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Suggestions, feedback and other stuff.

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Yo! these are some things that have been on my mind after playing a while on the server.


This text is obviously just a suggestion and not a requirement, neither made to hate or disrespect anyone.
I feel like admins arent doing enough to enforce rules that should be obviously punishable.
It feels like the admins only slays/warns when there is a report about it and this makes alot of rulebreakes go free.

/Discobombs and other stuff./
One of many examples is innocent throwing discobombs or propkilling/pushing. Alot of the people on the server and "vanilla" servers overall attracts new people to the game and because fall damage often shows up as
"world has killed you" new players wont be able to report the killer, this of course makes rulebreakers go free. The easy fix to this problem is that the admins looks at the logs from time to time and checks if any innocent 
threw discobombs or if players gotten killed by "world" and then warning the perpetrator. Death replay does not care if you got killed by a player or not and its a good tool to find out who did the proppushing or disco throwing.
Death replay also has freemode so you can go wherever on the map.
Ofc to cut some slack to the admins I would only recommend looking at this on maps that often discobombs kill players like teenroom or lighthouse for example.
People should be able to get slayed/warned even if they were reported or not.

/T delaying./
Another example of rules not being enforced is T-camping/stalling/delaying the round.
The rounds on this server is unbelievably long and often hit automatic win for innocents especially on bigger maps with T-rooms.
This is once again because reporting people for stalling/camping as T is not really something you do and because of this the stallers never get punished/warned.
The 30 sec maximum in T-room must be the one rule that no one ever, ever follows.

/Camping overall./

On the subject of camping.
In the MOTD it says that overall camping for both innocent/detective/traitor over 30 sec is not allowed.
I feel like this needs to be distinguished to only Traitors unless obviously the area the innocent are "camping" in is innacessible.
One great example is the highest twin tower on rooftops. This place is accessible to everyone but the jump can be hard to make for newer players.
So if I were to be innocent/detective and jumping around on the tower during the whole round, would this be seen as camping? Ive gotten accused of this many times.
Would hiding behind a random door the whole round be seen as camping? 
If a traitor did this I would hope it just goes under the no delaying rule.
I just want this rule to be more clarified.

/idk kev/

It would be cool if you guys could add a rule that says that if you call out you are in a T-room then people cant KOS you for being inside the T-room.
Ive had too many games were ive gotten killed after ive called out several times that a T opened the door to the traitor room and im inside it currently.
I dont know if this works in practice or not.

/SG "550?" autosniper and C4 on skyscraper./

This gun is by far the most superior gun in the game.
Best gun in long range, best gun in medium range, might be the best gun in short range aswell but might be outclassed by shotguns in the short range.
Idk if you guys do any nerfs or buffs to weapons but if you do please put this weapon down.
I dont know if individual nerfs on certain maps is possible either but if it is, please nerf the radius of the C4 on skyscraper.

/Oneshot AWP/

Is there any chance this can get changed into the silenced AWP with more ammo instead.
This gun just isnt fun to play against, there is no outplay potential at all.
The knife isnt oneshot and so should this.

/Killing AFKs in overtime./

I feel like this rule is very stupid and should only be applied when there are no admins around.
Killing an AFK can easily lead to RDM-chains and confusion of detectives because of DNA, etc.
Killing the AFK will also just reset his "automatic forced spectate timer" and will result in him being afk the next round again, and the one after that, and after that.
As far as I remember there is a command for admins called fspec that forced people into spectate, if Trial admins have access to this or not idk but they definitely should have.

/CS assault?/

This map is soooo bad.
The few times it gets picked the server dies down, this map belongs in cuntstrike not gmod.
Remove it or something lol.


These are some maps that I like that aint in the map pool.


Im unsure if "fiskarna" is up to date or works but its an amazing map I used to play like 7 years ago.
The other 2 are maps you probably know of but isnt in the map pool for whatever reason.
There is also this map called "?plaza?" I think but I cant find it anymore. Its also an amazing map and very fun to play.
I found the map in this youtube video, dont know if links are allowed here or not but ill post anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20WWOKIYdNc&ab_channel=cojahn
These are ofc just suggestions like the rest of the things I wrote in this post.

/Server loading screen./

One of my hobbies is astronomy and astrophotography and I see you guys have a picture of some stars.
If you guys would like some better quality and better looking pictures of the night sky, hmu 😄


And sorry for how I wrote this wall of text.
I wrote it over a couple of days in different segments thats why it might be weird to read.
Also shoutout to demicaster and misery, they are very active and do a great job doing, uh...admin stuff.
Ill add more to this post if ever something comes across my mind that is annoying enough for me to write about.

Also feel free to contribute to the discussion if you feel like my ideas are not great or just lacking detail.


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Posted  Edited by Misery

I'll touch on some of the points, but not all as I'm not really knowledgable about all of them, and they should probably go into the suggestion tab on the discord, which i'll mention later.

36 minutes ago, Hobbe said:

/Discobombs and other stuff./


We can of course check this, as its possible to see discombob throws aswell as other grenade throws, but I think it comes to the player to contact us, if something with a discombob happens to them. Admins are players too and we don't always notice what is going on as we play the game too and might be in a different zone from when it happens, I feel it comes to the player to come to us and ask us to check, either after the round or while we're dead as we're more than happy to help, we are just not always aware of what happens unless it is brought to our attention.


36 minutes ago, Hobbe said:

/T delaying./
/Camping overall./

I decided to put these together, as they basically highlight the same issues. Yes T-delay should be dealt with, aswell as any form of camping. T-delay isn't always like obvious, since it can wary from multiple Ts alive down to one, I feel that it should be used if there are Ts alive whom are not actively trying to do something (e.g walking around the map, doing random assortment of things). I feel like it is also an unsatisfactory end to a round, that the final T is killed but it is a necessity, that we go to when we deem it necessary to continue the game.

Camping from my interpretation is being in a place for a prolonged distance of time, that provide limited assault points towards you. I don't feel as if being on the two towers on rooftops is "camping" as the place is accessible to anybody and there are plenty assault opportunies, be it a sniper or rushing the tower physically. I do however feel staying inside a room (such as rooms in the main house on 67th way) have limited assault points where it's either go through the main door, or try something with a grenade, that is camping because the means of assault are limited, and takedown of the person in such a room is limited to one method.


36 minutes ago, Hobbe said:

/idk kev/

That rule is mainly in place, so a T can't just go in the T-room and say "i was let into the t-room smile", and as far as im aware it exists so innocents do not wish to stay in the room, as the 30 sec camp rule also applies there.


36 minutes ago, Hobbe said:

C4 on skyscraper./

C4 on skyscraper is actually already nerfed, as far as Im aware it has a smaller explosive radius on that map, I don't know the exact number but I think its 600/500 as opposed to 750/800 which it normally has. (side section, Yog does sometimes buff weapons, the original Mp5 we had dealt laughable damage like 3 on a legshot or something, so we are aware somewhat of balancing)


36 minutes ago, Hobbe said:

/Killing AFKs in overtime./

The afk-timer sets in after... 2-3 minutes I think it is, if they arent put into afk then it's because they've been anti-afk'd by either being pushed with a prop or a crowbar, or been shot which can move them. I try to put people into afk if I deem they've been afk for a long time, but forcespeccing people without letting the automated force-specer do it leads to the risk that you might force someone to afk who is actually here, so that is unless you are 100% sure someone has been afk for a long time we don't usually forcespec, as it basically is like giving a slay and we want to be completely sure.


I wish to touch on that, that we do not have a warning system right now, which forces us to manually keep warnings in mind, and keep other admins up to date about what behaviors we have been seeing from players. A warning system is being worked on as far as I know and it will be here when its ready.


Those would mainly be  the points I wish to touch on, suggestions however are usually to go on the discord as we have a tab on there for suggestions, that the people of the discord can vote on, that including weapon rebalancing and map removals and adds. 

Edited by Misery

Most sincerely,


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/T delaying/Camping./
I'll just make the T room hurt you little by little once you are in the T room for 30 seconds or whatever, that solves it if they're camping in a T room, otherwise, admins should slay them for delaying

/SG "550?" autosniper and C4 on skyscraper./

C4 radius is reduced to 400 from 1000 when it's on skyscraper/clue

I'll probably nerf the SG 550  sooner or later

/Killing AFKs in overtime./

Yea, i agree, this should only be there with no admins.

/CS assault?/

Never actually saw this picked, i'll check later


https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=282047863 might add
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=157420728  might add
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=176887855  might add

/Server loading screen./

I would love a higher quality image for the background of the loading screen, i got that black one off google in like 3 minutes so low quality.



ced6b12d-b149-44f6-bc2b-a0806b5a22bf.png rsnJ.gif

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@YogPod Is there anyway we could show the current map on the loading screen?

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Thanks for the detailed response.


C4 on clue is very strong aswell and should be nerfed.


And about camping in T-room. You could make people start to take poison damage (like the cactus on dolls) after being in the T room for over 30 sec or however long you want it to be.

This will make the T be forced to get out of the T-room but not taking permanent damage as poison damage regens over time.

This could of course create some problems itself like people starting to KOS if you see someones health going up (example: someone health going from "Wounded" to "Healthy" without using health station) 

This is just an idea of how the 30-sec rule could be enforced but of course the best way would be if admins starts warning people more often.


Here is also some pictures I took a few days ago, feel free to use them If you like them.

The link contains 3 images that is identical pictures but coloured differently.

Preview is not for download and is there just to show what they look like and please tell me if I need to downsize or format them differently.

Image size are 170-200mb.





Thanks for adding waterworld btw.

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I would like to add another suggestion with regards to innocents who pick up traitor weapons. Just because someone picks up a t weapon doesn't mean they should walk around with it in front of other innos, regardless of whether they called it in chat. It's hard enough to keep up with chat with all the radio commands being spammed, you shouldn't have to open chat and scroll through every time you see someone walking around with a traitor weapon. People abuse this rule to karma bait, some guy who picks up a knife at the start of the round will charge at you with it and report you when you reflexively shoot them. It's happened to me several times. I think you should not be brandishing a t weapon as inno unless you are actively fighting another t.

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People need their weapon out at all times to protect themselves, holstering and picking it up when a fight have already happened is just putting 
yourself at a huge disadvantage.
Keeping up in chat is not hard at all and if you do indeed have a hard time remembering who has a T weapon you could just put a tag in tab.
But of course if someone is actively T-baiting and trying to get themselves killed they deserve death.
Best example of this is as you said someone picks up a knife and charges on you, this should not be punishable at all and I agree.

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Hey Guys, new to the server, Old time TTT player here from a server chain way back, I got a few more suggested maps I'd want to throw in, Especially Amsterville











These are all oldies that I have played and thoroughly enjoyed in the past,

Also as I was searching noticed some more recents that looked cool like TTT_oldruins, TTT_arctic, TTT_moonarbase, TTT_Traitor_Express, and TTT_fallout_vault111, TTT_krustykrab   ....If you need a playtester, can be a guinea pig


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