no time limit which im assuming means forever. He came on the server, gagged everyone for 3 rounds, has been slaying like there is no tomorrow and in my opinion is abusing powers. Although i have no proof so it most likely means nothing. Thank you for your time and please look into myPhart because pretty sure gagging a whole server isnt allowed. Also if this is not allowed, it needs to be stated in the rules as rdm, because as it stands right now, i broke no rules.

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