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topplehat's Meme Event Submission

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Meme Image:




Meme Story: 

Drunk men and women hollar, cheer and shout out in excitement. What has possibly gotten them riled up for them to all gather in a disorganized manner? Was it somebody brawling? Somebody perhaps daring to take on a person much bigger than their own size?


No no no. It's something far more than that. It's something ludicrous and absurd. Something that your imagination wouldn't even begin to think of. 


But here, a crowd of monged out human beings. Standing around to what appears to be a dog. But not so fast, If I recall correctly, that I mentioned that the very thing they were gathered around was absurd did I not?


No ordinary dog, of course. But a dog wielding a katana.


What? Are you surprised? Or is this too bland for your taste? Oh well. I'm already this far aren't I? We aren't going to change it, so boo-hoo for you.


Somebody stumbles into the unprofessionalized manner of a circle, if you could even call it a circle. The previous opponent lost to the Golden Labrador. Now nobody dares to speak about the previous opponent. 


The dog fixated its gaze onto the slightly tipsy human. Its eyes, bright green orbs, dared to let it be the very thing that'd let the paws move to a direction. 


The human being didn't stare back, for they were smarter than the previous—and fallen—oppenents. Staring right into a dog's eyes lets them know you're offering up a challenge and or aggression.


A bell—one that you would hear in boxing matches—ringed. The opponent stood in a fighting stance, whilst the dog was ready to huck himself at the opponent and see him fall.


The battle shall now commence.

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