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ttt billy

ttt billy's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Punished by:


Reason for the punishment:

Mass RDM via shooting a D with Bruh Bunker as inno killing 6 people

Why should your punishment be revoked?


The people I shot did not say they had a Bruh Bunker and they were not a D and the person only said "you shot me you all die". To my it sounds like "If you shot me I am going to shot you all or I am going to jihid"

If you think this is fair I accept my punishment, But I Think it is unfair also I did not kill the survivlist you can ask him he KOSed me again the shot and I did not shot the D


Edited by ttt billy
I edited to add facts

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First off, you shot both the Detective and the Survivalist, who both had bruh bunkers. Secondly, not only was this a known fact as both said this, you were also an innocent. You shot someone for saying "If I'm shot, you'll all die", which is not only not a valid reason to shoot someone, let alone the Detective. but you did it knowing they had a Bruh Bunker, and promptly killed 8 people(not 6. You forgot to count the Survivalist who died to your headshot, and the Detective who also fell afterwards once his bunker ended) by the Bruh bunker pushing them off. Third, your response ingame was to laugh and say "I didn't know the Bruh bunker would do that", which proves you knew they had one, and you didn't think it was a Jihad.


This is not accidental in the slightest, and your defense of assuming that meant a Jihad is nonsensical.


I am not accepting your ban appeal. Please note your ban is only for a 2 week period, and is not permanent, so after the 2 weeks you can rejoin. 

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